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R.P Chapter 342: Kuma!

After falling asleep, Su Xiao woke up after three hours after sensing someone entering his laboratory.

Looking up, he saw Kizaru, who left the island and returned quickly.

“That bomb was tested. We will start collecting the materials, and a special laboratory will be made for you to make that bomb.”

Kizaru’s meaning was obvious. He just gave permission to Su Xiao to discard making the top-grade bombs and focus on making the Sun Wrath.

“The Fleet Admiral Sengoku knows that you like to collect famous blades, he sent you these two to add to your collection.”

Kizaru placed two swords on the table as a show of sincerity from the Marine.

Su Xiao complied. They were gifting swords, why would he decline? Furthermore, he won’t be making that many Sun Wrath for the Marine, after all, he only had two days and a half in this world.

“In other words, I can rest the next few days? I can go wherever I want?”

Su Xiao sat beside the bombs on the bench and said to Kizaru.

“You can say that, but…”

Kizaru was interrupted by Su Xiao.

“I swallowed poison from the CP department. The Marine should already know about this, which means I won’t run away because I don’t want to die.”

Kizaru didn’t say anything, the Marine won’t give Su Xiao the Antidote, but they will give him Medicine that suppresses the poison so he won’t die.

Su Xiao obviously didn’t swallow the poison, but the Marines didn’t need to know about that.

“I help you make the bombs and collect some swords. And furthermore, the swords I collect aren’t mine, right?

I’m making bombs for the world government practically for free with poison in my body that, if spread, would kill me momentarily.”

Su Xiao lit his cigarette, while Kizaru looked at the alchemy bombs in the laboratory, and the explosives spread around that could explode at any second should Su Xiao wish it.

Su Xiao smoked slowly before he said.

“I don’t care about these things; I actually went with the world government because I like making a bomb. I’m the only one in the world that can make them as all of my family were killed. I don’t want my bombs to die with me.

I wandered the seas for years after killing the king. You guys are suspecting me to have a hidden motive, but, in the end, I’m more valuable than the disposable experiments that the World government has.”

Su Xiao said confidently.

“Mr. Kizaru, can I ask you something?”

“Go ahead.”

Kizaru sat in front of Su Xiao and said.

“Have I don’t anything against the world government?”

Kizaru shook his head and said: “No, you killed a king, but there was no concrete evidence.”

“I did kill that king; the Marine can arrest me whenever they want.”

Kizaru’s brows wrinkled.

“Dr. Byakuya, you killed a king under the world government, and I can arrest you.”

Su Xiao extended both his hands and said: “Ok, here, you can arrest me.”

Kizaru’s brows wrinkled even further.

“Even with evidence, I can’t arrest you, Dr. Byakuya. You are currently helping the world government making weapons, and you need to be free to do so.”


Kizaru turned around to leave, but Su Xiao said a few words.

“Shabondi Shotō is a good place for sightseeing, isn’t it?”

His meaning was obvious, but he didn’t say anything.

Su Xiao just waited in the laboratory.

He looked at the three words he had and checked their properties, and was surprised. Their rate was between 100 and 130.

Su Xiao felt filthy rich right now, and he wondered how much more does the world government has.

Although Su Xiao could now visit other islands, the Marine would certainly send someone with him, and the most likely choice would be Hina.

The decisive battle would start in Enies Lobby, where contractors would rush there with the straw hats. Even though Robin’s arrest was faster than the original plot and the straw hats didn’t know that Robin was helping them, the Contractors knew this.

When Su Xiao was deep in thoughts, Vegapunk suddenly entered the laboratory.

Vegapunk sat in front of Su Xiao.

“Byakuya, did the Marine force you to join them?”

Su Xiao stared at Vegapunk.

“No, I come here voluntarily.”

Vegapunk scratched his head as he didn’t believe him.

“According to your situation, you are forced.”

“I’m not, are you?”

“I’m, a friend of mine and I were studying human genes together, but our laboratory was attacked and occupied by the Marine, my friend ran away while I stayed behind. My friend just ran away, lone, and left me there.”

It explained why Kizaru and Sentoumaru were on the island. They were monitoring Vegapunk.

“Do you want to escape?”

“I don’t think so.”

Vegapunk lowered his head.

“I have a suggestion, the Sun Wrath you make, I want to transplant one on Kuma’s body as an emergency measure.”

Su Xiao raised his brows at this.

“Not to mention the Marines, Would Kuma agree?”

“He will. His Goal isn’t simple. It seems like he is preparing for a big plan, and he didn’t hesitate to sacrifice himself.”

After long consideration, Su Xiao nodded. He didn’t have anything to lose.

“Ok, I can provide the Sun Wrath.”

Good, we start now, but do we need to go to the shelter?”

“No, I already understood the characteristics of the Sun Wrath, and even if I make a mistake again, the most that can happen is wasting the materials.”

Su Xiao started walking directly, and Vegapunk followed as he understood what Su Xiao meant.

As they entered Vegapunk’s laboratory, they saw Kuma sitting on a bench.

“Kuma, this is Byakuya, My colleague.”

Kuma nodded while Su Xiao was wondering how did Kuma reach height reached seven meters, even if he ate a magical food, a normal human wouldn’t reach that height.


“We should start.”

After three hours, Vegapunk successfully transplanted Sun Wrath into Kuma’s body. At the same time, the latter didn’t say anything from the start to the end.

After the surgery, Kuma put a hand on his chest.

“What is this?”

Kuma opened his mouth finally with a steady voice, he asked.

“A powerful bomb.”

Su Xiao somewhat admired Kuma. He was prepared to sacrifice himself for his ideal.

“What is the range?”

“Half a kilometer, if the bomb detonates, everything in half a kilometer would turn to ashes.”

Kuma’s eyes shrunk slightly before returning to normal.

Su Xiao looked at the far away Vegapunk, then said to Kuma in a low voice.

“The bomb you have is unstable. As soon as it explodes, the heat will be too great to take it out, so take it out before that happen and squeezed between your fingers at full power. Otherwise, it will turn you to ash before you can react.”

Kuma’s expression changed slightly before he said

“Thank you, Dr. Byakuya, this is a gift for your advice.”

Kuma gave Su Xiao an item. After looking at it, Su Xiao accepted it and returned to his laboratory.

The Marine didn’t have any reaction to Kuma getting Sun Wrath transplanted in his body.

After helping Vegapunk, Su Xiao didn’t have anything to do other than sitting in his laboratory.

The time moved quickly, and the time for the battle approached.

Su Xiao brought Bob and went to see Hina and said: “I must go see an old friend named Zero in the CP0.”

Hina trembled without saying any word.

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