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R.P Chapter 337: Manufacturing

Su Xiao’s expression didn’t change even when looking at Kuma being modified because Hina and the others were in the room, and he shouldn’t show emotions.

“Dr. Vegapunk, Kuma’s transformation should be completed in a few days because the Fleet commander urged me to return as soon as possible.”

Kizaru was still an admiral, and he had his duties. He can’t always stay here.

“It will take about a week or so, and you can’t leave before that, the PX plan needs your fruit ability to be perfect.”

“Ah, what a Headache!”

Kizaru nodded lazily then looked at Su Xiao.

“Byakuya, your laboratory is ready; I hope you like it. That’s where you will work in the future.”

Kizaru walked toward the laboratory with Su Xiao while Vegapunk continued his work.

Su Xiao’s laboratory wasn’t that far, just two rooms away.

Su Xiao entered his workspace and found a few precision machines and a pile of materials on the table and a comfortable chair beside it.

Su Xiao directly walked toward his chair and looked at the various materials. Although the names of the materials were different, they had the same properties as those needed for the alchemy bomb.

Su Xiao took a few materials and directly started making the bombs. A few seconds later, a bomb appeared in his hand.

The Alchemy bomb this time was slightly different from before, due to the different materials. The bomb was milky white, and its texture was harder than before.

Su Xiao directly looked at the properties of this new bomb.

Quality: White

Type: Consumable

Effect: Consume 1 Mana Point to activate at any time. The explosion radius is 6 meters and causes 96 damage. The bomb can change shape and stick on most objects.

Rate: 8

Description: This item can’t can’t leave this world.

After checking the bomb’s effect, Su Xiao was very satisfied. Although the damage output was lower, it’s still excellent for other people.

Su Xiao directly threw the bomb toward Kizaru and said.

“Because the materials are different, the bomb is different in color, but the quality didn’t decline.”

Kizaru looked at the bomb before handing it toward Hina.

“You can try using your technology to make it, but it’s unlikely to succeed.”

“No, we already confirmed that Dr. Vegapunk’s technology couldn’t make this kind of bomb.”

Su Xiao raised his brows… It seems like the marines already tried.

“We won’t disturb Byakuya… Dr. Byakuya.”

Kizaru’s voice came out a little strange, but Su Xiao didn’t care.

“There is something else…”

Kizaru and Sentomaru stopped in their tracks.

“I’m hungry.”

They were stunned. Hina directly reacted.

“Sorry about that. I forgot about Mr. Byakuya’s breakfast.”

“My partners as well, and he eats a lot, so prepare five, no, prepare ten servings…”

Su Xiao tried the power of food in One Piece, and in a secret base of the Marines, the chef should be exceptional.

“Breakfast will be delivered in ten minutes; may I ask Mr. Byakuya if you prefer a light breakfast or…”

Hina became a little secretary. Every researcher had the benefit of having bodyguards and caretakers.

Hina was now the caretaker and bodyguard for Su Xiao.

Her Fruit allowed her to create metal binds trapping her enemy inside and anything that it touches.

Her being with him has a different meaning then being his bodyguard. It was to control Su Xiao if he turned hostile at any point.

Su Xiao took off his coat and started stretching after Kizaru and Sentomaru left the room.

Su Xiao not only needed to make a large number of bombs, but he needed the marine to reuse him again.

The stronger his bombs became, the stronger he will get, and he won’t be afraid of the Marines.

A large pile of materials was placed in front of him, and as soon as they’re used up, someone will come and add more.

Su Xiao picked the materials. Soon, white light flickered in his hands as the materials gradually dissolved and changed into an alchemy bomb.

Putting the first one aside, Su Xiao repeated the process rapidly.

Soon, he already made 26 bombs which were placed beside him, and Su Xiao’s mana was already low.

Su Xiao picked up the potion and drunk it. His mana was filled in a few seconds.

“Mr. Byakuya, your breakfast is ready.”

Hina arrived and said softly as not to disturb Su Xiao.

“Bob, you eat first, I will eat later.”

Su Xiao picked the materials again and proceeded to make bombs. The process wasn’t hard, and each time he made a bomb, he understood the alchemy bomb further.

This was an accumulative process that would provide Su Xiao with the experience needed to make stronger bombs.


Bob directly barked as he sat in front of the food without eating.

“Mr. Byakuya, let’s eat first, you can return to bomb-making later.”

Su Xiao laid down the materials in his hand and walked toward the dining room inside the building.

“Today’s food is sea king meat from the Secret Island.”

Su Xiao took a piece and took a bite. The meat was delicate but not greasy.

“Why aren’t you eating?”

Su Xiao looked at Hina.

“I’ve already eaten.”


Hina’s stomach responded, which made her very embarrassed.

Hina’s status was special. She can’t have any kind of friendship with Su Xiao. She didn’t even have any relationship with her superiors.

“It’s okay.”

Su Xiao ate slowly, but Bob started devouring the food with a smile.

Ten minutes later, bob was on the ground with a swell on his stomach and closed eyes. He was really happy currently.

Several marines started tidying the table as Su Xiao got up and went to continue making bombs.

The materials were decreasing rapidly as more and more potions were consumed by Su Xiao. Three hours later, more than 300 alchemy bombs piled up on the table.

With the continuous process, Su Xiao’s speed became faster, and from the original 40 seconds, it went down to 31 seconds.

With each bomb he made, Su Xiao’s became better.

Su Xiao was immersed in his work with only Bob inside the room. No one else dared to stay in the room. After all, there are more than 300 bombs here, and it could probably kill anyone who didn’t have a logia fruit.

If he detonates these bombs, no one but Kizaru will survive.

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