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R.P Chapter 348: Bait!

Kalifa Frowned and stepped back.

“Stop this sexual harassment!”

“That could be said about you when we had that party in Water 7!”

Su Xiao looked at Kalifa before turning back quickly.

“What is your goal?”


Su Xiao didn’t speak. Instead, he observed the situation on the bridge through his scope.

“Hey, I’m talking to you.”

Kalifa looked at Su Xiao in displeasure, while Su Xiao still ignored her.


Kalifa stopped mid-sentence when Su Xiao smiled at her gently. Her scalp felt numb, looking at that smile.

“I recently invented a new bomb; do you want to taste it? It tastes like strawberry.”

Kalifa took a few steps back and assumed a fighting stance. She was still afraid of the previous bomb.

“You can decide whether to watch the door or go away, don’t disturb me.”

Su Xiao continued to observe the bridge, another man was hiding in the forest while lying down with a sniper in his hand, but he still didn’t dare show his head at all.

He looked at the Tower of Justice in fear as he saw the previous slaughter.

“A maximum of two-shot is enough to take down even a tank, that sniper rifle is at least purple quality.”

Greed quickly appeared in this sniper’s eyes, but it quickly disappeared. He glanced at the blue quality sniper rifle in his hand and shook his head. If he engages now, he won’t be able to hold on for five minutes.

The sniper chose to hide and wait for an opportunity.

The sniper sighed; he admired Su Xiao’s tactic. He wasn’t hidden at all, and every shot would be deadly.

He didn’t know that Su Xiao didn’t care about his location because he just wanted the high-ground and didn’t fear the enemy’s firepower.

On top of the tower, Su Xiao observed for a while, but no contractor arrived.

“Bob, go down and pick the drops up.”

Su Xiao wrapped the gauntlet’s thread around Bob so he can pull him back if anything happens.

He was going to drop Bob down, and after the latter picked everything, he would pull him up.

Bob looked down and whimpered and looked at Su Xiao with a look that said, ‘Master, I’m afraid of heights.

Bob made puppy eyes as his final resistance and barked.

“If you do this, I will help you meet a little female dog to be your girlfriend.”

Bob’s eyes shined as he raised his head, and the fear of heights directly disappeared. It seems like he didn’t want to stay single.

Just when Su Xiao was about to put Bob down, he saw a shadow flickered in the distance.

He quickly picked his sniper and looked through the scope only to find four contractors trying to sneak in.

The four contractors who consisted of two males and two females were peeking from behind the building.

A petite girl timidly said: “Let’s go back, this is obviously a trap, look at how these people died.”

The girl hugged her shoulders due to the horrifying sight.

“Yeah, this is indeed scary, the four scarlet cards and soul crystals aren’t worth it.”

The other girl also wanted to leave as she looked pleadingly at the Leader of the four.

“We obviously won’t be able to reach the Tower of Justice, and we’ll fail the quest, which means the Reincarnation Paradise would deduct Paradise coins from us, and all we have is 60,000 Coins.”

The Leader of this little group is a fat middle-aged man who was wearing an iron armor and holding a shield in his hand.

“You guys stay here; I will pick these up and ran away quickly.”

The Middle-aged man smiled wickedly, he was going to rob his enemy, and it was satisfying because this enemy was the one responsible for them failing the quest. He was wearing blue and green defensive equipment, and his Vitality was also very high.

“Ah… Don’t go.”

The petite girl had an ominous feeling about this.

“We should grab this opportunity, the people from the God-Emperor guild and the phantom brigade are behind us, we won’t be able to fight them. We will grab these and jump over to escape.”

After saying this, the middle-aged man raised his shield and walked out. His first goal was the soul crystal on the grass.

Scarlet cards depended on luck, but soul crystals could bring a fortune if they were to sell them.

Su Xiao put his finger on the trigger without caring about the shield the middle-aged man raised.

The middle-aged man slowly moved forward and was getting closer to the soul crystals on the ground.

The closer he got, the tighter he held his shield.

