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R.P Chapter 354: The beauty!

Spider Queen suddenly appeared in Su Xiao’s hand while Harbach was distracted. Su Xiao aimed without the need for the scope and fired.


A large hole appeared on Harbarch’s chest while Venom splashed around.

Su Xiao was confused, he just aimed at the heart, but Harbach wasn’t affected at all, be it from the slashes or the bullets.

Harbach was glaring at Su Xiao right now.

Su Xiao directly hid Spider Queen in his inventory and once again held his sword.

He rushed forward and slashed Harbach on the chest again.

Harbach didn’t care to dodge. A claw formed on his hand as he attacked Su Xiao’s chest.

Three wounds appeared on Su Xiao’s chest, and before blood starts gushing out, the injury was sealed by the Venom.

A large portion of Su Xiao’s Hp dropped in an instant.

Su Xiao felt the pain on his chest, but he didn’t stop. His sword moved quickly toward Harbach’s chest.

Harbach just moved slightly, making the sword pierce his throat.

“Chyachyachya, No pain at all.”

Harbach smiled widely as Venom gathered in his mouth, preparing to spit on Su Xiao.

“Qing Gang Ying!”

Su Xiao shouted angrily, making the Mana on his body transform into Qing Gang Ying energy.

As soon as the energy passed from his sword to Harbach’s body, it exploded.


The upper part of Harbach’s body exploded, and a large amount of Venom splashed Su Xiao.

Su Xiao’s Hp dropped down quickly, activating his sword’s skill.

[Fight in the blood (passive): When the user’s health is lower than 30%, the user gains +10 Vitality and +20% attack speed (this effect lasts for half an hour)]

As soon as Su Xiao’s Vitality increased, His resistance to poison increased, lowering its damage.

Dark green Venom tickled down Su Xiao’s cheek after being splashed by Harbach’s Venom due to the explosion.

Looking at the rest of Harbach’s body, Su Xiao saw a human head connected to the former’s lower body.

It was a severed head of a seventeen or eighteen-year-old man.

The boy had long black hair and looked quite handsome. Suddenly his eyelids trembled as he opened them.

As soon as he opened his eyes, he started to inhale clean air, but he no longer had lungs to breathe, which caused him to shed a few tears.

With a tear in his eyes, the body looked at the sunlight outside while Harbach’s body was recovering slowly. Su Xiao was holding a bucket of water to wash the Venom on his body. Otherwise, he would die.

“Are you a human contractor?”

The boy looked at Su Xiao and asked. Su Xiao didn’t say anything as he wanted to get rid of the Venom.

“Use saltwater, not a clear one.”

Hearing this, Su Xiao directly took out a salt bag and poured it inside his bucket of water. Sure enough, as soon as he used that water, the Venom melted away.

“Kill me! Please Kill me! It’s too much for me to live like this.”

The Venom was slightly wrapping around the head as it tried to struggle, but he could do nothing.

“Are you contractor No. 9740?”

Su Xiao asked the Teenager.

“Yes, that’s me, did the Reincarnation Paradise ask you to save me?”

The teen had a slight hope.

“No, it asked me to kill you.”

Hearing his answer, the boy smiled nonetheless.

“That’s fine as well. I can’t recover from this anymore, but remember it’s weakness is the slat, and it will die if you destroy my head…”

The head was wrapped in Venom, as Harbach recovered.

“This moron, it’s your honor to be my host.”

Harbach shouted angrily.

He didn’t think that the teen, with only his head, could wake up and disclose his weakness to his enemy.

Su Xiao put away Dragon Flash and took off his coat to get changed, which puzzled Harbach.

“let’s talk about this.”

Su Xiao ignored Harbach.

“Hey, I’m talking to you.”

Su Xiao narrowed his eyes slightly, and a muffled noise came from Harbach’s body. The latter’s expression changed immediately as he looked at his chest.

“I’m not interested in talking to a dead man.”

Previously, when the head was talking, a small toad jumped on his head, which was an Alchemy Bomb.

With a small blast, the Venom splashed once again, and this time, the head fell on the ground. The contractor was dead, but his face was full of smiles.

“How could this happen? I still haven’t evolved to the final form, and I haven’t restored my race yet…”

Before he could finish his words, a transparent chain came out of nowhere and impaled him.

“No, No, I hear your explanation, we can cooperate. I won’t ignore the quests again, please!”

The Reincarnation Paradise didn’t care about the bull he was spouting.

[Harbach is an external life form, no Reincarnation Paradise imprint is found on his body. Harbach is to be executed…]

The Chain was destroying Harbach’s body scaring him greatly!

“Stop, hey bastard, stop, I said we could cooperate!!”

Harbach’s body started breaking apart as he screamed profanities.

Ten seconds later, the last drop of Venom was decomposed as three crystals fell to the floor.

Su Xiao stepped forward and picked up the crystals without hesitation.

[You obtained Soul Crystal (medium) X3]

[Hunter has successfully killed the Offender; Hunter exclusive Question is complete.]

[The Quest was completed perfectly; the full reward will be given]

[You obtained Silver Medal Of Honor x1]

[Silver Medal of Honor]

[Description: This item can be used on the Honor store; it can be exchanged for other things. The Honor store is inside the Hunter’s exclusive room.

Su Xiao learned his lesson last time. He should do his best to complete the Hunter Quests.

The identity he was given as the judge (Arbiter) in the Mission to the Parasite world was a benefit, but if he failed his Hunter Quest, he wouldn’t have that kind of benefit.

The Reincarnation Paradise won’t just let him fail a Hunter’s Quest and then give him such a benefit when he participates in a war.

As soon as the Barrier disappeared, dozens of contractors walked out.

“You are… really a hotshot.”

A beautiful young woman walked forward. She was wearing a long loose skirt while her legs were partly visible.

As soon as his eyes fell on that woman, Su Xiao’s had the urge to jump on her.

This woman’s charm stat was that high, or she had a charm skill.

“What’s wrong? Do you want to snatch Pluton’s Blueprint? You can choose if you want one on one or you can all come together.”

The Beautiful woman stared at him.

“One on one?”

“Right, a duel with everyone here.”

The young beauty revealed a toothy smile and said: “As long as the contractor had a brain in his head, he won’t oppose someone like you. We all have seen what you did on the Tower of Justice. The sniper’s deception was really terrifying.”

The young woman arrived beside Su Xiao as if she doesn’t fear him at all. She was an intelligent woman. She knew that if Su Xiao wanted to kill her, she would be dead no matter if she was ten meters away or one meter away.

She pressed her chest on Su Xiao’s arm and said: “Hotshot, can you sell us a small part from the corner of the Blueprint of Pluton?”

The young woman smiled like a fox.

While Su Xiao was thinking about how good this opportunity was to get some Paradise coins.

The woman one again said: “Although obtaining a small piece of the blueprint won’t give us the reward, but it may be able to exempt us from the penalty. Each of us is prepared to give 1,000 Paradise coins for a small piece. Moreover, only a few people know about this secret.”

Su Xiao understood what’s the Reincarnation Paradise could gain from. It was a circle, and if the strong always obtain the reward, they would get stronger, while other contractors would just get weaker.

Ability and guts determine achievement, which is fair in Su Xiao’s opinion.

There were about 20 contractors here, which meant 20,000 paradise coins. Su Xiao was losing any money with this.