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R.P Chapter 344: Clearing the Island!

Under the clear blue sky, a small boat sailed across the wide sea at a high-speed compared to a speedboat.

Hina seemed surprised by the speed of the boat, and it was obvious that this was her first time getting into such a fast boat. With the current speed, ten minutes were enough to reach Enies Lobby.

This ship was borrowed by Su Xiao from Vegapunk. It was similar to a speedboat from the real world.

Su Xiao was driving, and Bob sat beside him wearing sunglasses enjoying the breeze.

Su Xiao took an eternal pose to confirm the direction before accelerating even more.

The speedboat left a white trail behind it as it cut through the water like a rocket.

Looking at the dog and the beautiful girl, it seemed like Su Xiao was out on vacation instead of going to a decisive battle.

It didn’t take long to reach Enies Lobby. The people there already knew about Su Xiao coming, so they didn’t stop him.

The speedboat rushed toward the port at high speed.

Not far away, Mad Milk was covered by bandages while sitting down, and the other man used a binocular to observe the situation in Enies Lobby and to keep a lookout of other contractors.

“Boss, someone is there, he’s rushing with a SpeedBoat.”

“Huh?” The female contractor on the side didn’t believe him, but to stay with Mad Milk, she had to stay silent or leave.

The girl was 17 or 18 years old wearing a white dress.

“Driving a speedboat? Here? In this world? Did he bring it along with him?”

“I didn’t see such a speedboat before, and it has the logo of the world government on it.”

Hearing this, Mad Milk directly opened his eyes and asked: “Who is on the boat?”

The man zoomed in to take a look before he said: “One man, one woman, and one… Dog?”


Mad Milk was taken aback. He knew that some contractors would tame lions, tigers, and even monsters, but a dog?

“No, it’s not a normal dog; it should be a cross between a Dog and a wolf.”

Mad Milk frowned, interbreeding between a wolf and a dog, isn’t that a Husky?

“Boss, something is strange; the woman on the boat is Hina from the Marine!”

Mad Milk became even more vigilant as he took the Binocular to observe the situation himself.

“It seems like he is a contractor, Fuyu Yuki (Winter Snow), go inspect that person’s properties.”

After Mad Milk spoke, Fuyu Yuki smiled purely.

“600 Paradise Coins, please.”

“That’s too much!” The other man exclaimed in shock.

“Mana is worth money!”
Fuyu Yuki smiled innocently.

The other man who seemed like a technical nerd turned into a fish as he opened and closed his mouth without finding any word for a comeback.


Yuki still had a pure smile on her face.


“Why, you still want to find with me? Or will you pay directly?”

Yuki raised her little fist, which made the technical nerd’s neck shrink back. He already saw what this violent woman could do.

“I’m sorry you’re scary.”

The technical nerd directly squatted in a corner and felt depressed.


Yuki stretched her hand again, making Mad Milk have a headache.

“Your greed for money needs to be corrected, your sister…”

“Don’t ever mention my sister!”

Yuki’s eyes flashed with killing intent. Her name in Reincarnation Paradise wasn’t always Fuyu Yuki (Winter Snow). Her previous name was Fuyu Chi (Winter Blood).

“I really don’t understand your way of thinking. Forget it, give her 600 paradise coins.”
The technical nerd felt bitter inside.

‘Why me!!’

“Don’t worry. I will give it back to you later. You know that I currently don’t have even 100 paradise coins.”

Mad Milk may be strong, but he needed to spend a lot to support himself.

“I understand, you’re the boss anyway.”

The technical nerd directly initiated the trade with Yuki, which directly made Yuki’s attitude return back to normal.

“Then, I will start my work.”

Yuki’s eyes turned ice blue for a second as she stared in Su Xiao’s direction.

Su Xiao suddenly stopped as he felt someone trying to inspect him, but he couldn’t determine their direction.

Seeing Su Xiao stop, Hina also stopped and asked: “What’s the matter?”

“It’s okay.”

Su Xiao continued to rush toward the tower of Justice, which was the highest point in Enies Lobby.

Yuki’s eyes returned to normal before she sighed in relief.

“I was discovered!”

“No way!”

“I’m sure, but he didn’t pinpoint our location.”

Suddenly a blue screen appeared above Yuki’s palm with Su Xiao’s information on it.

“I could only pray this from him. His intelligence is quite high.”

Mad Milk didn’t say anything as he checked Su Xiao’s attributes.

“A Balanced Agility, strength, and intelligence build? His Stamina/vitality isn’t low, but it isn’t high either. He shouldn’t be resistant to injuries. He seems like a lone ranger, and it’s possible that he was the one who injured the cowboy in Water 7. Is he a melee? Impossible, the Vitality of a Melee fighter should be high.”

Mad Milk seemed calm, but he was really eager to fight.

“How long till the battle starts?”

“Less than an hour, as soon as it begins, the location of Pluton’s blueprint will be made public.”

When they were talking, something else happened, something noisy.

“The straw hats are here, along with twelve contractors. It won’t take long for them to reach the tower of justice.”

The technical nerd looked at Mad Milk and asked: “Boss, what shall we do? Do we participate in the battle with the Straw hats?”

“Do you still need to ask? Of course, we need to go. There are many contractors on Enies lobby.”

“We should clear the contractors on the third island, during which, the revolver guy (cowboy) and the lone ranger deal with the others. For the time being, we won’t clash with them.”

Mad Milk removed the scythe from his back.

“Did you locate these contractors?”

“I did.”

Yuki didn’t charge him this time, which made him happy.

“Then, we should start cleaning the field, but pay attention to any sneak attack.”

Mad Milk and the Cowboy were in a tacit understanding. They won’t interfere with the fight between the CP9 and the Straw-hats. But he didn’t know about that lone ranger.

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