Su Xiao pulled the trigger, and Spider Queen directly released a bullet.


The middle-aged man was sent flying back half a meter as the bullet collided with his shield.

“How could a bullet have such momentum.”

The middle-aged man felt his head numb, and the first thought he had was to retreat from the bridge.

Unfortunately, it was too late. His greed caused his downfall.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Su Xiao pulled the trigger continuously, and the bullets collided with the shield of the middle-aged man, one after the other droving him several meters back.

When the gunfire stopped, The middle-aged man’s hand cracked.


The girl yelled from behind the building.

Rocks suddenly splashed beside the girl’s head before she retracted her head. Her cheek was grazed by the bullet.

“Can the leader make it back?”

The petite girl asked with tears in her eyes, but no one answered her. Their Leader might not make it back.

Bang! Bang!

Su Xiao continued firing one bullet after the other until the middle-aged man could no longer hold the shield up due as his hand was fractured multiple times.

His body was exposed to the enemy, and he knew this was his end.

Pop, pop!

Blood splashed as two bullets pierced the middle-aged man’s leg and chest.

He crawled on the ground leaving a track full of blood. He wanted to go to safety. Suddenly the girl rushed out to try and drag him away.

“Don’t come here! This is a trap. He deliberately left me alive to bait you out. Many snipers use this strategy.”

Even with the warning, the girl didn’t listen to him and moved forward nonetheless.

Su Xiao didn’t have that kind of plan, and it’s just that he no longer had bullets inside Spider Queen.

Quickly loading three bullets, Su Xiao aimed at the girl.

The girl already dragged the man toward the building, but she wasn’t fortunate because Su Xiao’s bullet directly passed through her shoulder, making her entire arm limp.

The other two rushed forward, and Su Xiao directly pulled the trigger again.

Only the male contractor wasn’t injured; he ignored his safety and directly threw the other three into the building.

As soon as Su Xiao reloaded the sniper, he pointed the muzzle toward the last contractor and shot.

Bang! Headshot! Su Xiao frowned, it wasn’t a contractor.

The other three were currently hiding n the building.

“That guy actually discarded his safety to save them one by one, that kind of friendship is really rare.”

Su Xiao once again reloaded the sniper.

Inside the building, The middle-aged man gasped for breath. He never thought he would encounter such a terrifying sniper.

“Leader, that guy is dead, it seems like that I need another one. I didn’t expect my last bit of control would succeed. I shouldn’t have rushed myself.”

Although the girl’s arm was limp, she was laughing, as none of her teammates were dead, and they just lost a controlled person.

“let’s find somewhere to jump into the sea and escape. We are not qualified to be here. I was too greedy before. I didn’t profit from the previous island and wanted to get rich overnight here.”

The three contractors assisted each other and limped away. They learned a valuable lesson today, a lesson with their own blood, they can’t be greedy or else they’d die.

Su Xiao waited for a while and found that no one moved. He knew that the contractors left and directly sent Bob down to pick the loot.

When Su Xiao pulled Bob up, the latter’s mouth was full, and his cheeks were bulging like a hamster.

As soon as he put the loot down, a shout spread all over the place.

“Robin, we’re here to save you!”

Looking closely, Isn’t that Monkey. D. Luffy?! Su Xiao directly aimed his sniper and shot.


Luffy flew back and disappeared from the edge of the roof before rolling a few times and came to a stop.

The bullet was too fast for Luffy to react. Even Su Xiao wouldn’t be able to react to such a fast bullet.

Luffy, of course, wasn’t penetrated, after all, he was made of rubber, and the kinetic energy of the bullet would be relieved. But still, a bloodstain still appeared on his shoulder.

Luffy was confused and didn’t know where the attack came from. Even the CP9 and Spandam were confused, the latter heard someone shouting, but when he searched for the source of the sound, he found no one.

“Damn it!”

Just as Spandam turned his head, a shout came from outside.

“Who attacked me just now!”

Luffy shouted again.

Bang! Su Xiao shot another bullet.

Spandam turned his head again and looked out of the window, but no one was there again…

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