Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 356: Fortune!

As the fire faded, Mad Milk stood in the same place, but his hair was burned while the black priest robe shone with purple light.

Mad Milk’s upper body wasn’t injured, but his legs were charred black. If not for his protection shields he laid before the fight started, his legs would’ve been destroyed.

Suddenly, a green light flashed from Mad Milk’s body as he started healing himself. He didn’t actually show great care about his legs. Instead, he looked at his robe in worry.

“Don’t break, please don’t break…”

Mad Milk was nervous as his robe’s Durability hit 0, which means that it will likely break.

It seems like Mad Milk was fortunate. The robe actually didn’t break.

Mad Milk quickly stored away from the robe and stayed shirtless.

“You almost threw me into poverty.”

Su Xiao was a little surprised. Did this guy actually care more about money than his life?

Without saying anything, Su Xiao rushed forward again, preparing to swing his sword at Mad Milk, who didn’t care and swung his scythe back.

Puchi!! Puchi!

Blood spurted out at the same time from two different directions. Su Xiao’s sword barely touched Mad Milk’s neck before a barrier blocked it, while the latter’s scythe cut Su Xiao’s shoulder.

Mad Milk wanted to trade injuries with Su Xiao. Su Xiao figured this out almost immediately.

If it someone else, Su Xiao wouldn’t mind at all, but this is someone who had various abilities to heal himself.

However, Su Xiao didn’t retreat. Even if his enemy could recover quickly, it is still unknown who will have the last laugh.

“Isn’t it good to be alive?”

Hearing Su Xiao’s voice, Mad Milk was surprised.

Su Xiao moved back and concentrated all of his Mana, which is 680 Mana points, into Qing Gang Ying (Azure Steel Shadow) and filled his body. This made Su Xiao’s pupil turn pale blue.

Mad Milk’s scalp tingled, he wanted to move back, but his legs couldn’t move. He could only raise his scythe to resist the next attack.

Su Xiao moved the Azure Steel Shadow’s energy into Dragon Flash, which in turn shone with blue light, and swung it down toward Mad Milk.

“This is my strongest move so far.”

Mad Milk was speechless. His opponent used his strongest without any warning. He could only prepare to resist this attack.

As the sword reached his scythe, Mad Milk’s heart ached as he looked at the Durability dropping at an insane rate before it broke.


As the scythe broke, Dragon Flash continued forward, directly piercing Mad Milk’s Chest.


Blood splashed as the sword pierced all the way to Mad Milk’s spine before it stopped.

Mad Milk’s mouth was filled with blood as he took a step back and looked at his HP, which dropped from 96% to 3%. If he didn’t have Angel’s aura, he would be on his way to hell.

“Luckily, he didn’t touch my heart. Otherwise, I’d be dead.”

Mad Milk spat blood as he was really surprised as this is the first time someone almost killed him with just one attack.

“I always find strong people, but there are just too many of them today.”

Mad Milk sighed and grabbed two Soul crystal (small) in his hands.

Seeing this, Su Xiao’s first response was to retreat. He didn’t interact much with his opponent, but it was apparent that he won’t surrender just like that.

Mad Milk forced the two crystals into his mouth and started chewing.

Su Xiao had an ominous feeling.

“Haha, that’s the same thing I felt a moment ago.”

Mad Milk spat the soul crystal back into his hand, and now the soul crystals tuned into an egg-sized light ball.

The ball gradually floated before Mad Milk shouted.

“Venus: Judgement!!”

With his angry roar, the ball of light floated and got bigger. It was the size of a basketball now, and it gave out a dazzling white light.

As the light shone on Mad Milk’s body, he started recovering, but when it shone on anything else, that thing would start decomposing.

Seeing this, Su Xiao directly started running, which made Mad Milk laugh.

Su Xiao directly equipped Broken elf and directly started shooting while using its Piercing Gaze skill.

Each time he shot a bullet, Mad Milk would scream.

Su Xiao smiled as the white light wrapped around him before severe pain spread all over his body.


After a few seconds, everything in the range of the white light was decomposed and turned to dust.

In the distance, Zoe’s eyes flashed as she looked at this scene.

“I didn’t lie, did I? He is a hotshot, but he always goes and kills people.”

A little girl said.

“He unexpectedly could fight to this degree with Mad Milk, and he even made Mad Milk use Venus. He is really a hotshot. It’s a pity I can’t hug him anymore.”

Zoe looked at the little girl before she said: “Congratulations, Xu Luoluo, you are promoted from a worker to a contractor.”

Xu Luoluo smiled widely, hearing this.

“I know that being a worker isn’t a long-term solution, but you should know that being a contractor brings many dangers, and if you lack the power to protect yourself, you will die out there.”

Zoe looked at Xu Luoluo with interest before she said: “How about the two of us forming a group?”

Xu Luoluo groaned.

“It’s not impossible, but will you be the front fighter?”

Zoe grasped Xu Luoluo’s shoulder and said: “Naturally, you’re the one who will fight in the front, how could I fight in the front line while I’m so beautiful.”

“You can go ahead and sell your body then, old-fart.”

Xu Luoluo directly struggled out of Zoe’s hold and started biting her with her two small canines.

“Are you dog!”

After ending their argument, Xu Luoluo pointed at the battlefield and said: “Look, the winner is over there.”

Mad Milk rushed out of the smoke while holding his broken scythe.

“Don’t chase me anymore. The blueprint is yours.”

Mad Milk ran as fast as he could, but he wasn’t that fast due to his legs injury, while Su Xiao chased after him with his sword.

Su Xiao chased after this guy just because he was pretending to be dead so he could run afterward.

“Although I’m uncomfortable with you chasing after me like this, let me ask if you’re interested in joining God Sovereign’s gui…”

Mad Milk stopped talking as soon as he saw Su Xiao draw his sniper, and directly jumped into the sea to escape.