Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 339: Art is… An Explosion!

[Alchemy Bomb Manufacturing reached max level. ‘The Hunter’ can choose a reward from the following list:

1: Time Reduction: Reduce making time and material for the Alchemy bomb.

2: Range increase: Increase the range of the alchemy bomb’s explosion.

3: Power increase: The power of the alchemy bomb’s explosion.

4: Precise control: Control the alchemy bomb with high precision.

Four options, he had to choose one of them.

Just seeing the last option, Su Xiao decisively gave up the other three ones. Although increasing the power and range is good, but precision is almost the best option for him, as he relies on Swordsmanship, adding precise control over the bomb would make him gain an edge in battles.

After choosing the last option, a loud of knowledge filled his head.

The alchemy bomb manufacturing made his bomb-making ability soar.

First, the [High-grade Alchemy bomb] had an intermediate-range and high damage output.

Second, the [Top grade alchemy bomb], making it consumes 80 MP, needs coal gunpowder, top-grade magic circuit, Secret Gold, Scorching Ashes, superconductive fuel, and baillat fragment ore.

Su Xiao frowned deeply. He didn’t see any of these materials before and suspected that the world government wouldn’t be able to provide them.

However, the one-piece is a high-level world, the possibility of these materials being here is high.

Su Xiao directly decided to ask for these materials and stop making intermediate Alchemy bombs, as he was curious about its effect.

Finally, Su Xiao looked at Sun Wrath and was extremely surprised.

Sun wrath: Consume 500 Mp for each one, needs a solar crystal, Scorching secret Gold, and a soul Crystal (small).

Su Xiao was speechless. It needs a soul crystal. That crystal was too expensive and hard to find.

Su Xiao’s eyelids got heavier as he laid on the bed before drifting to sleep.

The next morning, someone knocked on Su Xiao’s door. Su Xiao got up sleepily and opened the door to find Hina outside.

Hina was stunned before turning her head away and said.

“Mr. Byakuya, please wear some clothes.”

Su Xiao closed the door again and put some clothes. Looking at the bed, he saw Bob still sleeping and directly said.

“Bob, Get out of bed.”


Bob replied with sleepy eyes.

“Hey, stop sleeping.”


After another reply, Bob drifted back to sleep.

“I will eat everything!”

Bob’s head directly rose, his eyes wide open, and he seemed full of energy. He sniffed a little, finding that there was no food, he laid back on the bed.


Bob didn’t want to get out of bed, he played all night long and returned very late and wanted to sleep more.

Bob was forced out of bed, Su Xiao directly made his way to the laboratory, but didn’t start making bombs. Hina saw this and asked.

“You’re not…”

Hina didn’t want to seem like she was forcing him and was embarrassed to ask.

“This type of bomb isn’t good, tell Kizaru I need to seed him.”

Hina had a headache. Su Xiao was very important; currently, she couldn’t threaten him or oppose him.

After ten minutes, Kizaru arrived with a face full of sleep.

“Dr. Byakuya, you need me?”

Kizaru was slightly uncomfortable. Last night he barely rested, and now he was forced to wake up early.

“I don’t want to make this type of bomb.”

Su Xiao directly made Kizaru wake up. What he heard wasn’t good for them. Last night, Su Xiao made 2,000 bombs for them, and the Marines transported them to the headquarters. After various experiments, it could be said that the world government was in love with these bombs and demanded them in quantities; this made Sengoku work overtime due to paperwork, and it gave him a huge headache.

Kizaru’s headache was just starting. Su Xiao was an important researcher, and he couldn’t do anything to get on his bad side.

“The swords that Dr. Byakuya wants are on the road…”

“No, the bombs I made yesterday were too low-grade, after making 2,000 of them, I was enlightened, and now I can make far stronger bombs.”

Hearing Su Xiao’s words, Kizaru was stunned.

“You need new materials?”

“Right, Some more rare materials.”

Su Xiao made a list of the materials needed for the top grade bomb and Sun Wrath. He wasn’t afraid that these people would know the materials, because without the alchemy skill.

Making an alchemy bomb without the alchemy skill is just fantasy.

Kizaru visited Vegapunk quickly after getting the material list and returned after a long time.

“The material for the first bomb can be delivered in two hours. The materials of the second bomb will be delivered in 5 hours, but we aren’t completely sure we can get all of them.”

Su Xiao didn’t say anything as he waited while making intermediate bombs.

After two hours, the materials for the top-grade alchemy bomb were delivered by the Marine. The materials weren’t exactly the same, but they had the same property of what he needed.

Su Xiao touched the materials, and a white light flashed. The materials started decomposing and disappearing.

Although it seemed strange, Kizaru and the others weren’t surprised. This was the effect of the Reincarnation paradise; the system protects the identity of the contractors by making each and every skill they had normal in the other worlds.

Making a top grade bomb took about five minutes. A bomb with the size of a cigarette case appeared in Su Xiao’s hand.

Seeing the size, Su Xiao was in doubt as he directly looked at the properties of the bomb.

[Top Grade Alchemy Bomb]

Quality: Green

Type: Consumable

Effect: Consume 1 Mp to activate (Activation range is one Kilometer), the explosion causes 270 damage in a ten meters radius. The shape of the bomb can be changed at will, and it can be recolored.

Rate: 30

Description: This item can’t leave the current world.

The range and power increased by three times. Su Xiao tried changing the shape of the bomb, which directly reacted to his will.

Su Xiao directly changed it to a snake-like shape and then tried changing its color, which was changed directly to silver-gray, then to white.

Su Xiao put the bomb onto the bench slowly while Kizaru and Hina just stared.

“How powerful is that thing?”

Kizaru picked the white snake up with shining eyes while Hina took her Den Den Mushi and went out of the room in a hurry.

“It’s three-time stronger than the previous bomb, and it can be separated.”


Kizaru was puzzled.

Su Xiao mentally commanded the snake, and it directly separated into two.

“Although I can be separated, once one part detonates, the others will detonate as well.”

Su Xiao was very satisfied. The Top grade bomb was just that good. This bomb was so much more flexible than the previous one.

Seeing the bomb now, Su Xiao directly thought of someone in Naruto’s world. Deidara, that guy uses clay to make bombs, and his bombs can take different shapes.

“How much can you make of these bombs?”

Su Xiao hesitated a little, each bomb takes 5 minutes, and he can get to 3 minutes after some practice, which means he can make 200 bombs at most.

“About 200 bomb a day.”

Kizaru didn’t say anything. He just sends the rest of the materials into the room. Su Xiao may just surpass Vegapunk in Manufacturing bombs.

Su Xiao was startled by Kizaru’s reaction. They had yet to see the Sun wrath, what would happen if they saw it.

The chip in his hand was getting bigger. If he was to take the Pluton Blueprint out, he could request almost everything from the world government.

Su Xiao thought of a funny idea. What if he gave the blueprint to Kizaru or someone from the Marine, and the Contractors had to actually fight Kizaru for it? How will they respond?

Kizaru, along with 40,000 Soldier and Kuma were here, what will they do against all of these?