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R.P Chapter 341: Serious!

The fireball in Su Xiao’s hands floated and inflated from time to time before changing to a little orb. After it was compressed, it started throbbing, and that made Kizaru fearful.

The Throbbing spread all over the orb, and Su Xiao’s expression changed. He made a mistake.

The shape of the bomb started changing, not fast, but it was happening.

Su Xiao’s brows knit together as he was pouring mana like water.

“This isn’t good.”

A Vein appeared in Su Xiao’s forehead. If it weren’t for the Shadow Spirit Constitution to aid him in controlling Mana, he probably would’ve failed to suppress the changes in the fireball.

“What’s wrong, did you make a mistake?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Do we need to run?”

“Before no, but now, we need to run now!!”

Kizaru directly held Su Xiao and Vegapunk’s arms and directly charged out of the shelter in a yellow flash.

Because he was too fast, Su Xiao couldn’t see anything but darkness. When he could see again, a dazzling light appeared from behind them.

The fireball expanded into a raging sun, about 300 meters in diameters, completely decimating a large portion of the ground.

The shock wave finally hit them, making Su Xiao lift his arm in front of his face to block the wind.

They were looking at a Sun in all of its glory.

After the explosion resided, they saw a 300 meters wide and 200 meters deep crater.

Kizaru’s face was full of cold sweat. Fortunately, he used his full speed previously.

“This power…”

Vegapunk was smiling as if he just saw a treasure.

“Fortunately, the range was just one-third of the actual range!”

Su Xiao wiped the dust from his face as he noted.

“We need to change our location and continue with the bomb.”


Kizaru looked at Su Xiao in surprise.

“What’s wrong, Great Admiral Borsalino?”


Kizaru immediately declined. He could not let Su Xiao come close to the Marine base if this bomb was thrown in the base, the consequences that would cause… He couldn’t even imagine!

Su Xiao was eager to see Sun Wrath, and if he made another two mistakes, he wouldn’t be able to see it in the foreseeable future.

“We can go to the spare shelter, that place would also meet the requirement.”

Kizaru was speechless, hearing Vegapun’s suggestion. If that shelter is blown as well, Sengoku will fly in rage from the money loss.

“Good idea, I’m currently in my best condition.”

Vegapunk led the way, and quickly, Su Xiao reached the shelter quickly with the others.

This shelter was smaller, but it met the required environment.

Su Xiao pulled out the materials for the bomb and started the process again. Kizaru was on his toes. He still remembered the previous explosion.

The dazzling fireball appeared once again in Su Xiao’s hand. He was more proficient than before.

When the fireball started inflating and deflating as if breathing, Kizaru was on high alert as if he was facing one of the Yonko.

Kizaru would still be safe because he had a logia fruit, but if something happens to Vegapunk and Su Xiao, his life would be forfeited.

After half an hour of nerve-wracking, Su Xiao sighed in relief.


A blazing apple-sized sphere rested on Su Xiao’s palm.

The bomb seemed hot and could melt iron, but it felt only warm in his hand.

“Is this the Sun Wrath?”

Vegapunk was almost surprised by the size of the bomb. He didn’t think it would be so small.

“Right, this is the Sun Wrath.”

Su Xiao started tossing the bomb in the air and catching it. Kizaru almost flew toward Su Xiao to make him stop playing.

“Dr. Byakuya, please put the bomb down, this is too dangerous.”

“Doesn’t matter, Sun Wrath is only unstable in the making process. As soon as it’s made, it is very stable and won’t explode unless you activate it.”

Su Xiao pinched the Sun Wrath, and it felt really soft.

“Hey, calm down.”

“Byakuya, please calm down.”

Kizaru and Vegapunk retreated back as they looked at Su Xiao as if he was crazy.

Su Xiao didn’t even bother with them. The Sun Wrath was really stable. After inspecting it, Roja looked at its properties.

[Sun Wrath]

Quality: Purple

Type: Consumables

Effect: Consuming 1 Mp for activation (explosion range is two Kilometers, and the range can increase to four kilometers if the option of the Increased range is chosen). The damage caused by the explosion is 6,000 in half a kilometer radius, and 2,000 burn damage over time.

Note: Activating Sun Wrath takes 30 seconds.

Rate: 143

Description: The Dignity of the Sun God Apollo can’t be trampled.

The power was great, but unfortunately, the detonation time is too long, and it isn’t suited for fights.

If someone was fast enough, he could get away from the explosion range in 30 seconds. The 30 seconds is what makes the Sun Wrath so stable.

Su Xiao threw the bomb to Kizaru and walked toward the shelter’s exit.

“Byakuya, we need to discuss somethings later.”

Vegapunk said as he looked at Roja, who nodded in acceptance.

Kizaru, who held the bomb, had a dark expression. The power of one-third of this bomb was already so terrifying, and now it was complete, he couldn’t imagine how much more powerful it was.

Kizaru brought Sun Wrath with him, he needed to let the world government know about this as soon as possible, but he needs to inform Sengoku first.

Although Sun Wrath was astonishingly powerful, Su Xiao didn’t plan on making many of them. He will most likely only make two. He mostly needs them for a large target like a fort or when he knows that he can be out of the explosion range.

Not to mention the cost of making the Sun wrath. Soul crystals were not a common commodity in The Reincarnation Paradise, and it costs at least tens of thousands of Paradise Coins.

Su Xiao may be willing to use Paradise Coins to empower himself, but to use almost everything he had to make a bomb wasn’t worth it.

He preferred the Top-Grade Alchemy bomb. Although it was less powerful, it can be detonated instantaneously, and it doesn’t cost as much. The Top-Grade Bomb was very practical.

As long as it can kill his enemy, it was enough. Even if Sun Wrath can cause 100,000 Damage, what good was it if it can’t hit the target and he can’t just use it by making someone eat it, it would be like using a cannon to kill a mosquito.

Sun Wrath had its advantages, mostly in wars. It is simply a devil in wars.

After a while, Su Xiao was lazily sleepily on his chair While Kizaru was holding Sun Wrath and moving fast away from the island.

At this time, a sword rested beside Su Xiao’s body, this sword was one of the 50 Ryo Wazamono that reached the base this morning.

Su Xiao inspected the sword, and although he was authorized by the Marine to do anything with it, he would just turn it into nutrition for Dragon Flash before he leaves.

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