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R.P Chapter 346: Headshot!

After more than thirty minutes, all the surviving contractors were gathered in Enies Lobby.

Su Xiao was still laying on top of the highest building, the tower of Justice, while keeping watch on the Straw Hat pirates’ movement.

[Announcement: The Decisive Battle in Enies Lobby will begin soon. It will last for 6 hours. If you perform this quest excellently, the failure penalty would be reduced.]

[At the start of the battle, the Blueprint of Pluton would be revealed by the Reincarnation paradise to all contactors.]

Just after this announcement, Pluton’s Blueprint suddenly appeared in Su Xiao’s hand, as he inspected it, Su Xiao discovered additional information.

[This item temporarily can’t be put into the inventory.]

A special energy wave suddenly exuded from the Blueprint. This energy was picked by the tattoo on every contractor.

All contractors looked at the tower of justice at the same time.

This made almost all contractors sigh in relief. After all, Pluton’s blueprint was on Franky’s body, who was in the tower of justice, which meant that the original plot didn’t change much.

Instantly, the contractors rushed toward the tower of justice, including Mad Milk and the cowboy.

If the plot didn’t change, then when the straw hats break into the island and start confronting the CP9, Franky may destroy the Blueprint.

If they fail to get the blueprint, then they would have to pay 28,000 Paradise Coins, if they don’t have that sum, their equipment would be converted into Paradise Coins, or else they can write their will.

No one wanted that kind of fate, so all of them rushed toward the Tower of Justice.

All of them knew that the drawbridge was the only way there, so they directly run toward it.

Su Xiao looked at the bridge; it was made of wood and metal and was the only thing connecting the two islands.

Su Xiao looked at both sides of the bridge with a smile as he took out an alarm clock. He directly set it to 19 minutes because he can only use Spider Queen for 20 minutes.

Ordinary scopes can be equipped on the Spider Queen, but unfortunately, he can’t use it.

Equipment effect 1: Infrared vision with an x8 scope (Active): After using this skill, the hidden part of the Spider Queen will pop out and automatically calculate the wind and distance factors, and one bullet will be enough to kill the enemy.

Hint: This effect consumes 100 Mana and lasts for 20 minutes.

Reminder: Cooldown of this effect is 5 hours.

This is the best effect of the Spider Queen, although it could only last for 20 minutes, Su Xiao could do many things in these 20 minutes.

Contractors started emerging one after the other with an obvious goal, crossing the drawbridge.

The contractors didn’t rush alone as they knew that being alone is useless, because dealing with the CP department won’t be easy.

After they rush into the tower of Justice, they would wait for their opportunity to strike. Everyone may seem friendly right now, but as soon as a contractor gains the Blueprint, all of the other contractors would turn into his enemies.

For example, if someone knew that Su Xiao had the Blueprint on him, they would try their best to kill him.

Seeing this, Su Xiao directly activated the alarm clock and the Spider Queen’s skill at the same time.

The hidden scope popped out directly.

Su Xiao closed his left eye as he observed everything through the scope.

When his line of sight reached the scope, the scenery changed completely. A red X appeared in front of him as various Data appeared in front of him. From wind speed to humidity, everything was in front of him.

Su Xiao looked at the island through the scope and felt like he could see a rat and shoot it even if it was at the end of the island.

Su Xiao didn’t shoot immediately, there are still people around and shouting now would expose his position.

The contractors who rushed informed a loose alliance.

“Quickly, if we don’t enter the Tower of Justice, Pluton’s blueprint will be destroyed.”

A Big guy urged in a hurry.

“Why don’t you go first, your vitality should be the highest here.”

The other contractors were also dissatisfied by the big guy’s urging, and one of them directly retorted.

“What did you say?”

The big guy glared at the one who spoke.

Seeing this, almost everyone fainted as they thought: Is this guy too accustomed to being a leader that he thinks this is a true alliance? They didn’t have any leader.

“I said that.”

The boy who retorted said without fear.

“Don’t fight. The most important thing is to reach the tower of Justice as fast as we can.”

A young woman tried to pursue both of them to stop. She was already very dissatisfied, but she was smart and knew that internal fight won’t do them any good now.

The big guy looked at the woman with fire in his eyes as he looked at a young woman with a gaze full of lust.

“&é$t*!!” The young woman cursed inwardly without changing her expression.

“I’m in a good mood today, so I will help you guys.”

The big guy walked out while the others were speechless. They all reached the drawbridge while the big guy was in the front.

On top of the Tower of Justice, Su Xiao suddenly pulled the trigger.


A very low gunshot escaped Spider Queen’s silencer.

The bullet left the muzzle and disappeared into the air.

The bullet broke through the sound barrier and moved at the big guy’s head like Su Xiao aimed for. The firing assistant was far beyond his imagination.

As the bullet hit the big guy’s head, the latter didn’t react as his smug expression still remained on his face. His last thought was entering the tower of justice first and seize the loot.

He won’t enter the Tower of Justice ever. In fact, he will go to heaven, well no, that’s not it either, most contractors were cold-blooded killers, so hell will definitively be his new home.

The big guy’s head suddenly burst open like a balloon due to the bullet.

Blood and brain pieces scattered all over the young woman’s face.

Feeling the warmth on her face, she was taken aback before touched the warm thing and smelt it.


The word ‘attack’ didn’t get out of her mouth as the same warm feeling hit her again. Another person next to her was killed with a headshot as well.

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