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R.P Chapter 335: Hina’s Bitter Heart!

“Hello, I’m Byakuya.”

Su Xiao didn’t say anything else, even if the other party’s IQ was too high, she won’t figure anything if he didn’t say much.

“We’re ready to go.”

Vice-admiral Tsuru directly gave the order to set sail. The journey was a short half an hour toward the Marine base.

Su Xiao was guided inside a room where he sat alone, and he started thinking about how to obtain more benefits from the technology he had.


Bob suddenly barked, which lade Su Xiao to look at him in doubt.

Bob sat on the ground, looking pitiful while his ears no longer standing straight.

Bob’s stomach was twitching, and it seemed like he wanted to vomit.

“Are you… Seasick?”

Although Bob’s getting Seasick made Su Xiao surprised, he couldn’t do anything about it. At least it wasn’t a long journey.

The door to his room was suddenly pushed open. Tsuru, along with Hina, entered the room.

“Byakuya, what are the materials to make the bomb? Before we reach our destination, we’ll send someone to get them.”

Hina handed a pen and a paper to Su Xiao, who directly wrote down the materials.

The content of the paper was: Black Gunpowder, Low-level Energy circuit, Matry metal, Aqua regia, explosive frog skin.

After writing the materials, Su Xiao directly handed the paper to Tsuru.

The more she looked at the materials, the more she frowned. Finally, Tsuru asked.

“I know the Black Gunpowder, but what is this Low-level energy circuit, and this Matry metal? Aqua regia? Explosive Frog Skin?”

Hina leaned over, looked at the list, and was directly stunned. She couldn’t recognize most of the materials. Actually, she only knew the black gunpowder.

“The Low-level energy circuit is a wire, with R7P3T conduction properties. It is very sensitive to energy, and only using it would the bomb be remotely controlled…”

Tsuru, who didn’t understand at first, finally got what the Low-level energy circuit was with the help of Su Xiao’s explanation.

“Aqua regia is a mixture of nitric acid and hydrochloric acid, optimally in a molar ratio of 1:3. Aqua regia is a yellow-orange fuming liquid, so named by alchemists because it can dissolve the noble metals, gold, and platinum, though not all metals, the name was given to it because of the strong corrosiveness it held…”

Tsuru listened intently while Hina stood beside her.

“I have explained them thoroughly, so it shouldn’t be hard to find them, also if you guys can’t find some of them, you can look for something with the same properties.”

Su Xiao looked at Tsuru and smiled. This is his field of expertise, and even if her IQ was high, it’s useless here.

Tsuru was slightly embarrassed as he coughed and said: “I think I understand.”

“Oh? Ok, then when looking for the substitute of the explosive frog skin, you must look for the following properties: Strong water resistance, good conductivity, No toxin…”

Su Xiao continued to explain while Tsuru was getting a headache.

Five minutes later, Tsuru’s eyes were dropping while she felt her head about to explode.

Right now, Tsuru was sure that Su Xiao wasn’t making this up and indeed had great talent as a researcher, even though she didn’t understand most of what he said.

“Hina, did you remember everything?”

Tsuru looked at Hina, who was writing from the start and smiled.

“Yes… but there are a few things that I couldn’t follow.”

Tsuru sighed. She wanted to give Su Xiao a hard time to figure him out, but it seemed that the situation was reversed now.

“What did you miss?” Su Xiao looked at the paper in Hina’s hand, wanting to help her.

“Then, let’s continue.”


Hina’s mouth opened wide while her head was about to explode.

“Yes, this is one-twentieth of the formula that you recorded. Although it will take some time, the process can’t be neglected.”

Tsuru’s lips twitched before she got up and started walking out.

“Hina, I’ll hand this task over to you, I will contact someone to pick up the materials for us.”

Hina opened her mouth, but nothing came out.

“Miss Hina, let’s continue.”

Su Xiao continued to dictate the recipe, and Hina was recording them down.

Ten Minutes later, Hina’s eyes were dull, and her mind was filled with various chemical and math formulas.

“That one…”

Hina spoke weakly.

“Huh? Why are you tired. We still have four-fifths of the recipe to record. We can continue after a short break if you want.”

Hina’s eyes were dark. There are still four-fifths? The only though on her head currently was to run away. She was willing to fight anyone but not stay here and record more formulas. This is simply torture.

“Although it’s rude of me to ask, can Mr. Byakuya right them himself? I’m a marine who doesn’t understand a thing about scientific research, look I even wrote some formulas wrong.” (T/N: If you don’t know about them, how did you know they were wrong in the first place?)

Hina looked at Su Xiao with expectation.


Su Xiao looked at Hina, who smiled at him and said.



Su Xiao took the pen and paper, and Hina directly walked out of the room.

Coming out, Hina rubbed her head slightly while looking up, only to find Vice-Admiral Tsuru looking at her.

“How did it go?”

The dissatisfaction was apparent in Tsuru’s eyes, and Hina felt bitter in her heart as she thought: ‘You can’t stand it after you ran away?’

“He isn’t easy to deal with.”

Vice-Admiral Tsuru sighed.


Hina looked at Tsuru and asked suspiciously.

“Nothing, but Hina, what kind of feeling does this Byakuya gives you?”

This question made Hina ponder a little before she replied.

“He feels and smell like blood, even after taking a bath and changing clothes, he still had a bloody smell on him. And he often looks at my chest and throat.”

Tsuru laughed lightly and said: “It’s not strange for men to look at your chest.”

Tsuru looked at Hina’s huge 36D and shook her head.

“No, he isn’t looking like that; he is judging the location of my heart. Rather than being a researcher, I feel like he is a fierce and cunning pirate.

Hina sounded sure about this.

“Good perception.”

Tsuru patted Hina’s shoulder and said.

“That guy’s temperament is like Shiryu’s, but the two of them are different. While Shiryu is killing just for the joy of it, this person has a clear purpose. Although he isn’t as strong as Shiryu, he would be harder to deal with if he isn’t controlled well. He is a double-edged sword. His talent as a researcher is beyond doubt, and he exceeds the world’s standards when it comes to making bombs… But I don’t feel any kind of goodwill or loyalty from him.”

Tsuru tested Su Xiao.

“Tsuru-san, what should we do?”

Hina was closer than most people to Tsuru, so the way she addressed her was closer as well.

“Let’s watch for now. Someone will keep watch on him on that island. That person is always there on that island.”