Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 358: The Shiny Gold Coin of doom!

Su Xiao could hear crashing sounds of the fight from above as he entered the Tower of Justice.

The Tower of Justice was very high with dozens of floors, and each floor is the size of dozens of houses.

Su Xiao looked around for the stair before walking up. He reached the third floor when he suddenly heard the sound of gunshots.

He stopped in his track as he looked to his left only to find an unusual sight. There were two men and a woman, one of them mem was lying on the ground. With a closer look, Su Xiao noticed that this was Kumadori.

The other two were Nami and the Cowboy, who were conversing normally.

That surprised Su Xiao because the Cowboy joined the World Government camp like him.

Mad Milk was with the Straw hats, the GuoZu three brothers joined the Galley-la comp, and Su Xiao and the cowboy was with the World Government.

Nami was talking with the Cowboy without any fear. The Cowboy should’ve defeated Kumadori.

In the cowboy’s hand was a purple treasure chest. Since he killed Kumadori alone, then his reward should be good.

“If you have any problem later, I will help you.”

The Cowboy said, and Nami nodded. The cowboy seemed relaxed, as if his goal was already achieved.

“Really? Thank you very much.”

Nami smiled because she just won over a powerful ally.

Suddenly, both heard the sound of footsteps approaching and turned around hastily to look at the source.

Seeing Su Xiao, the cowboy instantly grabbed his gun and jumped out of the window to escape.

He just fought with Kumadori, and only 20% of his Hp remained. If he fought Su Xiao, he would die.

Nami stared at the strong ally she just made escaping as soon as he saw Su Xiao and cursed him in her mind.

“You… hello.”

Nami backed away a few steps while forcing herself to smile.

Su Xiao didn’t draw his sword because the straw-hat pirates were somewhat special. If he killed one of them, the source of the world he would gain would be astronomical, but they are now still too weak without the two years of training.

Nami now was just stronger than an average person. She mainly used her weather manipulation to fight. She was weak and couldn’t compare with strong elite pirates.

Seeing Nami’s smile, Su Xiao walked toward her before he stretched his hand to grab Nami’s hand.

But his hand just passed through Nami before she dissipated.

Su Xiao stared at the illusion and was surprised that his senses couldn’t pick this trick. Nami ran away.


Su Xiao couldn’t sense Nami, which means her Mirage can block sensors.

On the fifth floor of the Tower of Justice, Nami ran as fast as she could away from Su Xiao. She was sweating a lot as she panted.

“I was almost caught, and if I’m caught, I’m dead.”

Nami was frightened as she looked around then back at the room’s entrance to make sure that Su Xiao wasn’t behind her.

After several minutes, Nami felt safe.


Nami heard a familiar sound, which made her ears erect.

“This sound…”

Nami stood up and wanted to go out, even though danger awaited her outside.

But that sound attracted her greatly, and she couldn’t control herself. After an internal struggle with her logical side, she peeked out of the door and looked around.

A Gold coin appeared on the ground not far away.

The first thought Nami had was this is a trap, but after carefully analyzing the situation, she convinced herself that this belonged to some people who wanted to flee.

Her logical side was screaming at her, but she couldn’t control her self as she walked toward the gold coin.

She hesitated a bit before picking it up and was filled with happiness because this was a rare Gold Coin.

She wiped it up, making it shiny as if she was taking care of her baby, but she noticed another coin at the entrance of a room.

She directly moved toward it, and when she picked it up, she discovered that a man was standing in front of her.

“That… This is the Gold Coin that you dropped… I was going… To return it to you.”

Nami threw the Gold coin down and wanted to run, but it was too late.

Nami was too close to Su Xiao, and what happened next is imaginable. Ten seconds later, Nami, with tears in her eyes, struggled inside the room.

“No, what is this, don’t put in my mouth, ugh…”

A cry of help sounded from the room as Su Xiao walked out while ignoring Nami.


Nami repeatedly retched as she was forced to swallow a white ‘snake’.

From the start till the end, the man didn’t speak, and she didn’t know what he wanted to do. And more importantly, he took away her Gold Coin.

Nami was very sad, she was forced to swallow a snake, and her money was stolen.

Su Xiao walked to the upper floors of the Tower of Justice deep in thoughts. His understanding of the Straw-hat pirates grew by his encounter with Nami.

When he baited Nami and stopped Nami’s struggle by punching her throat, rows warnings appeared from the Reincarnation paradise.

After seeing these warnings, Su Xiao understood why the contractors didn’t attack the Straw-hat pirates.

Before he arrived, The Cowboy and Nami were alone, and the former didn’t try to kill Nami at all.

If the contractors kill the protagonist or his crew in this case, the Reincarnation paradise won’t punish them, but the world’s difficulty would soar to the sky.

If Nami dies, the difficulty of the One-Piece world will reach Lv.36. Su Xiao won’t be able to deal with such a difficulty.

The Protagonist’s partners aren’t unkillable, but you need to be strong enough to do it.

Su Xiao even suspected that if he killed Nami, one of the weakest members of the Straw-hat crew, he would receive at least 30% of the world’s source.

After asking about it, Su Xiao found out that if Chopper, Nami, and the others died, the world’s difficulty would increase between Lv.30 and Lv.40. If Zoro and Sanji died, the world difficulty would increase between Lv.40 and Lv.60, and if Luffy died, the difficulty would reach Lv.80.

How terrifying was that?

Su Xiao’s face darkened, not to mention Lv.80, He won’t even survive in Lv.30 difficulty.

However, his goal from the start was not killing any of the Straw-Hat’s, since he didn’t have the power to face them at all, and killing them won’t be seeking riches while facing danger. It was seeking death.

After all, their background wasn’t something to scoff about. For example, If Luffy died, Garp, the hero of the Marine, one of the Yonko, Shanks, and the revolutionary army, Dragon would come after his life. And he wasn’t strong to face the Vinsmoke family behind Sanji. Even Usopp had Yasopp, the sniper of the Red-haired pirates.