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R.P Chapter 343: The Hero’s Grandson!

Su Xiao stated and directly stepped toward the door.

Although Hina was Su Xiao’s little secretary, she has no decision-making authority. She could only protect and prevent Su Xiao from escaping.

Leaving the island wasn’t something that Hina herself could decide, so she could only ask Su Xiao to wait a bit.

“Mr. Byakuya, can you wait for a bit, I will contact the Ship first.”

Rather than contacting the ship, Hina was contacting the Marine Headquarters.

“Then, do it as soon as possible.”

Su Xiao stood at the door as if he didn’t plan to return to the laboratory.

Hina took out her Den Den Mushi while still vigilantly looking at Hina.

As soon as she dialed, an old man’s voice came out of the Den Den Mushi.

“This is Sengoku.”

Hina was able to contact Sengoku directly, which her position in the Marines didn’t allow it at all.

“Mr. Fleet admiral, this is the current situation…”

Hina reported to Sengoku, and the latter hesitated after hearing Roja’s demand.

If it was a normal day, Sengoku wouldn’t refuse at all since Ennies lobby is part of the world government, and Su Xiao was part of the CP department.

But the situation is a bit different now. Nico Robin and Franky were captured, and the situation in Enies Lobby is chaotic.

Sengoku tried to send troops to aid Enies Lobby in the next few days, but he was rejected by the CP department. Although the Marines and the CP often cooperate, when it is related to the territory under the CP, the Marines can’t do anything.

Unless Enies Lobby was invaded, the CP wouldn’t allow Marines to land there in large numbers. A small group is a limit they can tolerate.

The Marine is the military of the world government, and the CP is the latter’s intelligence department, although the two belonged to the same leader, they still had their differences.

“No, not Enies Lobby, if you want to relax, you can go to East Blue or Shabondy Archipelago.”

Sengoku’s response made Hina a little bit embarrassed. She didn’t dare to retort or say anything else to the Fleet Admiral.

“Give me the Den Den Mushi!”

Su Xiao knew that Hina didn’t have much power and wanted to talk to Sengoku directly.

Hina didn’t know what to do. She was stuck between the hammer and anvil. She couldn’t offend any of the two.

“Mr. Sengoku, Dr. Byakuya, want to talk to you.”

“Give him the Den Den Mushi.”

Su Xiao held the Den Den Mushi, and without greeting him or being polite, he directly stated.

“Sengoku, I didn’t say anything when you wanted the bombs, but what is this about restricting my freedom? Are the world government’s words hold no power? Is it just some farts?”

Su Xiao wasn’t polite at all, as he didn’t want to be seen as weak by the Marine, or else they won’t make it easy for him, he needed to show his fangs.

“Boy, do you know who you’re talking to?”

Sengoku said angrily.

“Mr. Sengoku, can I ask you a question?”

Su Xiao’s tone softened a little.

“Say it.”

“How did I change from being a member of the CP0 to being a member of the Marines? I can say that Spandam talked to me, and Zero, who recruited me, never appeared before me from start to end.”

Zero never showed up after recruiting Su Xiao. He didn’t even make a call or spoke with him.

“Let me talk to Zero.”

Sengoku never spoke.

“Or, is this Zero doesn’t exist in the first place? Or is he not even a member of the CP at all, but instead a member of the Marine?”

Sengoku remained silent.

“Everyone in the Marine is really so hardworking, although I don’t know who is the leader of the CP department, he should be really angry now.”

At this time, Sengoku sighed.

“Sure enough. As Tsuru said, you’re really a tough guy. What is your purpose going there? Is it The ancient weapon? Or are you joining the CP?”

“Are you joking Mr. Sengoku? Who wants to join these spies?

As for the ancient weapon, I have no interest in world conquest or rules for that matter, or else would I form an underworld force or a group of pirates with my ability to make bombs.”

Sengoku nodded at his end of the phone as he could tell that Su Xiao was telling the truth.

“Then what is your purpose for going there?”

“Can’t I go see a girl? You should already know about Kalifa.”

Sengoku was dumbfounded.

“What? Looking for a girl?”

“Yes, you can investigate my relationship with Kalifa if you want. I did everything except for sleeping in the same bed.”

Although Sengoku was dense, he understood everything when he heard about sleeping in the same bed.

Sengoku smiled wryly. It turned out the guy was looking for a woman.

Even though Sengoku’s IQ was by no means low, he couldn’t guess the real reason at all.

Sengoku won’t be able to know about the contractors at all.

After all, normal people would always be after woman, money, or power in one Piece.

While for the contractors’ goal is completing their missions, survive, and get stronger.

After all, Su Xiao never heard about contractors betraying the Reincarnation Paradise and cooperate with the characters from other worlds.

“You already have such a beautiful secretary beside you, and you’re looking for another woman.”

Su Xiao was speechless.

“She isn’t my type.”

“Enough joking, take Hina with you. She can make sure you’re safe!”

“I don’t have a problem with that.”

Sengoku hung up directly. At the moment, he wasn’t smiling. Instead, his expression was serious.

From the side, a chewing sound echoed from time to time.

“Sengoku, what is the purpose of that little guy?”

Garp asked while chewing on his rice crackers, while Aokiji sat on the Sofa.

“Nico Robin, the ancient weapon, or just going to Enies Lobby.”

Sengoku tapped the table with a serious look on his face.

“Will you let him go?”

“Why not?” Sengoku snorted as he didn’t doubt his ability to determine the truth from Su Xiao’s words.

Garp directly knew that his friend had a plan.

“Enies lobby isn’t our responsibility, if he wanted to make a big fuss over there, let him do. As long as he doesn’t die, it doesn’t matter. The CP agents are probably stretching their claws trying to snatch him away, but in the end, Zero’s identity won’t be exposed.

Vegapunk is already recruited by Zero, and now with Byakuya’s addition, the guy behind the CP would reach his limit. We’ll let Zero withdraw, and Aokiji will deal with this.”

The drowsy Aokiji took off his blindfold as he heard his name.

“I’m going? Okay, what happened…”

Sengoku nodded and thought of something.

“Garp, it’s difficult for Zero to retreat, I promised him to leave the CP alive, now it’s time to fulfill that promise.”

Garp didn’t say anything, he just poured all the rice cracker in his mouth and chewed.

“Can it be a head-on confrontation?”

“If it’s you… then yes.”

Garp nodded and left.

Sengoku’s eyes flashed suddenly.

“Nico Robin may escape.”

“Huh?” Aokiji was slightly surprised.

“A group of pirates is heading toward Enies Lobby.”

It seems like this little group of pirates is causing Sengoku quite the Headache.

“They’re not strong.”

“They’re not, but the Captain we sent won’t be able to catch them, and the others aren’t reliable.”

Aokiji gave a bright smile while Sengoku sighed. The debt of favor was indeed the hardest to pay.

“The captain of this pirate’s group is Garp’s Grandson.”

Hearing this, Aokiji wasn’t surprised, as he already knew about this.

“And the guy responsible for receiving Nico Robin is an old captain under Garp.”

Aokiji stopped talking, and cold sweat poured down his back. He was once Garp’s subordinate, and everything about Haki was thought to him by Garp. Garp even brought him to missions and paved the Admiral Road for him, when the world government opposed him becoming an Admiral, it was Garp that stood up to him.

Without Garp, there wouldn’t be the current Aokiji.

Aokiji couldn’t kill his teacher’s only grandson, and it wasn’t the justice he believed in.

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