Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 361: Hammer Time!

Seeing Su Xiao change target, the eldest Brother saw this as an opportunity to stand up.

“You can only dream of killing me! But that hurts.”

Although the eldest Brother’s face frowned slightly due to pain, he still smiled with satisfaction at the display of pure Vitality and healing power.

The three brothers were famous for these things. They were almost unkillable when they fight mainly due to their healing and Vitality.

And now, The eldest Brother’s hp was up to 50% even with all Su Xiao’s attacks, while the latter had only 20% of HP remaining.

The eldest Brother stood up and started healing himself because the three Brother’s Hp’s safety margin was 80%.

But his expression greatly changed.

“How come I’m out… of Mana?”

Seeing this, the eldest Brother spends a few Paradise Coins to look at the Fight log, only for his expression to change to fear.

[You received 270 Damage (120 base attack + 103 Weapon’s attack + 34 Tur Damage + 13 Bleeding Damage).]

[An unknown Energy is burning you Mana: 34 Mana points are burned!]

[An unknown Energy is burning you Mana: 34 Mana points are burned!]

[You received 283 Damage…]

[The data is an estimation and isn’t completely accurate. Error Margin is 2% to 5%.]

Seeing the amount of damage each attack from Su Xiao deals, the eldest Brother trembled. One attack could kill any other contractor instantly.

There were even four factors to calculate damage, Base Damage was the Contractor’s attack power and adding it to the weapons damage and the others, the output was too high for contractors of their level. The situation became instantly unfavorable for the brothers.

What’s more, Su Xiao’s attacks can burn mana, which made it impossible for them to heal, and he could guess that Su Xiao changed target because his mana was depleted.

“Brothers, this guy isn’t easily provoked, we should retreat.”

When the two remaining brothers heard their eldest brother shout, they noticed the battle log he sent them and instantly noticed the burning Mana.

The three of them were almost unkillable when it comes to HP, but they will die very quickly if they run out of Mana.

“Big Brother, we can’t run, this guy’s agility is higher than 30 points.”

The Little Brother was the one being attacked currently and was screaming like a pig.

“Second Brother, Hammer Tactic!”


The eldest Brother instantly took a potion, and His Mana filled up to 20% before he yelled: “Holy Light Hammer.”

“Holy Light Hammer.”

The Second Brother followed after him, and the sledgehammer was formed out of light and flew toward Su Xiao.

Hearing the Hammers revolving in the air, Su Xiao stopped attacking before waved his sword to clean the bloodstains on it and sidestepped. Taking this opportunity, the youngest Brother started running way.

But unexpectedly, Su Xiao saw that the Hammer’s followed after him as if they had a tracking property.

Su Xiao directly stopped evading and cut a hammer with his sword.

As the sword touched a hammer, golden rays engulfed Su Xiao.

[You’re are rooted for 2 seconds due to the effect of Holy light Hammer.]

Being rooted for 2 seconds wasn’t that bad originally, but another hammer reach Su Xiao, and unlike the one before it, It hit Su Xiao’s body directly.

[You’re are rooted for 5 seconds due to the effect of Holy light Hammer.]

It wasn’t the end as another one hit Su Xiao.

[You’re are rooted for 5 seconds due to the effect of Holy light Hammer.]

[You’re being affected by three different crowd control abilities simultaneously, Determining the effect…]

[The three crowd control abilities are compatible, you will be rooted for 12 seconds, 2 seconds already passes, 10 seconds remaining.]

The three brothers’ ultimate ability is the holy light hammer, and it was just ordinary, but when they raised it to level 30 forcibly, it gained a few extra properties.

The first one is the tracking effect. The second one is the ability to superimpose their effects while discarding the judgment between their attributes and any of the target’s attributes.

At this time, the three Brothers were satisfied and started escaping. Although Su Xiao was rooted, they still understood that they couldn’t beat Su Xiao in close combat. They couldn’t even hurt him while he ignored their attacks.

The Brother fixed their clothes and laughed before they prepared to jump from the window.

“Brothers, are you ready to withdraw?”

Don’t misunderstand. They weren’t doing this to anger Su Xiao. They were just fixing themselves to seem cool when they jump out of the window…

When the three brothers are still fixing their clothes, they felt something wrong.

Silver light flashed around Su Xiao’s body before quickly fading which meant that he used the ability of the [Mithril Ring (Purple)]

Equipment effect: Mithril’s Burn (Active): Any crowd control ability on the wearer will be released. (the caster of the crowd control should have less than 35 points in intelligence.)

Hint: Mithril’s Burn (Active): Consumes 100 Mana points.

Hint: Cooldown time is 18 hours.

Su Xiao regained his freedom and looked coldly at the three brothers. He had a strange feeling that the three of them weren’t going to kill him even if he lost, but they would try to blackmail him into giving him a few treasures.

Su Xiao shook his head as he couldn’t understand how they even survived in the Reincarnation paradise.

Su Xiao was spot on this time. These three Brother’s Motto was not to kill at all, be it a plot character or other contractors.

Although their acting was strange, they were ones of the few good people in the Reincarnation Paradise.

“This is bad, that creep is free.”

“Big brother, we still didn’t fix our clothes.” The little Brother stated.

The atmosphere turned strange before the big Brother said: “Clothes, your sister, run away!”

The eldest Brother grabbed the third brother and directly jumped out of the window, and a few seconds later, Su Xiao heard a loud bang as the three brothers landed.

Su Xiao stood by the window as he looked at the three brothers limping away.

“The GuoZu Brothers.”

Su Xiao didn’t look at them with contempt as he knew that they were strong. Any guild would be glad to invite them, and they would be very useful tanks and healers, and with their light hammers, their crowd control would be superb.