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R.P Chapter 336: Vegapunk

The warship slowly got to shore. Su Xiao walked out of his cabin followed by Bob.

An island came to his sight. This island was covered by trees, and no one seemed to live there.

Su Xiao could see the watchtowers vaguely amongst the tree. He could only see less than a dozen watchtower. But he could tell that they were scattered all over the island.

The island seemed ordinary with no one living on it, but once an enemy approaches, they will open fire. And by the word open fire, he meant the cannons hidden in trees all over the place.

Jumping into a small boat, Tsuru, Hina, and Su Xiao moved slowly toward the island. There was no dock for a large warship to stop by, so the only way in is by small boats.

Reaching the shore, Su Xiao jumped down to the ground. It seemed as if no one was around, but he could tell that at least a hundred Marine was waiting in the forest.

“Byakuya, I can only send you here, someone will lead you next. Hina will be responsible for your safety, and if you need anything, you can ask her.”

Tsuru only escorted Su Xiao to this island in fear for other forces trying to reach out to him on the way.

Vice-Admiral Tsuru took the boat back directly, making Su Xiao relieved. Finally, he didn’t have to compete with Tsuru in the IQ department. He already had a headache.

“Let’s go.”

Hina walked forward while Su Xiao looked around. The Marines lurking nearby weren’t hostile.

As soon as they got into the forest, the air became fresher. No large animals were around since they were probably wiped by the Marine.

Su Xiao sensed at least a hundred gun aimed at him, while none was aimed at Hina.

With Hina’s lead, they finally could see a large building made of steel from afar. This was a large laboratory.

Two people were waiting at the entrance, one of them was tall while wearing a yellow suit, yellow sunglasses, and white coat written on it was the word justice.

The man’s face was full of wrinkles, and you could tell he was a lazy person from his expression.

Su Xiao’s heart froze as soon as he saw him.

It was one of the three current admirals, Borsalino, or known as Kisaru, someone who ate the logia fruit of light, proficient in Haki, and wasn’t a weak swordsman.

“Yo, finally you’re here.”

Kizaru spoke slowly, as if he wasn’t in a hurry, contrary to his speed, which is the speed of light or almost there.

“Old man, this guy’s temperament seems wrong, not anything like a researcher.”

Standing next to Kisaru stood a fat white boy named Sentomaru, the captain of the Marine’s science force.

Sentomaru, who is proficient in Haki, instantly noticed Su Xiao’s wrong temperament.

Kizaru took a picture and looked at it before shaking his head.

“No, this is the researcher we had to pick up.”

Kisaru’s eyes narrowed slightly. He certainly felt something wrong with Su Xiao. In fact, he wouldn’t have come personally if it wasn’t for this exact reason being reported.

“Admiral Borsalino, the target has been escorted.”

Hina saluted Kisaru.

“Well, Sengoku told me that this guy is called Byakuya, before entering the laboratory, I have to make sure it’s the right guy.”

Kizaru looked at Sentomaru, who directly took a video Den Den Mushi.

“Byakuya-san, can you show us the bomb you make?”

Sentomaru pointed the Video Den Den Mushi toward Su Xiao, who already prepared for this kind of situation.

He directly took out the bomb and starting changing its shape.

Kizaru looked at the bomb strange.

“Can anyone control that bomb?”

“It can be controlled to a certain extent, but it’s not that flexible.”

Su Xiao threw the Bomb toward Kisaru then told him how to control it.

Although the bomb on reacted slightly to Kisaru, he was still satisfied with this.

Kizaru directly detonated the bomb in his hand. As the fire spread all around them, Kisaru was unscathed.

“It’s power is also satisfying.”

The Den Den Mushi on Kisaru’s person rang. It took Kisaru a while to find it and respond.

“Moshi Moshi!”

“Sengoku is talking.”

Kizaru took the Den Den mushi and walked away. Before long, he returned and put the Den Den Mushi away.

“Byakuya, today, you can adapt to the new environment, and tomorrow you will go meet someone.”

Su Xiao shook his head.

“There is no need for rest.”

Kizaru raised his eyebrow and looked at Su Xiao.

“You’re really a hard worker. You can go meet him now.”

As the group entered the laboratory, Su Xiao noticed how complicated it was. You can even call it a maze at this point.

After a few minutes, Kisaru took them toward a certain block.

Sound of metal moving and being hit reverberated all over the hallway, as Su Xiao entered the block, an experimental platform entered his sight.

A seven meters tall man was lying on top of the platform, his upper body was shirtless, and no flesh could be seen on top of his chest.

He was modified.

Seeing this, Su Xiao’s eyes lit up. The man on the platform was Bartholomew Kuma, one of the Shichibukai.

Beside him was a thin-looking man about one meter eighty who seemed busy.

“Dr. Vegapunk, are you still modifying Kuma.”

Hearing Borsalino’s shouting, Vegapunk seemed unhappy.

“Don’t be noisy. I’ll be done right away.”

Vegapunk dared to talk to an Admiral like this because he had his own worth that the world government can’t do anything to him. Let alone an admiral. He could even berate Sengoku if his experiments were disturbed.

Kizaru looked normal as if this happens all the time. The technology mastered by Vegapunk was 500 years ahead of this world’s, so the world government can’t go without him.

“Doctor, I brought him here.”

Vegapunk, who was modifying Kuma, looked up.

“The man who made the bomb is here? Where?”

Vegapunk looked excited.

“This guy.”

Kisaru pointed at Su Xiao.

“Hello, I’m Vegapunk.” Vegapunk stepped forward and looked at Su Xiao up and down. “What kind of technology made the bomb? Is it like a devil fruit? Genetic modification?”

Su Xiao was stunned. It seemed that Vegapunk wasn’t simple at all.

“No, it’s alchemy. Alchemy is…”

Su Xiao gave Vegapunk an initial explanation about Alchemy while Vegapunk listened with interest. The others seemed to blackout as they didn’t understand a word.

“To say the alchemy is mystic is completely wrong. Alchemy is the exploration of nature and the human body.”

Vagapunk nodded thoughtfully.

“The materials you need are all available, they are perfect alternatives, but can these things make the bomb?”

“No problem at all.”

The material problem is solved by Vegapunk, but the problem now is Mana. He needed to find something that can restore Mana.

“There is another problem though, my energy is limited, and it takes a lot of energy to make the bombs.”

“You don’t have to worry about that. I invented something because I lacked energy, and it prevented me from continuing my research.”

Vegapunk picked a test tube and handed it to Su Xiao.

Quality: Purple

Type: Potion

Effect: Restore 100% Mana after drinking.

Rate: 150

Description: This potion can be consumed continuously without side effects.

Su Xiao was stunned, a high-level world was indeed different.

“Then it okay. I can produce alchemy bombs now.”

Su Xiao can benefit greatly from helping the world government with making the bombs, after all, making bombs raise his proficiency.

It shouldn’t be hard to actually raise several levels, but what is the upper limit?

Su Xiao specifically asked the Reincarnation paradise about leveling up before, and because it was a knowledge-based ability, he can upgrade it even if he wasn’t in the Reincarnation Paradise as long as he had Paradise coins.

After the Alchemy bomb reaches level 10, Su Xiao can unlock the Alchemy pharmacy, which was something Su Xiao desired most.”

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