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R.P Chapter 351: Rushing to the top to kill him!

The Corners of Su Xiao’s mouth twitched. He really experienced new things every day in The Reincarnation Paradise.

As Su Xiao reloaded his sniper Rifle, He looked back only to find two figures rushing into the bridge, and one of them was the cowboy.

Mad Milk and the cowboy quickly moved across the bridge to enter the Tower of Justice. Su Xiao directly aimed his Sniper Rifle toward them and directly took a shot.


The gun hit the Sickle in Mad Milk’s hand as he continued to move toward the tower.

There are already five people entering the tower, and Su Xiao didn’t care. He can’t stop all of the contractors from entering the Tower of Justice, he only tried to minimize their number, and furthermore, the Pluton’s Blueprint is in his hands.

Su Xiao quickly fired at the other contractors crossing the bridge. Twenty bullets left the muzzle directly emptying the Magazine, and as a result, eight contractors fell, and the others entered the tower.

Reloading his Sniper Rifle, Su Xiao looked back and didn’t see Kalifa, which meant that the CP9 were assembled.

Su Xiao looked around with the x8 scope, there wasn’t any contractor coming toward the island, and other weaker contractors just stayed back without trying to cross the bridge as the benefits there can offset the mission penalty.

Ring! Ring! Ring!

Su Xiao heard the ringing of the alarm clock beside him and knew that the use of the sniper’s skill is about to end.

There are still a few scarlet cards on the bridge, but Su Xiao didn’t care about them for the time being.

Suddenly he heard the sound of footsteps behind him. It seems like someone came all the way here to kill him. In total, there were seven people, the ones that joined the Straw Hat pirates.

Su Xiao lit his cigarette and sat on the roof while taking out a white cloth and wiping Spider Queen’s barrel.

He looked around but didn’t found Bob anywhere.

He was stunned with how Bob could find somewhere to hide every time.

To be precise, Bob wasn’t hiding. Instead, he was on top of one of the pillars in the Tower of Justice, while standing upright and standing motionless in a roaring position, like a sculpture.

Fortunately for it, there was no wind today, or his hair would expose him.

Bob’s ways of hiding were topnotch. If Su Xiao didn’t know him for a long time already, he would’ve believed that it was a lion’s sculpture.

Bob didn’t make a move an inch. He didn’t even blink at all.

The footsteps downstair became faster and faster as the contractors rushed to the top of the Tower. They had all kinds of weapons from melee to long-ranged ones, and one of them seemed like a healer. It was a girl that had some blood over her head.

The nurse looked at Su Xiao with eyes full of hatred, as he was the one who just headshot her lover.

“It’s cool to snipe, isn’t it, let’s see what you will do now. You bastard!”

An old man looked at Su Xiao fiercely while holding a bow and an arrow. Before he could shoot the arrow, he was interrupted.

“Don’t kill him yet, let’s capture and torture him and ask him to hand over all of his equipment, especially that one.”

“Yes, first beat him half dead and chop his hands and feet off.”

The contractors surrounded Su Xiao, making him chuckle lightly. This was a scene he expected. These Contractors thought that he was a sniper and took the initiative to come close to him.

Putting away Spider Queen, Dragon flash appeared in Su Xiao’s hands instead.

Dragon Flash cut through the air with a purple brilliance. Even from a distance, you can feel the sharpness of the sword; after all, it was a +8 purple quality sword.

“It seems like… Something is wrong!”

A contractor took a step back, as he asked himself: ‘how could a sniper have such an aura?’

The healer was stunned; she was afraid and wanted to rush back and escape.

Su Xiao held Dragon Flash directly, making him release a very sharp aura around him while looking at the contractors with interest.

The skill, Qing Gang Ying (The Azure Steel Shadow), was directly activated, sending blue electrical energy on the sword’s blade.

“There aren’t many who actually wanted to fight me in close range. Your courage is really commendable.”

Su Xiao slowly approached the Contractors, while the latter felt like the unluckiest dog in existence. Who was it that said snipers are bad at close range? Who said they were dead if someone got close to them? why did this suddenly become a sniper who is even more fearsome up close?”

The contractors looked around. There was no one else on the roof except a sculpture that looked like a husky.

“Didn’t you want to fight me in a melee battle? Let’s start.”

Su Xiao stepped forward and rushed toward one of the contractors. The contractor was stunned and directly raised his weapon to block.

Su Xiao raised his sword high and directly swung it down, leaving a blue electric after image.

Ding! Puchi!

The weapon of the contractor broke upon contact, and his blood directly splashed on the ground as his chest was pierced.

A few drops flew toward Su Xiao, who directly evaded them along with an arrow at the same time instantly appearing beside another contractor.


Su Xiao swung his sword beheading the contractor before going toward another one.

The contractors were being bullied, and what was more aggravating is that they jumped into this with their own feet, they even rushed up so high that jumping away to escape meant death as well.

Dragon Flash continued cutting flesh with a ‘Puchi’ sound making the remaining contractors turn around to flee.

After three minutes, the roof was covered in blood as all the contractors facing Su Xiao perished except for the healer whose arm was cut off.


The healer coughed blood as her body shivered. This sniper was a scam, she thought, he was obviously a close combat expert, and they unexpectedly rushed toward him themselves.

“Can you… let me off?”

Su Xiao came closer to the healer and looked at her: “Didn’t you want revenge before? And now you’re begging for mercy from the one you want to kill.”

“… I don’t want revenge. I can give you whatever you want, Equipment, paradise coins, I can even accompany you to bed…”

Su Xiao’s eyes flashed, making the healer’s face turn slightly hopeful before she heard: “I refuse.”

Her hope was dashed as her a sword approached her stiffened face.

Massacring his last foe, Su Xiao directly waved Dragon Flash, cleaning it from the blood and creating a semi-circle in blood on the ground.

Su Xiao picked up two scarlet cards, out of the seven, only two dropped scarlet cards, which made Su Xiao sigh. When he got Spider Queen, he thought that his luck was finally better.

But now, it seems his luck was as bad as before.

On the opposite roof, the straw hats witnessed the scene of Su Xiao massacring the seven contractors.

Luffy and Zoro were serious, Sanji looked ugly, Usop hid in fright and Nami gagged from the cruelty.

Although they were pirates, they never saw such a cruel scene before.

Su Xiao touched Bob’s head while looking at the Straw hats. He was not ready to fight them yet. It wasn’t time.

Su Xiao sat on the edge of the roof. He was waiting now for an opportunity as all the ordinary Contractors were dealt with.

He also didn’t forget about the offender waiting to be dealt with. He already knew his position, that guy was smart enough to not come to the Justice Tower.

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