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R.P Chapter 332: Spider Queen

Su Xiao pushed Bob to the edge of the bed as he sat cross-legged. Because Bob was sleeping there, his legs warmed up quickly.

The situation in the Seventh cabin won’t be noticed in a short time. So, he took out all the treasure chests and scarlet cards he had from before. He had a blue treasure chest and three scarlet cards.

Among the three scarlet cards, the edges of two of them were tinted in gold. Su Xiao directly used two scarlet cards. Two red swirls appeared beside him, giving him the opportunity to get six items.

Seeing these bloody red vortexes, Su Xiao was stunned. Usually, the vortex was black.

Bob, on the side, rubbed his head on Su Xiao’s leg with eyes saying: “Open another one and let me try.

“Do you want to try?”

Su Xiao patted Bob’s head.


Bob responded.

“Fine then, you can have one.”

Directly Bob put his head inside the bloody vortex while Su Xiao put his hand inside.

These two contractors were men. They won’t have something as ridiculous as a brat inside.

Fumbling inside for a while, Something touched Su Xiao’s hand.

Although the object seemed smooth, it was small.

Su Xiao drew his hand out and directed a prompt from the Reincarnation Paradise that appeared in front of him.

[You obtained Elven Secret Medicine!]

Elven Secret Medicine

Origin: Reincarnation Paradise

Quality: Blue

Type: Potion

Effect: Restore 1% Hp every second for 2 minutes. (time is doubled when in a forest.)

Rate: 70

Description: Although the tree elves are arrogant, their craftsmanship is convincing.

Happiness filled Su Xiao. He actually found such a good potion inside an ordinary guy’s scarlet card.

Healing 1% Hp every second for 2 minutes, this means that it healed 120%, and if used in the forest, it will become double of that, which means 240% Hp.

This potion was very suitable to be used in battles. Su Xiao can drink the potion in a critical time, and combined with Bob’s aura, the Hp he restored per second would make people desperate.

And it was a small bottle as well, so if the situation is urgent, Su Xiao could directly put it in his mouth and bite on it when it’s needed.

The bottle was made of resin, which wouldn’t hurt his stomach if he swallowed it, and it would be just be digested.

Looking at the emerald bottle in his hand, Su Xiao nodded in satisfaction. This was a very good life-saving trump card, especially if he was fighting in a forest.

Obtaining this made Su Xiao get confident. He once again reached into the vortex and grabbed two items at the same time.

[You obtained a Cucumber!]

[You obtained a disposable Cup!]

Su Xiao was petrified. He threw the cup on the bed as it was most likely used…

Su Xiao threw the cucumber as well and rubbed his hand on his pants…


Bob barked as he looked at Su Xiao anxiously.

It seemed as if Bob just went to a supermarket, the items he got were a watermelon, garlic, and once a bag of eggs.

Opening the scarlet cards always depended on luck. You can obtain items that worth a fortune as well as items that aren’t worth a cent.

What remained was a Treasure Chest and a scarlet card. Su Xiao preferred scarlet cards, actually.

Bob held the scarlet card in his mouth as he mentioned for Su Xiao to open it.

“Well, let’s get some luck then.”

Su Xiao took the scarlet card and lit a cigarette using the Destiny redemption.

With the Destiny redemption used, Su Xiao’s luck gained an additional three points that last for 2 minutes.

[Use a level 9 scarlet Card: {Yes} {No}]

Lilith was a level 9 contractor. Therefore, her scarlet card was also level 9.

“Use it.”

A blood-red vortex appeared again, this was bigger than the previous two, and the color was darker and more blood-like.

Si Xiao directly put an arm inside and grabbed an item directly and pulled it out.

{You obtained the Tyrannosaurus Eyeglasses (Ordinary)]

Su Xiao nearly collapsed, but he consoled himself by saying: ‘You can’t always obtain everything, the next time won’t be this unlucky.’

Once again, Su Xiao put his hand and grabbed an item.

[You obtained *** (ordinary)]


Su Xiao cursed before calming down. Seeing his master sad, Bob rubbed his head on Su Xiao’s shoulder, trying to comfort him.

“All right, all or nothing!”

Su Xiao’s hand directly entered the vortex again as Bob looked at him anxiously.

Su Xiao touched a hard object, which was somehow big and heavy.

Opening a scarlet card always depended on luck. It was almost impossible to determine the item by just touching it.

Directly taking out the item, Bob didn’t dare believe it when he looked at the item Su Xiao grabbed.

“Bob, it seems like this is my lucky day.”

At this time, Su Xiao took a long sniper Rifle, about two meters long. It was jet-black sniper rifle, on the side of the rifle, Su Xiao saw an engraved red spider design.

[Spider Queen]

Origin: Hunter X Hunter

Quality: Purple

Type: Heavy Sniper Rifle

Durability: 50/50

Attack power: 40 ~ 71

Requirement: Strength 27; Agility 31; Intelligence 10

Equipment effect 1: Infrared Detection x8 scope (active): When using this skill, the scope hidden inside Spider Queen would come out, it will directly aim at the target and calculate the distance and other factors, The bullet trajectory won’t be out of the calculated trajectory.

Hint: The skill costs 100 Mana, the effect lasts for 20 minutes.

Hint: The skill’s Cooldown time is 5 hours.

Equipment Effect 2: Accurate Trajectory (Passive): Fire accuracy increase by 12%.

Rate: 149 (Rate of purple equipment is between 71 and 150)

Description: The will of the Spider Queen won’t allow resistance. When it aims at you, start praying.

Price: 41,000 Paradise Coins.

Su Xiao felt happy he obtained such a strong Sniper Rifle, and then he felt lucky that he caught Lilith off-guard or else he might’ve lost an arm.

He would’ve consumed many potions to just restore his Hp if he fought her when she used this terrifying Sniper Rifle.

Su Xiao carried the Spider Queen in his hand to get a feel. It was very heavy for a Sniper Rifle. No wonder it needed 27 Strength.

The bullets used by this Sniper Rifle was about 20 Mm Bullet.

After a little inspection, Su Xiao discovered that this Sniper Rifle was a high-tech one, as long as he aimed with it, it wouldn’t be that far from target even with his terrible aim.

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