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R.P Chapter 352: King Of Scapegoats

Su Xiao sat on the roof and smoked, while the straw hat pirates were looking at the CP9 and Spandam along with Robin and Franky.

Franky wasn’t cuffed as he didn’t have any chance to escape with the CP9 there.

With the current situation, The contractors will soon discover that Franky didn’t have the Blueprint of Pluton.

Franky was already hesitating; he was imprisoned and didn’t have any chance to escape currently.

“Mr. Tom, please forgive me.”

Franky took a deep breath and pressed his hand on the back of his waist, which silently opened, revealing a lock. He quickly entered the password.

As soon as his hand moved to grab the Blueprint, his expression changed.

“This is impossible, absolutely impossible!”

Franky didn’t care about being exposed. He directly grabbed whatever there was inside and could only find a book, with an exposed girl on the cover.

There must be a mistake, he didn’t recognize the words on the book at all, and this wasn’t the blueprint of Pluton!

This was the Magazine obtained by Su Xiao from one of the scarlet cards. Su Xiao wanted to put a bomb instead of this book, but if the CP department discovered it before the battle starts, they would know that the Blueprint is with him.

It didn’t matter if they knew after the battle starts, because that is inevitable.

Franky looked at the Magazine in his hands blankly before opening it. Inside the Magazine, pictures of girls in risqué clothes and poses were all of the pages, but Franky didn’t want to look.

“This isn’t right, where is the blueprint?”

Franky kept repeating this sentence. After all, he guarded the Blueprint for many years, but it suddenly disappeared.

Thinking quickly, Franky directly remembered the time when he was unconscious on the sea train. He had been under surveillance and couldn’t check the blueprint before.

Franky’s face was ugly, and his eyes blank.

“Hey, what are you holding in your hand.”

Spandam directly grabbed the Magazine, and as soon as he saw what’s inside, he smiled obscenely and narrowed his eyes. He directly hid it and was ready to criticize Franky, but…

“The Blueprint of Pluton is lost.”

Franky murmured, and Lucci Frowned. He noticed when Franky grabbed the Magazine, but when he looked inside, he ignored it.

“What did you say?”

Lucci grabbed Franky by the shoulder and asked.

“I lost Pluton’s Blueprint.”

Franky said, his heart was full of fear. Although it wasn’t good for the blueprint to be in the world government’s hands, it is worse if it fell into a pirate’s hand.

Once a pirate has something like Pluton, disaster would be like giving a nuclear bomb to a terrorist organization.

Hearing Franky’s words, Lucci’s pupil shrunk.

“Cutty Flam, do you think we are fools?”

Lucci didn’t believe Franky.

“I didn’t lie, I always carry the Blueprint with me, and put it here.”

Franky pointed at his waist, and Lucci directly moved to check.

“Kaku, was he lying?”

Kaku watched Franky’s expression before saying: “There is an 80% chance… that he is telling the truth.”

Hearing Kaku’s words, the CP9’s face was not a pretty sight.

“After five years, you actually lost The Blueprint?”

Jyabura opened his mouth directly. This was a deceitful and cunning man. He ate the Zoan Fruit, Dog Dog, Model Wolf.

Jyabura’s question didn’t receive any reply, but Kalifa remembered something suddenly, the blueprint is most likely in that person’s hands.

“In other words, we won’t be able to get Pluton’s blueprint?”

Suddenly, Spandam’s expression turned grim, as his chance to get promoted slipped away.

Su Xiao, on top of the Tower Justice, saw this and know that it’s almost time. He had been exposed unless Kalifa and Lucci were retarded.

He looked at Luffy and didn’t know whether he would become the Pirate King or not, but he knew that he will be the scapegoat king right now.

Su Xiao suddenly lifted a hand, and from his wrist, a metal thread sprung forth.

The hook was stuck on the opposite roof, and with this, Su Xiao grabbed Bob and jumped.

Flying in mid-air, Su Xiao was somewhat fearful, because the hook may not be able to bear with both Su Xiao and Bob’s weight.

Fortunately, they reached the opposite roof without an accident while the Straw Hats looked at him vigilantly.

“Don’t worry so much, I won’t fight you guys, for now, I will just give you something really good.”

Su Xiao pulled out a book and directly threw it at the Straw Hat pirates.

As the book fell, the Straw hat didn’t move forward to grab it.

Franky’s eyes flashed as he thought: ‘Isn’t that the Blueprint of Pluton?’

Noticing Franky’s behavior, Lucci directly looked at the book.

“That must be Pluton’s Blueprint, it was really with that guy, but why is he giving it to the straw hat pirates?”

Lucci stared at Su Xiao’s back. He still didn’t know what Su Xiao will do now.

Su Xiao picked up a scarlet card from the roof and looked at Luffy and the others.

“Don’t you want it, that’s something the world government wants, you can use it to your advantage.”

Su Xiao chuckled again before going down to the bridge because there were scarlet cards scattered there.

The Pluton’s Blueprint he gave them is fake, but not entirely, as he tore the edges from the real blueprint and copied the rest on another paper.

As long as you’re not a craftsman, you won’t be able to tell it was a fake. 60% of the content was real, while the rest is something he made up.

Several people of the Straw Hat pirates looked at this dumbfoundedly. The book in front of them was very important. This could be seen from the CP9’s reaction.

“Straw Hat Boy, we must keep the Blueprint, don’t give it to the world government.”

Franky yelled and confirmed that it was Pluton’s blueprint.

Luffy picked the book, and his eyes turned to Robin.

“Robin, We are here to save you.”

Ignoring everything that is currently happening, Su Xiao put away the last scarlet card that was on the bridge and hurried toward the offender’s position.

The moment Franky discovered that the Blueprint was missing is the moment he gets exposed, because the CP9 weren’t retards, and he would be the first suspect in this matter.

He can’t hide anymore, but he didn’t need to, as he made the Straw Hats the scapegoat directly.

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