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R.P Chapter 347: Terrifying sniper

Su Xiao didn’t stop after the first two Headshots. He pulled the trigger continuously without stop.

A Contractor was shot in the chest but didn’t die directly, but another bullet directly reached his head, dropping him dead instantly, and Su Xiao received the kill notification.

Three contractors were killed, and the remaining five started fleeing and looking for cover.

But they were on the bridge, and unless they jump into the sea, Su Xiao could still see them.

The bridge was about 50 meters high, and the water under it was filled with rocks, leaving little to no chance for surviving a jump.

Bang! Bang!

Su Xiao fired two shots in a row, and another contractor fell to the ground.

Another shot and a contractor’s head exploded instantly.

The young guy who spoke to the big one was running fast with the tower of justice as his goal. He was running in fear instead of running for the quest.

While running, he suddenly felt a tingling in his chest, looking down he saw a gaping hole in his chest before falling down.

Looking at his current Hp bar, he was shocked, and only 34% remained from his full health.

“Don’t kill…”

Bang! A shot runs through his neck, severing his head directly.

Su Xiao directly turned his sniper toward the left. He noticed a girl and a male contractor in that direction.

The male was Su Xiao’s next target, as he runs faster than the girl!


Su Xiao fired again toward the male contractor who was running in S shape path, trying to avoid the bullets.

Avoiding the first wasn’t the end of it, as Su Xiao shot another one, but this contractor somersaulted to avoid this time, which stunned Su Xiao slightly.

Su Xiao activated the rapid-fire mode, and directly shot four bullets, the recoil was stronger, but it still got the job done as Su Xiao received the Kill notification.

Only one contractor remained, the female.

At this time, the female was already in despair. There isn’t anything more terrifying than waiting for death.

Yellow liquid run across her thighs but she didn’t care and continued running, she saw a five-meter circle full of flowers and mud and directly jumped in to get out of sight.

She sighed in relief as the shots stopped.


Mud splashed her face as a bullet hit the floor behind her, and she immediately rolled her body into a ball in fright.

Bang, Bang!

The Gunshots were getting faster and faster as most of the flowers were hit. A bullet suddenly passed by the woman’s ear and scratched her cheek.

They made a mistake by running across the bridge, but she will not make the same mistake again.

The young woman was desperate, she didn’t have a way out, and the sniper is most likely waiting for her to get out.

“What to do? What to do…”

She took a deep breath and calmed down. Getting out is like asking to be shot because the nearest cover is 5 meters away.

After thinking for a long time, she decided to surrender in the most common and primitive way.

She looked at her body, searching for something white.

There was nothing white. Even her bra was black. She suddenly thought of something that was white on her now, her little panty.

Su Xiao was locking into the flowerbed with one bullet left, which meant one chance.

As he was aiming attentively, a triangular white cloth peeked out from between the flowers and waved from side to side.

“This is… Surrendering?”

Su Xiao’s finger didn’t leave the trigger as he was ready to shoot at any moment.

A white arm came out probing for Su Xiao’s reaction, while the latter still waited without shooting.

The white hand was holding a few objects, two soul crystals (small), and a paradise coin’s card with 6000 coins inside.

“Are these Okay? I just want to live, and I don’t want Pluton’s blueprint anymore, I won’t even dare to think about it.”

The young woman yelled, but Su Xiao didn’t respond.

“We have no grievance or enmity. We’re only after the Quest, so there is no need to kill everyone else, and I didn’t see your look either, so there will be no way for revenge.”

The young woman knew that if this continued, she would die, and it’s better to try to spend money to buy her life. It may be a small chance, but it was better than nothing. If the sniper wasn’t a psychopath, then he would be reasonable and won’t kill her for the scarlet card because she left 6,000 Paradise coins and two soul crystals (small).

The young woman threw them away and ran in the other direction. She hoped that even if the contractor didn’t accept the deal, he would be distracted by them, and she would reach cover.

Su Xiao didn’t shout. They didn’t have any grievance between them, so there was no need to kill needlessly if it didn’t endanger the Quest. The other party gave up and bought her life with money for now, but if he encounters her again, money won’t work as she will die without any mercy.

One of the eight contractors escaped, leaving four scarlet cards and 6,000 Paradise coins along with two soul crystals (small) on the bridge.

These items were shining with different colors, but Su Xiao didn’t pick them up yet as it wasn’t time.

The CP agent heard the gunshots from the tower of justice and directly rushed there. The ones who rushed were Lucci and Kalifa.

With a bang, the door was kicked open by Lucci. Su Xiao looked at them before ignoring them and loading another magazine into the sniper.

After seeing Su Xiao, Kalifa’s pupil shrank as she remembered all the previous advantages he took and wailed in her heart.

Lucci walked onto the roof and asked in a cold voice: “What are you doing?”

“Killing the enemies.”

Replied Su Xiao as he finishing reloading the sniper.

“Killing enemies? First, explain why you are at the top of the Tower of Justice.”

Lucci approached slowly, and Su Xiao threw his researcher certificate to him.

“Defend the tower. Someone is here for Nico Robin.”

Lucci took the Certificate, and his face changed.

“Can you guarantee that the enemies can’t approach the tower of Justice?”

Su Xiao was sniping from the top of the Tower of justice as a member of the Marine, and he even has some connections with the Cp department, his identity was special.


Su Xiao could only use the sniper for 20 minutes, and 5 already passed.

Lucci pondered for a while before concluding that Su Xiao’s help was needed because pirates were attacking, and other unknown people were helping them.

“Kalifa, Monitor his movement.”

Kalifa felt distressed. She didn’t want to stay here, but this was her task given by Lucci, and she couldn’t refuse.


Kalifa was wearing a tight black dress while staying at the gate without any thoughts of coming to the roof.

Lucci quickly left as he had many things to do.

“We’re alone again, Miss Kalifa.”

It’s good to have Kalifa keeping watch, but he should be vigilant as well.

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