Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 340: You Run Too Fast!

With a flash of light, a top-grade alchemy bomb appeared in Su Xiao’s hand.

More than ten Alchemy bombs were placed on the bench beside Su Xiao. Vegapunk visited a few hours before and examined the Top-grade bomb. He was extremely happy and excited and then left. It seems like he got some new ideas.

Su Xiao sat on his seat and made bombs. He slowed the process because he won’t get any experience from it. He wasn’t a slave to the World Government, after all.

Su Xiao started pondering about the use of the Top-Grade alchemy bomb.

It was a flexible bomb that can take any shape he wanted and any color as well. On top of that, he can even divide it.

It wasn’t easy to detect, and the damage was actually pretty good as well.

Su Xiao could deploy the bomb with many strategies, but he couldn’t think much right now.

Roja had no idea whether the bomb would cost him a lot of Paradise coins or not when he returns to the Reincarnation paradise.


Hina knocked on the door before she entered and held a wooden crate.

“Did you get the materials?”

Su Xiao looked at Hina in anticipation. He was really eager to see the Sun Wrath’s properties.

“The materials we got could only make three bombs.”

Hina placed the wooden crate on the bend, and three of each item inside it.

One was the solar crystal substitute, one was the Scorching secret Gold substitute, and finally, a soul Crystal (small).

Seeing the three soul crystals (small), Su Xiao’s eyes glowed. How did the Marine get their hands on the soul crystal?

“Where did you get this?”

Su Xiao held a soul crystal (small) and asked.

“I don’t know. They came directly from Mary Geoise.”

“Mary Geoise…”

Su, Xiao stopped talking. Mary Geoise was the Celestial Dragon’s home. They were just that wealthy.

If he could get his hand on their wealth, he would be the wealthiest in the current levels in Reincarnation paradise. But the Celestial Dragons would always move with bodyguards.

Holding the substitute for the materials, Su Xiao’s interest was picked.

Of the other two materials, Su Xiao was interested in the Solar Crystal substitute. It seemed like a piece of meteorite.

Feeling the warmth from the black rock, Su Xiao directly looked at Hina and said.

“Hina, go get Kizaru.”

Hina looked at him with doubt before saying.

“The admiral is currently assisting Dr. Vegapunk, perhaps…”

“Both of you said that you would save me when I’m in danger, and currently, I’m.”

The Sun Wrath’s Explosion had a range of half of Kilometer if he makes a mistake, not even his ashes would be spared.

Hina hesitated a little before she went to get Kizaru.

In a while, Hina came back with Kizaru along with Vegapunk.

As Su Xiao explained the Sun Wrath to them, Vegapunk asked.

“Is it really as powerful as the sun?”

Vegapunk looked excitedly as Su Xiao.

“Yes, I asked Mr. Kizaru here, so if I make a mistake, he can help me escape the range of the explosion.”

Everyone looked at Kizaru, who narrowed his eyes and asked.

“If you make a mistake, how much time do we have before the explosion?”

“Between 0.8 and 1 second.”

Kizaru directly said.

“We can’t make it here. The world Government invested over 5 billion Berry in this place.”

If the experiment failed here, their loss would be too big to compensate.

“We need to be in a place with controlled temperature, even a tiny change in temperature can cause the bomb to explode.”

Kizaru didn’t know any place like that.

“We can use the sanctuary, the environment there is good,” Vegapunk said.

“The refuge shelter…”

Kizaru directly made the decision. They went toward the Shelter underground. Even if it was blown up, nothing would be lost.

As they reached the Shelter, Kizaru said.

“Dr. Vegapunk, if anything happens…”

“I appreciate the concern, but if something wrong happened, you can take Mr. Byakuya and me and run.”

Kizaru sighed and looked at Hina.

The latter directly turned around and started running. She wasn’t interested in the bomb-making process. Her life was much more important.

Su Xiao placed the materials on the table and said.

“I’m starting now.”

Su Xiao started moving his finger between the three materials.

The materials were decomposing with each touch with a Kaka sound.

The metal got really red as if it was about to explode, which made Kizaru’s pupil shrink as he held Su Xiao and Vegapunk’s Arms preparing to run.

“Don’t be so anxious. This is normal. If there is anything, I will shout immediately.”

Su Xiao put down the metal, and Kizaru relaxed.

“Really so fearful.”

Without paying attention to Kizaru, Su Xiao continued making the bomb.

When the solar crystal was at it’s strongest, Su Xiao added his mana to the materials as they turned even redder, and the temperature rose.

After the materials merged, Su Xiao started making the Sun Wrath.

White light flashed in his hand, and suddenly a heatwave hit the three people present.

In Su Xiao’s hand, a fireball, like a small sun, appeared. It flashed constantly, suddenly the soul crystal (small) played its role by stabilizing the other materials. Otherwise, the bomb would immediately explode.