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R.P Chapter 345: Highest Point!

Su xiao ignored the shouts from behind him. He knew that the Straw Hats arrived and were going straight toward the tower of Justice, which was the headquarters of the CP9.

Su Xiao looked at the special bullets he had in his inventory along with the Spider Queen and smiled.

Vegapunk was a genius. To only take a day to make special bullets for Spider Queen, he’s reputation is well deserved.

This wasn’t for free, as Su Xiao made a dozen or so bombs for him. These alchemy bombs were made using Vegapunk’s own materials, and they belonged to him as well.

Su Xiao moved faster and faster as he reached the drawbridge moving toward the island of Justice.

Hina followed behind Su Xiao suspiciously. She could tell that something was wrong because just as Su Xiao reached the island, a group of pirates arrived.

“Mr. Byakuya, we will take refuge on this island, for the time being, we can’t move forward anymore.”

Hina stopped in her place as if she was asking for his permission, but she obviously wasn’t.

The main island may seem safe, but if the battle spread, it won’t be spared, and chaos will be all over the island.

“Okay, we will rest here first.”

Su Xiao’s cooperation made Hina very satisfied.

They directly rushed toward the courthouse.

Inside the courthouse, bodies were scattered all over the place as the place no longer was under the CP control. Several bodies were filled with gunshot wounds, while a man who seemed like a cowboy stood in the middle observing the situation.

In the Cowboy’s opinion, this place wasn’t a courthouse of justice. Instead, it was just a courthouse to convict the innocent and do the world government’s bidding.

When Su Xiao saw the cowboy, he smiled and said.

“It’s still early, but it isn’t a bad idea to fight here due to the terrain advantages.”

The cowboy thought that Su Xiao would enter the court, but he saw the latter stop suddenly.

Su Xiao stood in the same place with a painful expression on his face.

“Mr. Byakuya, what’s wrong with you?”

Hina looked at Su Xiao strangely. She was extremely vigilant as she was ready to use her fruit ability immediately.


Su Xiao vomited blood mixed with something blue.

“The poison capsule… Broke!”

Su Xiao’s face turned gray, and his pupil lost its luster.

“Impossible, I already gave you the suppressing antidote.”

Hina was shocked, but she was still vigilant.

“I took it this morning, but why did the poison capsule break?”

Su Xiao sat on the ground bleeding from his mouth.

“You ate this morning? It’s impossible! Wait, how many did you eat?”


Hina’s face changed drastically.

“Didn’t I say you can only eat one?”

“Should the effect of two… be stronger, what if the poison capsule broke because of my exercises.”

Su Xiao’s answer made Hina roll her eyes. That suppressing antidote could only be taken one at a time. She didn’t know the effect of getting more.

“Hurry up, let’s go to the courthouse, there is a doctor there, the sac shouldn’t be completely ripped yet.”

Hina’s heart already turned cold, because if the poison capsule is ripped, then Su Xiao is almost bound to die. Such an important researcher can’t die, not while under her watch, or else she won’t be able to escape the responsibility.

“I don’t think it’s too toxic. I still have a chance to be saved.”

Hina directly took his hand and put his arm on her shoulder and started walking toward the courthouse.

Hina was effortlessly helping Su Xiao move while the latter had his hand on her shoulder.

This was a great opportunity.

After a few steps, She suddenly felt something wrong. Su Xiao seemed strong, not like someone who was poisoned.

Su Xiao turned violent out of the blue. His hand that rested on Hina’s shoulder directly strangely her.


Su Xiao tried his best to strangle Hina, while Hina injured his ribs with her elbow.

Su Xiao’s arms didn’t relax until he felt Hina grow soft in his hands.

She was unconscious due to a lack of oxygen. Su Xiao had to deal with his little tail, or else every action he made would be monitored.

Su Xiao’s blood was real, but the poison wasn’t, or else he wouldn’t be standing right now.

As he looked up, Su Xiao saw someone watching him.

“Want to fight?”

The cowboy said without any hatred or resentment. The two fought fair last time, and he wasn’t as good as Su Xiao.

“It’s too early. You want to be attacked so others can get your scarlet card?”

“Of course, I don’t want that. See you at the tower of justice, and by the way, I should remind you that the contractors in the first island were already dealt with, the contractors on this island are well hidden. I will clear them in a while, while no contractor had reached the island of justice yet.”

“Is it now?”

Su Xiao carried Hina on his shoulder without looking back at the cowboy.

On his way, the Marine stopped him, but once he showed his scientific researcher identity, they let him go.

Su Xiao was now a member of the Marine and had no relation to the CP anymore. So he successfully left the second island and arrived at the third without any struggle. The only building on this island was the tower of justice.

As soon as he walked through the main entrance, a large group of black-clothed people and marines surrounded him.

“Who are you?”

“Be careful. He is carrying Captain Hina on his shoulder.”

“Put Captain Hina down and get on the ground.”

Su Xiao was calm.

“I’m Byakuya, a scientific researcher, I come here today to find someone, this is my certificate.”

After seeing the certificate, the people relaxed.

“What’s wrong with Captain Hina?”

“We were attacked by pirates as soon as we reached the island, Captain Hina fought them to protect me, but she lost consciousness right after.”

Su Xiao handed Hina to the Marines. He considered whether he should kill Hina or not, but if he did, the world government wouldn’t let him off.

At that time, he won’t be able to use the blueprint for a bargain as it is a quest item.

Hina won’t be awake for the next four hours, which was enough.
After confirming Su Xiao’s identity, the agents directly led Su Xiao into the tower of Justice. He came here to find Kalifa in name only, and if she knew, she would faint.

Running quickly up the stairs, Su Xiao rushed toward the highest point in the tower of justice.

In less than a minute, Su Xiao found an iron door in front of him.

He didn’t want to damage the door, so he spent some time opening it before reaching the highest point on the entire island.

The roof wasn’t large. It was only a few square meters.

Locking the door, Su Xiao put a blanket under him before laying on the ground.

Bob was intelligent enough to know that he can’t be discovered now.

Su Xiao took out Spider Queen and looked around. The scope was very good that no one could escape his sight.

The gun was ready, and he was waiting for a lucky contractor who will be the first victim.

There were still 36 minutes until the decisive battle starts, and the location of the blueprint of pluton would be announced.

The quest would end in 2 hours and 36 minutes, which means he needed to keep the blueprint for two hours.

Su Xiao knew that after 36 minutes, a large number of contractors would swarm toward his location and fall victim to his sniper.

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