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R.P Chapter 349: Snipers from both sides

Bang! Bang!

Bullets were shot one after the other, making Luffy hid behind a small wall.

Even though Luffy can’t be pierced by bullets, he still didn’t dare come out as the bullets could injure him.

After a few shots, Su Xiao stopped as he couldn’t penetrate the wall with bullets.

Although he didn’t hit Luffy, he made him afraid to come out.

At this time, contractors rushed to where Luffy was excited. They were about to participate in a major event in the world of one piece, which would let them rip great benefits.


As soon as the first rushed to the roof, he was directly killed with a shot to the head.

The other contractors were instantly horrified and directly laid down.

“There is a sniper on top of the tower of Justice. Use firepower to suppress him.”

A contractor yelled, but no one got up.


The contractor who shouted directly received a bullet to the head. The other contractors took out guns and shot at the Tower of Justice randomly without daring to show their heads.

There is no way they would be able to hit Su Xiao with such a random shooting. The bullets didn’t even come close to him.

A few minutes later, as the contractors felt safe, a gunshot came from the other direction.

The gunshot was loud, without a silencer, so the other sniper was directly exposed.

Hearing this, the contractors were frightened. There was a sniper in front of them and another one behind them, closing any root of escape.

Bang! Another shot came from the rear, but the target wasn’t any of the contractors on the roof. Instead, it was Su Xiao. This instantly made the contractors happy.

A special bullet flew toward Su Xiao, directly hitting the concrete floor beside him.

The bullet was embedded into the floor, and green smoke emerged from it, which directly alerted Su Xiao.

As he was about to retreat, Su Xiao found something wrong. There was a small device at the end of the bullet.

“Big brother, let’s kill them together, and we can divide the loot three to seven. Of course, I will be taking the three.”

Su Xiao raised his eyebrow. He already discovered this sniper, but he was far away and didn’t take the initiative to attack, So, Su Xiao ignored him.

Su Xiao pointed at the scope and waited for the sniper to take action first.

Bang!! A scream filled the place.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sniper started shouting continuously at the contractors who were miserably screaming. The parapet (a small wall that prevents accidental fall from the roof of a building) may be able to defend the contractors from Su Xiao, but the other sniper was shouting from behind, and they didn’t have any cover.

The contractors started running and trying to escape, but Su Xiao directly pulled the trigger.

Bang! The first contractor fell…

Bang! The second one fell…

Leaving a few corpses behind, the contractors finally reached the door of the roof.

Luffy didn’t try to escape, the sniper from behind tried to kill Luffy, but his bullet didn’t affect the latter at all.

But suddenly, the sniper from behind stopped shouting, Su Xiao directly took a look and found that he was injured and man holding a scythe was behind him praying.

Su Xiao didn’t hesitate and directly aimed at the priest and shot him in the chest. The priest staggered a few steps back and fell to one knee.

Su Xiao fired another five times, making the priest fall down, but the latter wasn’t seriously injured. His robe seemed to be able to block most of the bullet’s power, and it was comparable to a heavy armor purple equipment.

With the help from Su Xiao, the sniper climbed to the edge of the cliff and jumped down toward the sea. He nodded at Su Xiao and seemed to say, ‘help me…” Su Xiao didn’t understand very well as he wasn’t experienced in lip reading.

After a few shots from Su Xiao, the priest hid while his eyes looked at Su Xiao’s position with hatred.

Su Xiao ignored him and directly shifted his attention back toward Luffy.

Except for Luffy, no one else was on the roof.

The alarm clock still had eight minutes, so it meant that nine minutes remained, and the skill would be turned off. That will be the time he would change from a frightening sniper to an even more frightening melee fighter.

Su Xiao sighed secretly, why didn’t anyone rush on top of the building to fight him directly.

At this time, there was movement on the opposite roof.

The roof where Luffy hid suddenly shattered with a tornado-like attack, and along it, a female scream pierced many ears.

Su Xiao narrowed his eyes. This was probably the Tatsumaki attack of Zoro.

Zoro’s swordsmanship allowed him to do this kind of attack, while Su Xiao couldn’t, both had their path of swordsmanship.

Zoro belonged to the swordsmen of one piece’s world. His every move would cause damage. But Su Xiao didn’t need fancy moves. He only needed to kill his enemy.

The tornado blew Nami and Chopper up before slamming down on the roof. Chopper landed on his head while Nami rolled a few times before landing smoothly.

Nami was instantly satisfied with her landing posture as it was more ladylike.

Just when Nami was about to yell with her hands on her hips, Su Xiao already aimed his sniper rifle at her.

“Nami, get down!”

Luffy yelled, and out of trust, Nami directly got down.

Woush!! A bullet lightly grazed her ear and blew her orange hair back.

At this time, Nami directly grabbed Chopper’s leg and threw him directly toward Luffy while running after him.

At this time, Su Xiao pulled the trigger again. But unfortunately, (T/L: I hate this cold-blooded bastard!) Nami already hid beside Luffy.

Su Xiao directly started reloading his Sniper Rifle, and at the time, Zoro jumped to the roof, but as soon as he saw Luffy, Nami, and Chopper hiding, his eyes narrowed and did the same.

Suddenly, a loud bang grabbed Luffy and the rest’s attention. It was Sanji who kicked the roof and flew out.

“Mutton Shot!”

Sanji was in the air as he shouted. Su Xiao’s hands itched as his opponent was practically a living target right now.

A pair of arms directly stretched out to grab Sanji, which shocked the latter.

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