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R.P Chapter 362: Harvest!

Sitting on the island was Mad Milk, who held a piece of Pluton’s blueprint in his hand.

“This is the only way. I’m not surprised if the GuoZu Brothers were killed or forced to retreat. It seems like we lost this time, Cowboy!”

Mad Milk looked at the Cowboy, who was smoking a cigar and playing with his revolver.

“I wasn’t defeated, I just weren’t in a condition to fight, that’s why I retreated.”

The Cowboy was also holding a small piece from the Blueprint in his hand.

“Haa, What about the blasted bladder…”

Hearing this, the cowboy shook his head. Although he was a bit embarrassed, he won’t deny what happened.

“If I gave it my all, it would’ve been a 50/50 chance.”

Mad Milk nodded because he knew that the cowboy was strong.

“You didn’t use that?”


The cowboy smiled slightly. It’s not that he didn’t want to use that move, but he can’t without the Mana.

“But seriously, how come we never heard of that guy before.”

Mad Milk started Chewing on some biscuits as he muttered.

“The Tower of Justice is his now.”

The Cowboy smiled with satisfaction as he heard some footsteps behind him.

“As expected, you three couldn’t deal with him either.”

Mad Milk and the Cowboy weren’t about to fight, but they always made others uncomfortable.

“Please, don’t disturb us.”

The Brothers directly went toward another direction as soon as they saw these two.

Their Mana was below 10%, and they can’t heal each other efficiently like this.


The Cowboy shouted at the three brothers who stopped directly.

“Taking this thing can exempt you from suffering the penalty.”

The Eldest brother was extremely happy as he looked gratefully at the Cowboy.

“Don’t thank me. I’m just repaying Gulu’s favor.”

The Cowboy just stayed down and relaxed. He was waiting for the time to come to leave this world.

“Understood, how is Gulu, by the way.”

“Still the same, killing people, eating sugar, the usual.”

The eldest brother nodded before sighing and walking away.

Suddenly, Fuyu Yuki opened her mouth: “How about you two cooperate?”



The Cowboy and Mad Milk said at the same time, which startled Fuyu Yuki, it seems like these two cooperating is just a dream.

“That… Did you give up on the Tower of Justice?”

Fuyu Yuki didn’t want to give up, but suddenly the Cowboy stood up and said: “Killing that man is very difficult, he won’t kill me easily either, but the price I will have to pay will be greater than whatever I will get in return.”

Mad Milk continued eating his biscuits, while Fuyu Yuki looked at the Tower of Justice.

Inside the Tower of justice, Su Xiao directly headed toward where Zoro fought Jyabura (Jabra).

Entering the room, Su Xiao found Jabra unconscious on the floor.

Su Xiao walked toward him in a relaxed manner while gripping Dragon Flash before thrusting it with full power.

Dragon flashes directly penetrated Jabra’s throat as the latter opened his eyes in anger. He was pretending that he lost consciousness so he could sneak attack Su Xiao, but that was a bad idea.

[You killed Jabra!]

[Jabra is a Key Character in the plot, you gained 5.7% source of the world, you currently have 21.3% source of the world] (T/N: No idea who did the math there, he already has 23.4% after killing Kaku, so he should have 29.1% now, but the Author wrote 21.3%.)

[You obtained a treasure Chest (blue)]

Taking away the treasure box, Su Xiao didn’t continue forward. Instead, he quickly ran back down.

The Quest can be completed in 18 minutes, while the maximum time limit is 23 hours.

Su Xiao wanted to confirm one thing. He wanted to know if the battle came to an end or was it still going and if he can leave Enies lobby or not.

Su Xiao quickly left the Tower of Justice, without looking at the fight between Luffy and Lucci. It’s not good for him to go, and furthermore, if what he is thinking about succeeded, he would gain many more benefits.

Su Xiao didn’t leave from the Tower of Justice’s main entrance; instead, he went from behind using the metal wire before stopping on the first island.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Cannons bombarded Enies Lobby as Spandam used the Buster call.

Su Xiao stood beside the coast, waiting silently.

[Defending Pluton’s Blueprint is successful. Main Quest: The Decisive Battle (Completed)]

[Announcement: The Straw-hat pirates’ camp won the decisive battle. Straw Hat Pirates’ camp contractors received 3% Source of the world.]

All the contractors relaxed as the fight came to an end. Mad Milk and the Cowboy chose to leave directly and return to the Reincarnations paradise as they feared the Buster call’s bombing.

Some of the contractors were still considering staying here for a while and noticed something strange. One of the quests wasn’t completed; the Blueprint of Pluton’s quest was still not completed.

There was still an opportunity to grab Pluton’s blueprint. But they knew that someone who can force Mad Milk and the Cowboy to abandon the quest wasn’t someone they could afford to face.

As soon as the Reincarnation Paradise issued the announcement, Su Xiao knew that he could leave Enies lobby and felt great happiness.

He directly went into the boat he arrived in with Bob, who once again but on the Sunglasses.

Su Xiao started the boat and headed toward Water 7.

After two hours, the ship stopped on the shore of Water 7.

Su Xiao directly went to the residence he bought ahead of time. He drank a cup of water before taking his Den Den Mushi and made a call.

After a few moments, someone picked the call.

“Hello, this is East Blue’s Newspaper…”

“I’m Byakuya.”

Hearing the name Byakuya, the Den Den Mushi stayed silent.

“Call your boss here. I have something to discuss with him.”

Su Xiao didn’t want to discuss things with ordinary spy agents. He directly demanded someone with high authority.

“You traitor, the world government will chase you till the end of the world…”

“Stop saying nonsense and call your boss.”

A sneer sounded from the Den Den Mushi.

“Don’t you know? You’re already a wanted criminal with 300 Million Berry on your head.”