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R.P Chapter 350: The GuoZu Brothers

“Hey, Luffy, what are we going to do?” Zoro was feeling bad about this.

“It’s impossible.” Nami wanted to escape but knew that as soon as she is exposed, she would die.

“It’s really impossible!” Chopper felt bad, as well.

Luffy’s arm made its way to Sanji before wrapping around him and contract back toward him at high speed.

“Make way!!”

Sanji said these words toward Zoro and Luffy.

Looking at Sanji’s trajectory, the three humans and the deer understood what Sanji wanted and directly lifted their feet.

Sanji was greeted by three feet to the face and a hoof.

Lastly, his face was planted on Zoro’s Shoe sole, which made Zoro’s mouth turn upward.

“You bastard…”

Sanji shook his head while a big footprint appeared on his face.

“It suits you.”

Zoro nodded with satisfaction.

“Ha?” Sanji was confused.

“The footprint on your face.”

Sanji wanted to turn violent and vent his anger on Zoro, but he suddenly noticed that the situation looked strange.

“Why are we hiding here.”

Nami didn’t reply and directly took off her coat and threw it in the air.


A bullet directly passed through it and embedded itself on the roof.


Suddenly a long-nosed man wearing a mask fell down from the sky, Usopp arrived.

Usopp was thrown by a giant who wanted to help him reach here quickly.

He put his hand on his chest as he flew straight from the sky.

Usopp looked like a javelin with his long nose and straight body. Usopp would notice him and had the ability to attack him if given a chance.

Su Xiao directly looked at Usopp in mid-air and silently aimed the sniper’s muzzle.



The scream of fear turned into a scream of pain as Usopp’s leg was shot directly. Fortunately for Usopp, the bullet didn’t hit his leg in the center or else, hie leg would’ve fallen off.

Luffy hurriedly stretched his arm at Usopp and directly brought him to their hiding place, and Chopper directly started treating Usopp’s wound. The straw hats were gathered now, but they could do nothing but hide.

Bang! Bang!

Su Xiao shot twice, and the bullets directly hit the concrete wall. Nami, who was about to take a peek, directly shrunk back down.

“What can we do now, we can’t make it through like this.”

“Look, Robin is there.”


Luffy shouted with a smile on his face. Robin didn’t dislike them or hate them; instead, she wanted to die for them.

Hearing Luffy’s yell, Multiple emotions appeared in Robin’s eyes, including fear, and worry mixed with some joy.

“Who is there?”

Spandam looked at the roof of the opposite building suspiciously, and finally, he heard gunfire.


Lucci Said.


Spandam’s expression turned ugly as he had been brooding about the affair in water 7.

“Let him come down to see me.”

Lucci didn’t move, he wasn’t on a mission currently, and although Spandam could command him, he had a choice to ignore such a brainless command.

Seeing Lucci ignore him, Spandam directly whispered: “Hey, Lucci, there are so many outsiders here, give me some face.”

Spandam knew that without the CP9, he wouldn’t be able to sit still in his current position. He worked hard to train these people; their fruits were obtained by him from the World government.

Although Spandam always behaves like a retard, he could still judge the situation and knew what should be done and whatnot.

“He is a member of the Marine right now; we can’t order him.”

Hearing the answer, Spandam wasn’t happy.

“From the Marine, then I will find him later.”

Spandam looked at the straw hat pirates.

Su Xiao suppressed all the straw hats, and the only person who could threaten him from far away was injured.

But if they kept hiding, they wouldn’t be able to do anything.

When Su Xiao was aiming at the Straw Hats, three sneaky figures approached the bridge.

“Brother, won’t we be sniped?”

“Shut up, have we ever been afraid of snipers?”

“Hey, brother, that girl in the last world almost wiped us out, and she was a sniper.”

“She doesn’t count; she isn’t a sniper; she is simply a fort.”


“Stop it. We should directly rush in, what are you afraid of?”

Needless to say, these three were the three GuoZu brothers. The three rushed arrogantly, now that the CP9 and the Straw hats were about to fight, it was their best chance to get into the Tower of justice.

Behind another building, the Cowboy was looking at the three brothers and trying to use them as a cover to rush into the tower.

In addition to him, Mad Milk was thinking along these lines as well, and he was angry because Su Xiao shot his teammate, the priest, a few times before.

Along with them, there are dozen or so Contractors who were with the Straw hats that waited for an opportunity as well.

“We must first kill the Sniper; he will die if we get close.”

“Yes, I was almost shot in the head before, I must deal with him.”

At this moment, the brothers already rushed into the bridge carelessly. Su Xiao directly took notice and commanded their courage.


The bullet flew in the air and rested on the third brother’s chest.

Blood sprung forth as he fell to the ground with a big hole in his chest.

“Third brother, don’t panic, this eldest brother will save you.”

“The second brother is also here.”

The two directly touched the third Brother and started healing him. The three of them were Paladin, so their vitality wasn’t low, and they could heal their own injuries.

The third brother directly stood up and continued running without any change to his expression.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Su xiao fired three-shot, and this time, he changed his target. The defense of the last target was too strong, and at this time, the eldest brother was shot.

“Brother, hold on.”

The other two directly started healing their eldest, and his health was directly fully restored.

Although their vitality was high, the three of them still covered their heads, to prevent Su Xiao from scoring a headshot.

Bullet rained on the three, and as long as one was injured, the other two would directly start healing him.

Su Xiao wanted to shoot once again but found that there were no bullets anymore, and he needed to reload.

Seeing that Su Xiao didn’t shoot again, the GuoZu brothers stopped before forming a circle and shouting.

“We Are the GuoZu!!”

The three rushed toward the tower afterward and smiling while running. The third brother was even smiling with blood over his mouth.

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