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R.P Chapter 330: True Goal

The sea train slowly started to move as black smoke rose into the sky.

It started raining outside. The clouds were black as lightning flashed from time to time.

Even though it was raining, the inside of the train wasn’t cold, and it was a comfortable temperature, and the music was playing.

Stretching a bit, Su Xiao rose from his seat and went toward the fourth Cabin.

“Byakuya, what are you doing here?”

Lucci directly inquired. Su Xiao’s eyes flashed. They were getting near Enies lobby, which made Lucci and the other change from bodyguards to guards.

“I am going to run away.”

Kalifa, Kaku, and Blueno stood up directly.

“This isn’t funny.”

Lucci’s eyes dropped as the pigeon on his shoulder flew back.

“I’m just going to bed, don’t worry. Why… you want to join me?”

Su Xiao opened the door and walked into the fourth Cabin, but Lucci and the others didn’t follow him.

“What do we do? He was indeed helping us before, but I always feel like he is plotting something.”

Kalifa was always hostile toward Su Xiao. He even touched some parts of her body.

“He must be plotting something, which is unquestionable, but he won’t run away until we arrive at Enies Lobby. If he wanted to escape, Blueno wouldn’t be his opponent when they went to capture Nico Robin.”

Lucci was still calm, but he looked at the three with displeasure.

“You were too impulsive just now.”


The conversation between The CP and Su Xiao was heard by Robin. She could now confirm that Su Xiao was indeed in the same situation as hers. She pressed her hand on her chest, where she put the Alchemy bomb.

Entering the fourth cabin, Su Xiao pushed a door in a corridor and went inside a room that contained a bed.

Su Xiao stood in front of the bed and expanded his senses all over the train.

“Three guards in the seventh cabin.”

He opened his eyes and looked at Bob.

“Bob, Lie down on the bed on your side.”

Bob whimpered twice and stepped back. His eyes were watery as he clearly wanted to say: “Lord, I’m dirty, what do you want to do…”


“You learned to talk back now? I said, lie down, so you do just that.”

Bob looked sad as he gave Su Xiao a sad look while thinking: “I have always regarded you as a master, but you fell in love with me.”

Bob laid down on the bed and was directly covered with a quilt by Su Xiao.

“Relax and sleep.”

Bob looked suspiciously at Su Xiao.

“Just sleep.”

Although Bob was puzzled, he fell asleep in just two minutes.

Five minutes later, saliva was coming out of his mouth as he snorted loudly.

Seeing this, Su Xiao nodded and stood still.

Seeing this, Su Xiao nodded and stood still.

It didn’t take long for someone to come and stand in front of his door. If it weren’t for Su Xiao’s keen senses, he wouldn’t be able to know that.

The person put an ear on the door and heard snoring sound, nodded, and directly knocked on the door.

When the person knocked, Su Xiao didn’t respond immediately. After a few seconds, he covered Bob’s mouth and asked: “Who.”

“Byakuya, do you want dinner?”

It was Kalifa’s voice.

“No, I want to sleep.”

After that, Su Xiao let go of Bob’s mouth, who was terrified and directly ordered him to go back to sleep.

Bob sighed.

It didn’t take long for Bob to fall asleep again and start snoring loudly. Kalifa went back after listening for ten minutes.

Su Xiao took off his clothes and put on black ones. Bob woke up and looked at Su Xiao, who just looked at Bob. Bob sighed again and continued to sleep.

Su Xiao took out some tools and removed the glass from the room’s window.

Putting the glass aside, Su Xiao leaned out and looked outside.

Su Xiao climbed out and directly stood on the roof.

The strong wind blew against his body while the rain was pouring over him.

Su Xiao walked slowly on top of the train, and because he didn’t wear shoes, his footsteps didn’t make any sound even though he felt cold.

Cabin 5, Cabin 6, Cabin 7.

Su Xiao laid down over the edge of the Cabin, and his upper body wasn’t touching the roof, which was really dangerous. He could fall down if he weren’t careful.

Su Xiao took out a mirror and used it to check what was going on inside the Cabin.

“You bastard, let me go, you should give me Cola, Hey!”

Franky kept arguing with the three black-clothed agents who were annoyed.

One of them couldn’t’ bear it any longer and took his shoes and socks and wanted to put it in Franky’s mouth.


The sound of two agents retching filled the cabin.

“Put back your shoes. Your feet stink, my eyes hurt from the smell, Blurrghh!”

An agent vomited again, which made the agent who took Franky’s shoes embarrassed.

“I won’t shout again, put your shoes back.”

Franky blinked as he felt his eyes sting.

“If you shout again, I will put this sock in your mouth.”

The agent smirked and didn’t care about his colleagues.

“Put on your shoes.”

The agents couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Here, I put them on… Hey!!”

The agent currying his socks was confused.

Thump… Thump…

The three agents fell to the ground one after the other while Franky felt sluggish. For the first time in his life, he saw someone kill people with the smell of his feet.

“No, there is…”

Franky wanted to yell, but couldn’t. Blackness filled his eyes as he fainted. Franky maybe half a robot, but the main organs were still there.

Outside, Su Xiao saw them fall down and threw a small can he had in his hand as he started checking the other cabins.

After confirming that no one was coming there, he directly went toward the window.

It was harder to remove the glasses from the outside as it took him 5 minutes to take it off without damaging it.

Su Xiao took off his clothes and changed into dry ones as he entered while drying his hair and feet with a towel. After that, he threw the wet clothes and the towel into the sea.

Although his new clothes started to get wet, they weren’t wet enough to drip on the ground.

Quietly jumping into the seventh Cabin, Su Xiao could smell something strange.

Fortunately, the window was open; otherwise, the smell would make anyone vomit.

He walked toward Franky gently. He moved his finger toward his body. There was a treasure inside Franky’s body, and it was worth it for Su Xiao to move even while many CP9 were around.

The contractors now won’t be able to get to the sea train. Su Xiao’s goal wasn’t Robin, Luffy, Kalifa, or Iceburg, but something in Franky’s body. He joined the Galley-la Company just for this.