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R.P Chapter 359: Fighting with Wisdom!

Although killing the Protagonist and his crew is not easy, Su Xiao’s way was better. He had her swallow an Alchemy bomb, which would bring better results than mercilessly killing her.

As he moved toward the higher floors of the Tower o Justice, Su Xiao checked each floor, searching for the three brothers as they were the only threat left in the tower.

There were about 40 minutes before the Quest come to an end. As long as Su Xiao finish this Quest, the other contractors will fail.

Su Xiao took out a cigarette and leaned on the iron fence before lighting it up.

While Smoking, Su Xiao could hear the sound of a sword fight on the upper floor, and he was tempted to go and fight against another swordsman. He wanted to practice his swordsmanship, after all.

Even though staying away from danger was the best option currently, Su Xiao’s mind was set on practicing his swordsmanship now.

“So be it, I will go and see.”

Su Xiao threw his cigarette away as he quickly climbed up the stairs.

As he reached the twentieth floor, Su Xiao was stunned as he saw a Giraffe quarreling with a wolf.

Both of these animals were standing upright while having some human characteristics.

They were two Zoan fruit users, Kaku and Jabra.

There were another two people not far away, which after a closer look, Su Xiao recognized them as Zoro and Usopp, who were strangely handcuffed together.

Zoro’s face was ugly. He felt fortunate that the one with him was Usopp as both of them didn’t have any devil fruit, or else, they would feel extremely weak right now.

Zoro raised the sword in his hand and tried to cut the handcuff.


The handcuff was intact.

“Let’s do rock paper scissor, and whoever loses will cut his hand.”

Zoro said to Usopp.


Usopp wailed, while Zoro was deep in thoughts before he said: “I have a solution.”

“What is it?”

“Hold this sword close to your chest with both hands.”

“Like this?”

Usopp held the sword in his hand like he was instructed.

Zoro grabbed Usopp’s belt, which made the latter’s mouth twitch: “Is it possible that you want…”

“Listen, Sogeking. You’re now a sword.”

Zoro was holding a sword in his left hand, a sword in his mouth, and Usopp on his right hand while Usopp held a sword in his own hands.

“I want a lawyer. I want to sue you.”

Usopp shouted in fright as his body trembled.

“Whatever you want. I will try this first.”

Zoro waved the unique sword ‘Usopp’ to adjust to the added weight.

“This must be a dream, no, a nightmare!!”

Usopp wailed.

“Swords don’t talk.”

Zoro rushed forward with Usopp in hand.


“Wait, you really want to fight like this? Stop, you bastard.”

Usopp was beyond shaken by the current situation.


Zoro jumped, and with a loud shout, he slashed at Kaku.

The Unique sword named ‘Usopp’ had a unique way as its own slash sound effect, which was: “Aaaaah!”

This made Zoro somewhat speechless.

Of course, this strange combination between Zoro and Usopp made it impossible for them to hit Kaku or Jabra. Kaku, while dodging, stuck a hoof at Usopp’s nose.

Usopp’s long nose was bent and twisted while blood flowed out like a fountain.


Suddenly a bullet made its way toward Jabra, who dodged sideways.

“This guy is…”

Jabra looked at Su Xiao and quickly figured out who he was.

“Jabra, kill him, I will handle these two.”

Kaku shouted, if he wasn’t held here by Zoro, he would’ve rushed toward Su Xiao himself.

“I will suppress these two. You go at him.”

Jabra rushed toward Zoro, which was the safest course of action he could get.

Kaku didn’t say anything after Jabra distracted Zoro, he directly rushed toward Su Xiao.

Su Xiao instantly flashed away from the room and went to another empty one.

A lot of equipment was inside the room. They were fitness equipment that a normal human won’t ever dream of using.

Su Xiao stood in the center of the room with a green carpet under his feet.

Realizing that the battle was about to start, Bob shook his head before running away to hide. Ten seconds later, no trace of Bob could be found.

Kaku rushed into the room while holding his two swords. He entered the room using his human form because he just ate the devil fruit; he was not very familiar with using it yet.

In the show, Kaku was defeated because he used his Devil fruit directly after eating it, while he wasn’t familiar with the power it had. Such power needs time and training for the user to grasp.

“Now, I will give a chance to state your purpose. Otherwise, I have the right as a Member of the CP9 to execute you right here, right now.”

Kaku raised his swords and pointed at Su Xiao.

“Kaku, you’re not suited to be a spy.”

Dragon flash appeared in Su Xiao’s hand while directly activating Azure Steel Shadow. Su Xiao knew that Kaku was proficient in using Soru, that’s why he suppressed his senses to five meters around him.

Kaku stayed silent. He made a fatal mistake previously. He didn’t kill Paulie, and because of that, he jeopardized their mission, which is a mistake a spy isn’t allowed to make.

“If you don’t want to talk, then I will kill you, then your goal wouldn’t matter.”

Kaku’s body bent down a little before he muttered: “Soru.”


Kaku disappeared without a trace.

Su Xiao’s honed instincts and senses picked on Kaku’s location and directly supplied the information to Su Xiao’s brain almost instantly: Left!


Su Xiao raised his sword just in time for it to meet with Kaku’s blade blocking it efficiently.

“Unexpectedly, you could see through Soru. Ah, right, you also learned Soru.”

As his first sword was blocked, Kaku swings his other blade at Su Xiao’s throat.

Su Xiao lifted his left hand, which was equipped with the purple quality armguard, and stopped the second attack.

Su Xiao didn’t waste any time as he grabbed Kaku’s blade with the intention of breaking it.

This made Kaku’s expression change as he didn’t have any other weapon now, so he used all of his power to separate the blade from Su Xiao’s hand.

As soon as the blade left Su Xiao’s hand, Kaku attacked again.


As the sword fell on Su Xiao’s head, the latter didn’t even attempt to dodge it. He merely pulled his left arm back.


A large amount of blood spewed out of Kaku’s body as he screamed. Su Xiao tricked Kaku when he grabbed the sword with his armguard, and instead of breaking the sword, he used the metal wire of the armguard to wrap Kaku. And as soon as he tightened his hold on the Wire, it directly penetrated Kaku’s skin.


The Wire stopped penetrating Kaku’s body as Su Xiao felt the resistance soar up with Kaku using Tekkai.

Su Xiao jumped back and grabbed the wire with his left hand, and pulled with all of his power.


The pain made Kaku’s eyes red as he swung his sword toward the wire, but to his bewilderment, the Wire wasn’t cut, except for the pain he felt when he hit the wire, nothing happened.

Su Xiao suddenly had a bright idea, if I can channel Azure Steel Shadow through Dragon Flash, couldn’t I do the same with the Metal Wire?