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R.P Chapter 360: The Nemesis

Light blue energy spread through the metal wire, which became easy to notice.

An even more intense pain assaulted Kaku as his energy dropped at an alarming rate while dealing true damage to Kaku’s Hp.

It was a great idea to channel the Azure Steel Shadow’s energy through the wire after trapping someone in it.

He can’t do this before trapping someone, or else, the metal wire will be in plain sight, and no one would be stupid enough to let it wrap around himself.

Kaku could do nothing in his current situation; the metal wire was just too strong for him to break out from.

Su Xiao kept on channeling the Azure Steel Shadow’s energy down the metal wire, and after a while, the metal wire sank even further into Kaku’s body, almost reaching his bones.

Su Xiao wasn’t finished as he took an alchemy bomb and changed it into a snake before making it climb Kaku’s body and coil around him.


The Top Grade Alchemy bomb swelled and turned red before it exploded.

Since Su Xiao was so close to the explosion, he was slightly affected by the shock wave is sent.

As the fire of the explosion faded, Kaku’s whole body appeared full of burns, his nose was blown away, and charred blood covered the ground around him.


Kaku spat out a mouthful of blood as his body almost lost all its strength.

“Huh, huh,…”

Kaku gasped violently and raised his head to look at Su Xiao. He knew that today is the day he dies, his carelessness at the start of the fight cost him his life.

Kaku suddenly made an unexpected move. He threw the sword in his left hand onto the ground before holding the other one in his right hand.

His left hand trembled as it moved and held the sword in his right hand, and immediately as he saw this, Su Xiao tried to tighten the metal wire even further.

“Let’s go to hell together!”

Kaku lifted his left hand and wrapped the metal wire around his forearm.

Blood gushed out from his forearm, but Kaku didn’t care. He wanted to wrap the metal wire around him so that Su Xiao wouldn’t escape.

As long the power gap wasn’t big, Su Xiao wasn’t afraid of anyone up close, so he directly held Dragon Flash and rushed forward.

The Metal wire connected the two, and the outcome should be decided quite fast.

Su Xiao raised Dragon Flash and dropped it down on Kaku’s head.

“Tekkai: Steel Head!” (T/L: Normal Tekkai, but the author named it cause Kaku used it to strengthen his head.)

Dragon Flash could only pierce a few centimeters of Kaku’s head before it stopped.

Kaku’s eyes were full of rage as he instantly used his everything to slash at Su Xiao.

Su Xiao was wounded, but he didn’t even take a step back.

The close combat between the two was extremely fierce, and after a few attacks from Kaku, the latter started to lose his strength. He lost too much blood, and his body was filled with wounds due to the explosion.

Su Xiao took a deep breath as blood dripped down from his chin. He quickly kicked Kaku’s Abdomen and waved Dragon Flash.


Kaku’s right arm was severed, and fell down while still clutching the sword. He was extremely frustrated. He was proficient in the Rokushiki, but he couldn’t use Soru or Geppo to get away due to the Metal Wire.

“Rankyaku: Amane Dachi!”

Kaku angrily roared as his left hand supported his body and lifted him while his legs rotated quickly, sending out compressed Air slashes.

Su Xiao knew that the current situation wasn’t great for him, but he wasn’t flustered. He directly tightened the Metal wire even further, stopping Kaku’s rotation.

Su Xiao didn’t stop there. He directly landed a dropkick between Kaku’s legs. As soon as the kick landed, Su Xiao imagined two eggs cracking.

Kaku’s body started spasming. But even though he just had a Descendants Ending Kick, he still had the ability to fight.

“Shigan: Chaotic Haze!”

Although the other attack was stopped, Kaku used another attack that Su Xiao wasn’t familiar with. He directly inserted a finger into Su Xiao’s chest.

Su Xiao’s mouth was filled with blood as he looked at the finger in his chest.

“What is that attack?”

This attack Kaku used was a combination of Rankyaku and Shigan. His finger could send the same compressed Air slashes, and since his finger penetrated Su Xiao, those attacks damaged Su Xiao’s lung and liver, and nearly cut his heart.

“Although I don’t how you come to know my combat style, this skill is unique, and I never used it before.”

As Kaku wanted to bring his finger out of Su Xiao’s chest, he felt pain, extreme pain that he never felt before.

Looking down, he saw a sword piercing his chest.

“When… Did you?”

Kaku’s body became weaker each second, as the sword passed through his heart.

“When you were relaxed, I took advantage of your satisfaction.”

Su Xiao twirled Dragon Flash inside Kaku’s heart before drawing it out. Kaku kneeled on the ground, and before he could look at Su Xiao, his head flew in the air.

[You killed Kaku]

[Kaku is a main plot character; you obtained 7.8% Source of the World. You currently have 23.4% Source of the world.]

[Your devourer talent is activated: Increasing 10 Mana points permanently. You current Mana point is 853.]

[You obtained a treasure Chest (purple)]

Seeing his devourer talent add only 10 points, Su Xiao looked in doubt, as Kaku was a strong opponent, so his Mana should’ve increased more than 10 points.

After looking further into it, Su Xiao finally understood why he only obtained 10 points. It seems like he reached the limit of 100 Mana points in this world.

Su Xiao was smiling widely as he picked up the Purple treasure chest. This Treasure Chest may even contain Kaku’s devil fruit.

Even though Kaku’s fruit was just a normal Zoan fruit, with a Giraffe shape, and may not have strong power, it certainly can be sold at a high price.

But now wasn’t the time for Su Xiao to think about it.

“Come out!”

Su Xiao looked at the door and shouted. While he was fighting Kaku, some people hid outside the room, waiting for a good opportunity to finish whoever emerges victorious.

“Big Brother, what should we do? He discovered us.”

“Do you still need to ask? Of course, will fight him, he is seriously injured after all.”

“Big brother is wise.”

The three Guozu brothers entered the room wearing some strange armor.

“Brothers, Attack!”

The big brother angrily roared as he charged toward Su Xiao, in his hand was a blue quality baseball bat. The same weapon was being wielded by the other two brothers.

Su Xiao knew that fighting those three wasn’t good right now, as he was just finishing another fight himself.

Su Xiao lifted his sword to stop the bat from hitting him. He was surprised by the lack of power behind the attack and concluded that this guy’s strength stat wasn’t even above 15 points.

A smile suddenly reappeared on Su Xiao’s face as he understood these brothers’ strategy. They were holy knights, they had an extremely strong defense and had healing skills, but their attacks couldn’t overpower a chicken.

Su Xiao no longer remained defensive. Instead, he took the initiative to attack, which made the eldest brother really anxious.

Dragon Flash was raised up before it fell down on the guy’s armor, directly piercing it.

With a pitiful shout, the eldest brother started crying.

“This is good. This fellow’s attacks deal true damage.”

Seeing his big brother wounded, the second brother directly started healing him, and a golden light enveloped the two of them.

Su Xiao didn’t care about them healing his target; instead, he continued to attack.

The little brother joined his second brother in healing their eldest brother.

The eldest brother was crying. Although he wouldn’t die easily, it was just too painful.

“Please forgive us, we are wrong.”

The eldest brother begged for mercy, but Su Xiao didn’t pay attention.

After a few dozens of attacks, Su Xiao stopped attacking the eldest brother as he shouldn’t have any Mana left before he went to attack the others.

It’s true that they had strong defense and Vitality and even stronger healing ability, but Su Xiao didn’t believe that they have unlimited Mana, and once they don’t have any Mana left, they would die.

Su Xiao was the nemesis of the GuoZu brothers!