Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 357: The Kiss!

Water splashed as Mad Milk started swimming away while Su Xiao didn’t relent as he shot at him with Spider Queen.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Su Xiao fired shot after shot. While ordinary bullets would lose their kinetic energy in the water, Spider Queen’s bullets could travel in the water the same as in the air.

Mad Milk didn’t stop running. He knew that he didn’t have any chance to defeat Su Xiao. He was just too strong for him. While he was running away earlier, Su Xiao managed to land quite a few hits, but still, Mad Milk didn’t even stop or grunt as he ran faster and faster.

Su Xiao knew that he wouldn’t be killing Mad Milk today, so he put away Spider queen and fell on the ground with a thud. Bob quickly rushed beside him to protect him from any attack.

Su Xiao’s injuries were serious. He only had 11% Hp and 19 Mana points. His state didn’t get this bad before.

He didn’t have many portions left, and the only thing he could use was the [Elf’s secret elixir].

[Elf’s secret elixir]

Origin: Reincarnation Paradise

Quality: Blue

Type: Potion!

Effect: Restore 1% of Hp every second for 2 minutes (the effect is doubled when taken in the forest!)

Rate: 70.

Su Xiao hesitated, this thing was really precious, and it was a waste to drink it now. As for mana, he took a bottle of [T3 Potion], which could refill his mana completely.

Although this Potion can’t be brought out of One piece’s World, it was quite useful here.

Su Xiao looked at the [Elf’s secret elixir] in his hand and still couldn’t make up his mind. This was his life-saving trump card. He wasn’t in danger currently, so using it was wasteful.

In the distance, Zoe’s eyes flashed as she looked at Su Xiao and said: “Time for business.”

“Hey, are you crazy? That guy is a monster.” Hearing Xu Luoluo’s words, Zoe chuckled.

“Who isn’t one in the Reincarnation Paradise…”

Xu Luoluo took out a computer and started a video and showed it to Zoe. As soon as Zoe saw the scenes in it, she paled: “So cruel.”

“Heh, do you still want to go now?”

Xu Luoluo took back the computer and said: “The reason why I asked you to take a piece for me from him is that I don’t want to get close to him. If I wasn’t lucky in the Ghoul’s World, I would’ve been dead.”

Zoe breathed out before she moved toward Su Xiao with a chuckled.

“You’re throwing your life for money! meet me in the same place when you’re finished.” Before she left.

Xu Luoluo had many nightmares due to Su Xiao’s cruelty in the Ghoul’s World.

Su Xiao sat on the shore resting and sheathed Dragon Flash. Bob stood beside him as the dog part of him disappeared, leaving a wild wolf guarding Su Xiao.

The sea breeze blew at the man, dog, and sword, while Zoe was walking toward them.

Bob’s cold eyes looked at Zoe, rooting her in her place before barking at her.

“Don’t worry. I’m not a bad person.”

Zoe pulled out some food from her Inventory and wanted to feed Bob.

But the latter looked at her as if saying: ‘Are you mentally ill?”

This made Zoe stiffen as she became depressed by the disdain shown by a dog.

Bob would never eat anything someone other than his own hunt, or Su Xiao gave it to him.

Even before in the restaurant, Bob didn’t eat when the waiter put down the tray of food. Instead, he waited for Su Xiao to give to him himself.

Su Xiao saw Zoe and directly picked up Dragon flash and strapped it to his waist before asking: “Are you here for the Blueprint?”

Su Xiao waited for her response. If she said yes, she would die instantly.

“No, No, No, I’m here to do business.”

“Doing business?”

Su Xiao’s first thought that she is here to sell Potion to him at a high price.

This made Su Xiao directly draw Dragon flash from the sheath and start walking toward her.

“I’m not here to take advantage of you, look at this.”

Zoe directly showed him the description of a skill.

[Kiss of life]

Type: Active skill

Condition of use: Charm point 25, the user must be a female.

Effect: A long kiss between the user and a target of the opposite sex can heal 70% of the target’s Hp (The target’s vitality must be under 30 points). After a long kiss, the target would be in a state of “Love Daze.”

Love daze: Increases natural Hp recovery by 200% for 10 minutes.

Cooldown: No cooldown, but this skill is limited to two uses per World (2/2).

Description: An exchange of bodily fluid isn’t just a pleasurable experience, but it also heals your injuries.

Su Xiao raised his eyebrows seeing this. He saw this skill before. A girl from the flower adventurer guild named candy had it.

“10,000 paradise coins.”

Zoe smiled slyly, but Su Xiao held his blade and moved toward her, making her afraid…

Two minutes later, Zoe was angrily sitting on the sand as her Kiss of Life’s number of uses dropped to 1.

Suddenly a sound taunted her: “I have told you that it was a stupid behavior, getting out alive is good.”

Vu Luoluo teased Zoe and took pleasure in her misfortune.

“I was indeed greedy, but how could he not have any pity at all. What angered me is that he walked away after healing himself, he said, ‘it’s nice doing business with you’ before leaving.”

Zoe was depressed as she almost gained nothing. Su Xiao just gave her 3,000 Paradise Coins.

Su Xiao rode on Bob’s back as they moved toward the Tower of Justice.

At this time, the Tower of Justice was in chaos. When Su Xiao was about to enter the tower, a figure suddenly fell from the building.
With a bang, the figure fell not far away from Su Xiao, creating a big hole on the ground.

Seeing this, Su Xiao was extremely happy as he saw that figure as treasure chest + Source of the World + Mana points.

The one who fell is Fukurou of the CP9. If Su Xiao remembers correctly, Franky was the one who defeated him.

“Ah, you’re that fellow named Byakuya.”

Fukurou saw Su Xiao, and he seemed desperate.

“It seems like I’m not that late.”

Bob ran toward Fukurou, who immediately tried to stand up, but he was too late.

Su Xiao’s sword flashed as Fukurou’s throat was slashed.

[You killed Fukurou.”

[Fukurou is an important character, giving you 5,3% source of the World. Current Source of the World 15,6%.]

[Your talent is activated: Your mana increased by 15 points permanently, your current mana is 843 points.]

[You obtained a treasure Chest (Blue)]

This a good example of the benefits from the fights in the tower of Justice.

Straw hat pirates won’t kill CP9 members, they will only defeat them, and this was an opportunity for many to grab Source of world and treasure chests.

Su Xiao entered into the Tower of Justice while holding his sword in his hand and getting ready to face the cowboy and the three brothers if he encountered them.