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R.P Chapter 353: The Offender is 9/10 alien!!

Mad Milk, the cowboy, and the three brothers noticed that the Blueprint moved away from the Tower of Justice.

It’s almost impossible for Franky to be the one moving under the watch of the CP9, which means that someone had the blueprint.

A difficult choice was in front of them, leave the Tower of Justice, or stay.

The battle between the Straw Hats and the CP9 is about to begin, and the profit they could gain from the fight was immense.

If the failure’s penalty were stat points deduction, no one would hesitate to chase after the blueprint, but the penalty was a sum of Paradise points, which wasn’t as precious as the profit they could gain from the fight ahead.

While they were hesitating, Su Xiao already left toward the other island.

The contractors were puzzled, they still hoped to finish the main quest, but suddenly the Blueprint of Pluton started moving away from them.

Su Xiao was moving toward the train station without stopping.

The station was empty, but the Reincarnation paradise gave a warning out of nowhere.

[Warning: Contractor No.9740, Who violated the rules, is within 100 meters, stay vigilant.]

[Warning: Contractor No.9740, Who violated the rules, is within 30 meters, stay vigilant.]

Su Xiao looked around but still didn’t see anyone at all. He knew that the Reincarnation Paradise wouldn’t deceive him, so he directly shouted: “Come out, there is no point in hiding.”

Su Xiao stood in place and pretended to know his enemy’s location.

“Another one is here to die.”

The Dull sound of the contractor echoed from every direction.

[Warning: Contractor No.9740 is within 10 meters from the hunter. The Reincarnation Paradise verified that the Offender is 9/10 from an alien species and started deploying the space Barrier.]

A pale golden barrier suddenly appeared and ranged about 200 meters with Su Xiao in the center.

“It’s that damn Barrier again.”

A figure appeared not fay away from Su Xiao. This person can’t be called human anymore. It’s more like a humanoid creature.

The Creature’s body was covered with a dark green liquid. As he walked, the liquid dropped on the ground corroding it.

“You’re a Hunter, Chyachyachya!”

The Creature laughed weirdly.

Su Xiao didn’t speak. He had an ominous feeling about this guy. Even when he fought the cowboy, he didn’t feel like this.

“I killed many humans like you, and now, you will turn into nutrition for my body.”

The Creature’s green vertical pupils flashed with killing intent as his tongue licked his lips.

Su Xiao frowned. This Creature didn’t look like a human, and he didn’t feel like a contractor.

The only humanoid Creature Su Xiao saw before were the Kara natives he met in Parasite’s world.

“A level 9 contractor like you dare to come after me. You didn’t even pass the first order’s test yet. Well, your courage is commendable.”

The Creature turned his gaze and looked at Su Xiao like a beast looking at its prey.


The Creature spat green smoke that filled the place.

[You are being eroded by an unknown toxin. 2 Damage is taken each second]

[You are being eroded by an unknown toxin. Hp recovery reduced by 50% (This affects Natural recovery along with items]]

Su Xiao held his breath, but his body was still being eroded.

Glancing around, Su Xiao couldn’t see Bob, which means he found a hiding place.

“Let the hunt begins.”

Su Xiao directly activated the Qing Gang Ying (Azure Steel Shadow), pulled out several top grades’ alchemy bombs, spreading them on the ground before attacking.

“Poison spit!”

The weird Creature suddenly spat a big mouthful of Venom at Su Xiao, who dodged readily.

Even though he dodged, Su Xiao felt extremely dizzy as he breathed in a fishy smell.

He can’t be touched by this poison, or else he would definitively die.

This enemy was turning to be quite tricky. It was very difficult for Su Xiao to get close enough for a strike.

Since his surroundings were in his favor, Su Xiao had an idea.

With a thought, Su Xiao changed the Alchemy bombs into dozens of toads.

As the toads jumped around, Su Xiao moved forward really fast, once again trying to strike the Creature.

“Stupid human, if you want to fight close, then you got what you want. Remember, the one who killed you is Harbach!”

Venom surged out of Harbach’s body and rushed toward Su Xiao.

Su Xiao held Dragon Flash and slashed at Harbach without hesitation.

Smirking disdainfully, Harbach didn’t care about the attack coming toward him as he stretched his hands full of Venom toward Su Xiao’s chest.


The sword stabbed Harbach, splashing Venom around.


Harbach screamed loudly.

Suddenly sound waves spread all around them, directly cracking any glass window in range.

Su Xiao’s head buzzed, and his eyes saw everything in double.

Su Xiao shook his head and recovered from the headache. He looked at Harbach to see a blue mark appeared on his neck.

Su Xiao didn’t feel his sword penetrate a body; instead, he felt it pass through some liquid.

The reason for Harbach’s pain was the Qing Yang Ying’s effect that burns Mana. That pain caused Harbach’s eyes to roll back.

Su Xiao wouldn’t miss such an opportunity.

Puchi! Puchi!

Venom splashed around as two slash marks appeared on Harbach’s head and nose. Although it was the same as the previous slashes, Qing Gang Ying would hurt him immensely.

“You’re dead!! How dare you hurt me!!”

Harbach’s body stopped trembling as he looked at Su Xiao murderously.

“Very poisonous, Intangible, and intelligent, what kind of creature is this?”

Su Xiao was very puzzled now. The Reincarnation Paradise can add other species other than humans? This means that not all contractors he saw were humans.

Su Xiao started thinking about a strategy. His slashes can cause some pain, but it won’t kill his opponent.

“Poison of pain!”

Harbach’s hand moved to his mouth before he blew on it really hard.

Seeing a green glow coming toward him, Su Xiao wanted to dodge, but unfortunately, he was too slow.

[You are poisoned with The Poison of pain. 120 true damage is taken within 3 seconds, with the additional effect ‘Pain’]

Su Xiao looked at his clothing and saw a dark green liquid on his abdomen.

Suddenly a severe pain spread all over his body, making him sweat profusely and his Hp dropping dangerously.


Hearing Su Xiao’s shout, Bob barked and immediately started using his special ability to heal Su Xiao.

His bark gave away his location, which is above a steel pole on the street. He wasn’t using his mouth or limbs to hang up there, instead, he curled his tail around the pole and hung upsidedown.

Not only was Su Xiao shocked, but even Harbach was shocked.

“What kind of weird specie is this?”

Hearing Harbach calling him weird Specie, Bob became angry and seemed to say: ‘You’re the weird specie, your entire family is weird species.’

Well, he isn’t wrong…

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