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R.P Chapter 331: What’s this?

After entering the seventh cabin, Su Xiao quietly locked the doors from both ways before he injected a needle into Franky’s back.

Franky maybe a Robot, but he couldn’t turn his back into one, so it was still flesh and blood.

After confirming that Franky won’t be waking up soon, Su Xiao loosened the iron chain around his body.

Tapping on Franky’s chest gently, Su Xiao tried to open it.

But he was troubled, it didn’t want to open, and he started thinking: Should I destroy it?

Looking carefully, Su Xiao found a switch in Franky’s side rib.

Su Xiao moved the switch gently, causing Franky’s chest to open. There were three bottles of Cola present inside.

Su Xiao didn’t move the Cola, he only looked inside his chest, after some time, Su Xiao didn’t find anything.

Franky’s body started consuming cola faster as his body shuddered a few times before it stopped.

It seemed to be an emergency measure.

Su Xiao continued to search, but beside major organs, Franky’s chest didn’t have anything else.

As he didn’t find anything there, Su Xiao frowned, Franky’s body was big, where can he hide it?

Su Xiao put a hand on Franky’s arm and started using his perception to see what’s inside.

He did the same for the other hand and legs but found nothing.

So now he searched the chest, arms, and legs, but there was nothing.

Su Xiao was puzzled. Did this mean that the thing he was looking for wasn’t on Franky? It was unlikely, according to his information, Franky carried it with him.

Su Xiao started thinking. If he hid it inside his body, where would he choose to hide it.?

First of all, it wasn’t something big. Secondly, because it existed for a long time, it was worn out.

It was small and fragile. So, considering this, it would be impossible to hide it inside the chest, legs, or arms.

Where is the least likely place for him to get injured? Suddenly, Su Xiao’s eyes turned toward Franky’s back.

Pressing with a finger on Franky’s back, Su Xiao started looking inch by inch. Suddenly, he felt something when his finger reached his waist and was stunned.

“This is?”

Su Xiao continued pressing his finger and soon found that there was an artificial skin around there.

Lifting the artificial skin, Su Xiao saw a lock in place.

The lock needs a password for it to open, and that code needs three numbers to be unlocked. So the total number of the combination was 987, which equals 504. He shouldn’t depend on luck. Su Xiao started recalling some information.

Tom’s birthday was on March 16.

Iceburg’s birthday was on January 3.

Franky’s Birthday was on March 9.

Su Xiao first tried Tom’s birthday by typing 316. After entering the passwords, a number appeared.

It appears that he can only try five times, and now, it is four. Else it may self-destruct with what’s inside.

If he guessed correctly, the password is probably related somehow to Tom, who has so much influence on Franky.

Franky set the password to only three numbers, so it probably means a birthday.

Su Xiao tried a second combination, 313. It was a combination of the three’s birthdays starting with Tom.

The password was still wrong, and he had three chances left. Su Xiao tried 331, but it was still incorrect, and he is left with two tries now.

Su Xiao left their birthdays behind. He thought that the password maybe not a birthday.

Something more important than the birthdays… The day of the sacrifice!! The day Tom sacrificed himself for Franky.

Su Xiao had a headache. There was no mention of when Tom died in the Anime.

With this being the case, Su Xiao started recalling everything about that event.

First of all, Tom was convicted for building Roger’s ship, after that, he helped the world government build the sea train to lessen his sins, but the world government even with that found excuses to kill him.

Tom wasn’t executed on the spot, but after being shot and wounded, he was escorted to Enies Lobby for his execution.

It was summer when Tom was Executed. It can be concluded by the clothes of the citizens and the Cp agents at the time. It was late summer.

Su Xiao stayed in Water 7 and personally experienced the temperature and weather in there.

Tom was sent to Enies Lobby for his execution in the late summer.

Tom’s sin wasn’t that serious. He was only an accomplice. The problem is that he helped build Roger’s ship. Which meant he would be put to Trial first before they sentence him.

Moreover, since it’s an execution in Enies Lobby, it wouldn’t be chosen arbitrarily, especially since it’s the execution of the legendary Shipwright Tom. And there was some racism between Humans and Fishman as well.

There were many clues. Late in the summer, execution in Enies Lobby, then his body is sent to Fishman island to be buried there.

Su Xiao thought quickly, and finally, he typed 831.


The password was right, and the lock was opened. Su Xiao took something out from and returned something else. After checking the Item’s attribute, Su Xiao nodded in satisfaction before closing the lock again and returning Franky to his original position.

After that, Su Xiao returned to the roof of the train again after returning the glass back in the window.

Directly walking lightly on top of the train, Su Xiao directly went toward the fourth Cabin, doing the same as before. He dried himself up before throwing the wet clothes into the sea.

He reinstalled the glass into the window and left a long sigh of relief.

Su Xiao suddenly found Bob behind him, looking at him intently.

“What, you’re hungry?”


Bob wasn’t hungry. It was just lamenting that the human world was too complicated.

“You’re not hungry?”

Su Xiao looked at Bob in astonishment. He recently found that Bob’s IQ seemed higher than usual.

Although Bob’s IQ wasn’t as good as a human, he definitively wasn’t stupid either.

“Bob, how many are these?”

Su Xiao stretched five-finger, and Bob’s head went down, he didn’t want to answer such a retarded question.

“Huh, he doesn’t seem too smart.”

Bob rolled his eyes as he felt that his IQ had been insulted like never before.