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R.P Chapter 338: Sun God Wrath

Five hours of constant crafting, Su Xiao made 500 bombs, and if they were detonated, the consequences would be disastrous. The Marines asked if they should transport the bombs many times now, but each time they were rejected by Su Xiao. He didn’t want to be distracted.

Su Xiao heard a strange sound and looked at the source only to find Bob gnaw the cables around the room. The equipment here is worth more than 30 million Berry, which would be the most expensive thing Bob bit.

“Bob, you’re not allowed to chew on something that holds electricity.”


Bob cheerfully released the cables and proceeded to nibble other equipment without electric current.

Even if he ruined any equipment, the Marine would just change it, and he didn’t use any of them anyway.

The door was pushed open, Kizaru and Hina entered his room.

Hina saw the pile of bombs and took a step back, and although she knew they wouldn’t explode, she was still afraid.

Even Kizaru was preparing himself to turn into a light at any second because he didn’t know when Su Xiao would go crazy and decide to detonate them all. Even Armament Haki would be useless against all these bombs.

Each bomb could deal 96 damage, and with 500 of them, the damage could kill most people with over 40 thousand damage, not to mention the heat that will be produced with that kind of explosion.

Dozen of Marines entered the room with carts and placed the bombs inside.

Su Xiao could make 500 bombs each day, which means he can make 4,500 bombs a month. It was an ability that the world government and the marines coveted.

The World government didn’t know that three days later, Su Xiao will join the fight in Enies Lobby.

After the marines pushed the carts away carefully, Su Xiao just continued making bombs and looking at his Proficiency in making them. He benefited greatly from today.

Alchemy Bomb Manufacturing: Lv.3 (Proficiency: 567/50)

He didn’t know how many levels it can go, but he will continue making them.

“Mr. Byakuya, your dog…”

Hina said awkwardly. Many machines were ruined by bob, and she couldn’t reprimand the dog for it.

“I don’t need the equipment, just take them all away.”

Hina let out a sigh of relief and immediately sent someone to remove the equipment from the room. Bob looked at this and thought: ‘Stupid humans, Bobtney doesn’t just gnaw the equipment.’

Bob looked at the bench inside the room and directly went toward it.

As he bit into it, a clicking sound was heard.

Tears came out from his eyes as the bench was just too hard, and it almost cracked his dog teeth.


Blood could be seen flowing out of his mouth as he looked at Su Xiao with the grievance. Su Xiao could only chuckle at this. Finally, there is something he couldn’t eat.

Finding that Su Xiao ignored him, Bob wasn’t happy, and five minutes later, he was fighting with the bench.

After leaving a few teeth marks on it, Bob walked with his chest high, but tears were threatening to come out as his teeth hurt.

The procedure of making bombs continued with Su Xiao consuming more and more potions that the bottles piled up beside him.

Su Xiao grabbed some materials beside him, but his hand only touched empty air, but they ran out.

He already made an additional 1200 bombs today, which is 1700 in total. He made them faster than he thought.

Su Xiao now could make a bomb between 27 and 30 seconds, and his best record is 26 seconds currently.

He already forgot how much mana he used. Now his physic already integrated with him completely.

Su Xiao tried to mobilize his mana, and it directly surged without any resistance.

Hina and a few marines opened the door to Su Xiao’s laboratory.

“This… There is a lot.”

Hina was wearing a black suit and a white shirt. Her hands were covered with black gloves. The black suit highlighted her white cheeks and long pink hair.

“A total of 1700 bombs and I can make another 300 if there are proper materials.”

Hina hesitated for a bit.

“Otherwise… You will continue tomorrow?”

“no, I can do it today. You don’t need to treat me as a weak scientist.”

Su Xiao looked a Hina, which directly made her uncomfortable.

“Okay, I will send the materials.”

More then a dozen marines took the bombs and returned with a large number of materials. Su Xiao started making them.

After more than 2 hours, Su Xiao made another 300 bombs.

He made a total of 2,000 Bomb in a day.

After Hina sent someone to take away the bombs, Su Xiao leaned on his seat and wanted to sleep.

“Mr. Byakuya, you go and rest.”

Hina was about to turn and leave.

“Didn’t you forget something?”

Su Xiao’s voice wasn’t high, but this made Hina embarrassed.

“That… The swords are ready.”


“They… They’re on their way. Please rest assured that we will not let you down, and the sword will come tomorrow morning.”

Su Xiao didn’t say anything, with the current situation, the Marines weren’t as stupid as reneging on their deal.

Su Xiao stood up and walked into his bedroom and closed it. He was ready to start the upgrade.

After looking at the skill which currently had 2073 proficiency, Su Xiao directly made his choice to start the upgrade.

[Alchemy Bomb Manufacturing reached level 4]

[Alchemy Bomb Manufacturing reached level 5]

[Alchemy Bomb Manufacturing reached level 6]

[Alchemy Bomb Manufacturing reached level 20!]

[Alchemy Bomb Manufacturing has reached the max level; you can unlock Medical alchemy only in Reincarnation Paradise.]

[High-level Alchemy Bomb Manufacturing Unlocked]

[Top Grade Alchemy Bomb Manufacturing Unlocked]

[Sun God Wrath Manufacturing Unlocked]

Seeing the last formula unlocking, Su Xiao about to fly from happiness. He already saw what it could do.

The effect is half a kilometer in radius, and it almost made a miniature sun after exploding. That’s the reason it was named Sun God Wrath. It’s as if Apollo, the sun god releasing his wrath.

But Su Xiao doubted that it was efficient, because the bomb treats everyone equally, so he wouldn’t leave alive if he activated it in the explosion range.

But it seems like the top grade Bomb was one of the components of the Sun God Wrath.

Perhaps the top-grade bomb was practical?

Even though Su Xiao reached the max level for bomb manufacturing, he wasn’t just going to stop making bombs for the world government.

The world government is filthy rich, and they can provide Su Xiao all the necessities for making bombs. So he wasn’t going to refuse to make more.