Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 355: Find Somewhere just for the two of us…

“What do you think about my proposal…” The beautiful woman asked, full of expectation

“1,500 Paradise coins per person.” Although 1,000 paradise coins per person was a lot, the Blueprint can save them from paying 28,000 paradise coins. Even if Su Xiao said 3,000 per person, they had to buy it.

The woman looked at the other contractors to hear what their decision would be. She was only responsible for negotiating, after all.

“I agree, 1,500 paradise coins isn’t much.”

“I also agree.”

Most of the contractors agreed. The few that were dissatisfied didn’t dare voice their thoughts.

Su Xiao took Pluton’s blueprint in front of all of them, which caused their eyes to flash with greed.

The reward for getting the Blueprint is five stat points + 14,000 Paradise coins.

Su Xiao tore off small pieces from the blueprint as big as a fingernail.

The contractors walked forward quickly to get their piece.

[Transaction Request.]

[You obtained 1500 Paradise Coins.]

[You obtained 1500 Paradise Coins.]

[You obtained 1500 Paradise Coins.]


The 23 contractors paid 1,500 Paradise coins to Su Xiao, so he gained 34,500 Paradise coins.

The contractors who got their pieces left hurriedly and full of joy. They could now avoid the penalty of the main quest. From the start, the thought of obtaining the blueprint never crossed their minds.

In each world, only a few people can compete for the main quest, and here they were Su Xiao, Mad Milk, Cowboy, and the three Brothers as well as the offender.

As the contractors left, the young woman stayed behind.

“Big Brother, how about we find a secluded place out of everyone’s sight?” The beauty asked Su Xiao as she took his hand and put it into her clothes.

This almost made Su Xiao’s nose bleed.

“Don’t think that I’m that kind of woman. I just feel that I like you.” The young woman blushed a little as she explained.

“For now, … I have no time.”

Withdrawing his hand from her clothes, Su Xiao looked to the distance.

The woman was taken aback. She was surprised by Su Xiao’s refusal as she had 29 charm points.

“If I were you, I would escape immediately.”

Suddenly both of them heard footsteps. Su Xiao directly grabbed the [Strawberry juice] and drank it to restore 21% of his Hp.

The young woman looked at Su Xiao, kissed on the cheek to mark him as hers, and left.

“You can look for me if you need any information. My name is Zoe (T/N: her name is Shui Yuan, it will be easier for me to remember her like this).”

Zoe walked very fast as she was afraid of whoever is coming over.

A man suddenly walked slowly and leisurely toward Su Xiao. This was Mad Milk.

Although Mad Milk didn’t want to leave the tower of justice, he had no choice, as he only had 42 Paradise coins right now.

“You think you’re great? You cost me about 41 points in my armor’s durability.” When he said the last part, Mad Milk’s face was twisted in anger. He was already so pure, and now he had to use Paradise Coins to repair his armor.

“You came alone? Didn’t that cowboy come?”

Looking at the man not far away, Su Xiao could tell that he was very strong.

“That fellow’s goal is Kumadori. The blueprint doesn’t concern him much.”

Mad Milk directly held his scythe without saying any B.S like asking Su Xiao to hand over the Blueprint.

“Saying anything would be a waste of time, we should directly fight.”

Mad Milk took a deep breath, and his body started glowing.

“Take this.”

Mad Milk shouted, and a golden shockwave spread around him and pushed Su Xiao back.

Su Xiao directly thrust his sword onto the ground to stop his body from moving back.

Su Xiao concluded that the current Mad Milk couldn’t be attacked, so he took the time to take more potions to restore his HP.

At this time, Mad Milk started shouting.

“Words of Down.”

“Angel’s aura.”

“sacred revenge.”



“Guardian’s Badge.”

“Call of Honor.”

Mad Milk used eight skills, 2 of them were healing spells, another 4 were protection spells, and 2 combined both.

As the golden light receded, a black fog suddenly surrounded Mad Milk’s body.

Mad Milk was a particular priest. He didn’t have any skill to heal his allies or strengthen them.

At this time, Su Xiao’s Hp was already back to 80%. Although he wasn’t back to full health, he could fight almost full power right now.

This fight was unavoidable, as he was sure that Mad Milk wouldn’t accept getting a piece of the blueprint, and Su Xiao wasn’t going to accept a failure in this quest.

“Let’s fight. The winner takes everything.”

Soon, Mad Milk took a step forward and rushed toward Su Xiao.

Su Xiao held Dragon Flash tightly in his hands, while the alchemy bomb was scattered on the ground.

He hesitated a little, but in the end, he chose to use them later.

Mad Milk was clearly a close-range fighter, and his stamina is sure to be very high. Su Xiao decided to use the Alchemy bombs as a trump card.

Su Xiao stood firmly as he prepared to receive Mad Milk’s attack.


As their weapon connected, sparks flashed around them while an invisible shock wave spread around them, blowing Su Xiao’s hair back.

“You actually managed to block that.” Mad Milk chuckled in surprise.

Su Xiao blocked the scythe without any apparent effort, which surprised Mad Milk.

Su Xiao changed from a single grip to a double one and pressed hard on Mad Milk.

Mad Milk’s complexion changed as he used all of his power to resist.

“Holy… Ahh!”

Mad Milk wanted to use one of his spells but was stopped by a kick from Su Xiao to his lower Abdomen.

Mad Milk flew away and rolled on the ground before he stopped. At that time, Su Xiao was already headed toward him, preparing to slash down.

Mad Milk was a melee fighter, so, even though he was kicked, he recovered right away.

Most contractors would focus on their opponent’s weapon and forget his other ways of attack, just like what happened with Mad Milk.

Crisp sounds of metal collision echoed one after the other as Su Xiao, and Mad Milk’s fight continued.

In this fight, Su Xiao was aggressive. He didn’t relent or wait for Mad Milk to attack before he sent his.

Mad Milk was constantly resisting Su Xiao’s attacks with his scythe, but as soon as he dodged one of them, his face changed.

Su Xiao’s sword actually cut the concrete wall like it was tofu without any resistance.

Mad Milk retreated some more to adjust himself, but suddenly felt something on his leg. Looking down, he saw two small snakes attacked to him.


Hearing Su Xiao’s words, Mad Milk knew that something bad was about to happen.


A large surge of fire rushed toward Mad Milk, while Su Xiao put his arm in front of him while blocking the flying debris with his sword.