Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 333: Your Words Back At You

But the issue here was the bullets, these bullets were special, and Su Xiao didn’t hear of ones like that. They were 13.77 caliber bullets and exclusive ammunition for this Sniper Rifle.

Asking the Reincarnation Paradise, Su Xiao discovered that it cost 50 Paradise coins for a cartridge, which means 20 cartridge costs 1,000 Paradise coins. The single-cartridge contains 20 bullets.

Suddenly Su Xiao thought of something, what if he ambushed the contractors and the plot character from afar?

Even if these people succeeded in rushed to Enies Lobby, Su Xiao would be able to put them down using Dragon Flash.

The Infrared detection x8 scope skill will auto-aim for Su Xiao, which will make it really easy for him. He won’t be required to master a Sniper Rifle. The more developed a weapon is, the easier it was to use.

Su Xiao combat strategy was about to be completed.

If the enemies are closing up and are too much for him to take on with a sword, Su Xiao would retreat and use Broken Elf, and the enemies started moving back and retreating, he would use Spider Queen. With this combination, the enemies won’t have a chance to escape.

The Spider Queen’s attack power was very high, and it was several times higher than Broken Elf. Even a single shot can kill.

Putting up Spider Queen, Su Xiao couldn’t wait for the final battle in Enies Lobby.

The harvest was pretty good this time. Seeing that there were about 30 seconds left before the destiny redemption effect wore out, Su Xiao directly opened the blue Treasure chest. The Treasure chest flashed with bright light.

Su Xiao’s heart was about to jump out. It actually flashed! However, the color was lighter than the last time.

[You obtain 3000 Paradise Coins.]

[You obtain 1000 Paradise Coins.]

[You obtain 500 Paradise Coins.]

[You obtain 2100 Paradise Coins.]

[You obtain 860 Paradise Coins.]

[You obtain 5100 Paradise Coins.]

A big list of prompts from the Reincarnation Paradise full of Paradise coins appeared in front of Su Xiao.

Perhaps the dim light meant that he would obtain Paradise Coins? That’s probably it.

The Paradise Coins he obtained from the treasure Chest amounted to 12,560 Paradise Coins.

For opening a treasure chest, the much was amazing. Su Xiao looked at the lighter in his hand and couldn’t help think that the name of this thing was appropriate Destiny Redemption.

After opening the treasure chest and the scarlet cards, Su Xiao discovered one thing, this open-world is too dangerous.

He was tempted to hunt down contractors, but he suppressed this temptation. He would only hunt contractors that violated the rules or provoked him, and he would take the initiative without provocation.

After opening the treasure chest and scarlet cards, Su Xiao laid on the bed comfortably while the sea train sped toward Enies lobby.

Because the bed was a little too small, Bob was resting on Su Xiao’s belly.

No one could get close to Su Xiao, except Bob, let alone resting on his belly.

Su Xiao took a nap to rest before the commotion starts.

Even if Lucci and the others suspect him, what evidence do they have? Since he is one of the CP0 now, Lucci can’t do anything without evidence, even if his status was just words.

It didn’t take long before the last Cabin was noisy, and the sound of footsteps became more hurried.

Su Xiao laid down calmly while Bob didn’t move.


The door of the room was knocked open, Lucci and the others rushed in and stood around Su Xiao in high alert. They were facing away from Su Xiao as if protecting him, but their eyes were looking around trying to find something out of place, but they found nothing.

“Byakuya, there are ‘Enemies’ on the train, we broke into your room without permission only to protect you, please don’t misunderstand.”

Kalifa Explained.

“Really, Thank you so much.”

Su Xiao was still lying on the bed with his hand behind his head.


Suddenly a scream sounded as Bob bit Kaku’s lower back.

Bob wasn’t merciful with his bite as he shook his head, trying to take a piece. Bob revealed the wolf side of him.

As long as he bites someone, he won’t leave him even if his head was cut off. Only Su Xiao can make him stop.


Kaku snarled and was about to punch Bob.

But at this time, he found a pair of extremely cold eyes staring at him.

“Do you want to… Hurt my partner?”

Su Xiao got up and stared at Kaku.

“Kaku Stop.” Lucci directly ordered.


Hearing Su Xiao, Bob loosened his mouth as bloodstains dripped from his mouth.

“Kaku, someone suddenly broke into my room, so my partner here wanted to protect me, please forgive me.”

Su Xiao was using Lucci’s words against him.

“No… Don’t worry.”

Kaku gritted his teeth as he responded. They chose to directly open the door instead of knocking on the door, which was hostile toward Su Xiao.

Franky was attacked, and the CP9 directly thought of Su Xiao, so they directly entered his room, searching for any clue.

“So, did you find this enemy?”

Su Xiao sighed.

“We’re still investigating.”

Lucci blocked Su Xiao’s sight as Kalifa, and the others took the opportunity to look at the Window.

The door was always guarded, so only the window can be used to go out.

“We indeed were a little reckless right now, so we’re sorry for that.”

Lucci took out a pendant. He picked the Pendant from the string, while the stone was carved with the word Blessing.

Lucci grabbed it in a way that when Su Xiao would take it, he would definitively touch the stone.

“Forget it. I don’t care.”

Su Xiao didn’t touch the pendant, which made Lucci’s eyes flicker slightly.

“Please accept it.”

Su Xiao was a little awkward. What’s wrong with that thing, was the surface highly toxic or something?

Raising his hand to take the pendant, all the present CP9 members looked at Su Xiao intently.

As his hand touched the pendant, nothing happened at all. He even played with the pendant in his hand.

“This thing is rough, but at least the stone is carved.”

As Su Xiao put the pendant into his pocket, Lucci didn’t find anything abnormal and directly said: “We’re about to reach Enies lobby, so be ready to get off and come to the third cabin.”

The four of them left the room and closed the door. A smile appeared on Su Xiao’s mouth as he took out the pendant and put it inside his Inventory.

After not finding any clue inside his room, Lucci gave him a Kairoseki pendant, to test whether he had a devil fruit or not.

They were about to arrive. And when they do, Su Xiao’s opponent would no longer be CP9 agents, but a more cunning world government officer.