Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 334: Arrival!


The sea train slowly moved toward Enies Lobby while Su Xiao looked out of the window from his cabin.

Enies lobby consisted of three islands connected together, the first one was the main island, and most of Enies lobby was built on it, it’s where prisoners are executed.

There was no night-time on this island, even when a storm as strong as the Aqua Laguna hits, the sun is still shining above this island.

There is a large courthouse inside the island where most of the prisoners get their sentence by a few judges situated there. But most of the time, there would be no need for judges as all the people coming are convicted already.

After the trial, people would be sent to the tower of justice, and this is where the Straw-hats fought against the Cp9 in the original story.

The Gate of Justice is situated behind Enies lobby. The area around the gate was filled with whirlpools that make it hard for any ship to sail there, and only when the gate opens would the whirlpools disappear.

After the prisoners are sentenced, they would stay in the low levels inside the tower of Justice, while officials in Enies lobby would call the Marine to inform them about the prisoners that are to be sent to Impel down, and that’s when the Marine would pass by the gate of Justice.

The World government would relax as soon as a criminal enters Enies Lobby, as they didn’t think anyone would be bold enough to go there to save someone else.

But in the near future, a few youngsters would stun the world by entering Enies lobby and get out alive while saving their target, catching the world government unprepared.

Su Xiao got out of the see train, along with the others.

Lucci and the members of the CP were surrounding Franky and Robin to prevent anything from happening.

“Hello, is this Mr. Byakuya.”

A beautiful girl with long pink hair greeted Byakuya, she was tall and wearing a red suit and black gloves.


Seeing the girl, Su Xiao found her familiar. Finally, he remembered her. She was from the Marine.

“I have been waiting for you. My name is Hina, and I’m a Marine Captain of the Marine Headquarters.”

The beautiful Marine captain held a cigar in her hand as she said with enthusiasm.

Su Xiao was a little puzzled, why are there Marine picking him, wasn’t he going to the CP0?

Not waiting for Su Xiao to ask, a notification from the Reincarnation paradise directly appeared before him.

Main Quest: Reach Enies Lobby (Completed)

Side Quest: Arrest Nico Robin (Completed)

The Side Quest didn’t have any follow up quest but and directly disappeared after he got the 5,000 Paradise Coin reward. As for the main Quest, it was as follows.

Main Quest: Enies Lobby’s decisive battle

Difficulty: Lv.12

Quest Detail: Participate in the Decisive battle in Enies Lobby, and get the design of Pluton. The Quest starts in three days.

Quest time limit: 4 days

Success Reward: 5 attribute points, 14,000 paradise coins.

Failure penalty: -28,000 Paradise coins

After reading this, Su Xiao’s eyes lit up, he already won.

Su Xiao nodded thoughtfully. When he took the design from Franky’s body, he already guessed that it was a quest item, due to the strange description it had.

Quality: None

Type: Blue-print

Rating: None

Description: The Blue-print of the ancient weapon Pluton, you need to master the ancient language to read it.

There was no quality and no rate, under normal circumstances, it would at least be a purple quality item.

Su Xiao didn’t waste time. He was already a step ahead of all contractors. When the other didn’t receive the quest detail yet, he already had the quest item with him.

The contractors could see the location of the design when the battle starts, and he would still need to fight.

As long as the design was on him, the contractors would definitively come after him.

Su Xiao looked at the Tower of justice in deep thoughts.

“Mr. Byakuya, Mr. Byakuya.”

Hina shouted several times with an unpleasant expression.


As he was thinking, Su Xiao didn’t notice Hina talking to him.

“Hina is very angry.”


Su Xiao replayed nonchalantly.

“Did Mr. Byakuya think about the proposal? We have already agreed with the CP department on this matter. With your talent, you’re not suitable to stay in Enies lobby.”

Su Xiao frowned at Hina’s words.

“Then what do you suggest?”

“There is a secret Marine base near Enies lobby. We are going to send you there. Please be assured that it would only take half an hour to get there.”

Su Xiao thought that this is some deal between the CP department and the Marine.

“You already know about my request?”

“I do, for every 2,000 bombs made, we will provide Mr. Byakuya with a Meito sword.”

Hina simply nodded as she recited his request. It seems like this matter was already agreed on by the Marine Officials.

“Ok, but I have a request. I want to return to Enies lobby in three days.”

Hina didn’t answer directly. She walked aside with a Den Den Mushi before she returned.

“Mr. Byakuya, We agreed with your request. Let’s go now.”

Su Xiao glanced at Enies Lobby. He didn’t want to leave, this was the main battlefield, he was forced to leave because of the situation, and he won’t be able to take advantage of knowing the place in the war.

Su Xiao followed Hina into the warship, but his eyes shrunk as he saw an elderly woman on the ship.

“Why is she here? This isn’t good.”

She was the Crane, Tsuru, who was known for having a very high IQ throughout the Marine, and she is really difficult to deal with.

Su Xiao would like to meet an Admiral and not face this old lady.

“So This is Mr. Byakuya, the researcher that we will escort. Hello, I’m Tsuru.”

The Old Lady’s voice sounded old, but her eyes were as bright as they could get.

After looking up and down at Su Xiao, Tsuru felt something off and needed to investigate.