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R.P Chapter 363: Are you crazy?

It wasn’t surprising that Su Xiao’s bounty was so how, because even though his power wasn’t up to the 300 million’s bounty, he still had the Sun Wrath with him that easily could destroy a city.

Robin’s bounty was for knowing the Ancient language and the ability to read the Poneglyphs, and Su Xiao could make a bomb used in large scale war, so his bounty wasn’t exaggerated.

“Is that so, then I will destroy this Den Den Mushi. By the way, I will inform you that I hold Pluton’s blueprint in my hands as well.”

The agent on the other side of the call suddenly stopped talking, and after a long time, he stuttered.

“Bya… Mr. Byakuya, can you… wait for a moment.”

The agent that was so arrogant previously almost lost his ability to speak due to his fear. If Pluton’s blueprint is lost because of him, he will not live to see the next day. No, he won’t even be alive to see today’s sunset.

Su Xiao didn’t care about the bounty on his head. He wasn’t someone from this world, so let alone 300 million berry, he wouldn’t even care if it was 3 billion berry.

After waiting for some time, no agent spoke again. Pluton’s Blueprint was of great importance, and no one was close enough to Su Xiao’s location to get it from him because currently, Enies lobby was under attack.

After another five minutes, the call ended, and a few seconds later, the Den Den Mushi rang.

“This is Sengoku.”

Hearing his words, Su Xiao was taken aback. How could the person talking to him be Sengoku? The agent was normally stationed in the CP department. Did he use some kind of teleportation?

Su Xiao didn’t understand the principle of the Den Den Mushi, but negotiating with Sengoku was both good and bad news.

Sengoku was smart, maybe the smarted in the Marine currently, and he was as strong as an Admiral if not stronger.

“Go ahead, what do you want.”

Sengoku didn’t doubt that Su Xiao indeed had Pluton’s Blueprint.

They already obtained the fake one, and after getting some expert to appraise it, they knew that some of it was true, but it was still a fake, which meant that Su Xiao had the real one.

“Fleet Admiral Sengoku, my demands aren’t that high. I want Logia devil fruit, a swordsmanship journal left by a great swordsman, a few branches of the Treasure Tree Adam, and an O Wazamono Sword.”

Su Xiao held something that the world government wants at the moment, and he was the one who worked hard to obtain it. Of course, he will be asking such a high price.

Sengoku’s eyes squinted as he felt that Byakuya wanted to rip him off and that Byakuya was his real name.

“A logia Devil fruit is impossible, along with an O Wazamono Sword. A swordsmanship journal left by a great Swordsman… can be considered. As for the branches of the Treasure Tree Adam, that’s absolutely impossible.”

Sengoku’s meaning was very obvious. The journal can be given. They have neither an O Wazamono Sword nor a Logia Devil Fruit. As for the branches of the Treasure Tree Adam, even if they have it, they won’t give it away.

“Really, then forget it, sorry to disturb you, Fleet Admiral Sengoku.”

Su Xiao prepared to hang up. After all, the world government wasn’t the only buyer. There are always people who want something like the Blueprint of an Ancient weapon, such as Doflamingo, the Revolutionary Army, Charlotte Linlin…

To be precise, Su Xiao wasn’t blackmailing the World Government. He was just doing business.

Do you think the price is high? Then, don’t buy it. I will sell it to someone else.

Pluton’s Blueprint isn’t the world Government’s property. It is the legacy of the previous empire.

“What do you mean?”

Sensing that Su Xiao was about to end the conversation and hang up, Sengoku’s tone turned cold.

“What do I mean? Sengoku, does the Blueprint of Pluton belongs to you?”

Hearing Su Xiao’s questioning, Sengoku didn’t reply because it didn’t belong to him or the world government.

“Let’s discard the thought of me blackmailing you. This is just a business deal, a transaction. You give me something that satisfies me, and Pluton’s Blueprint will belong to you. If you can’t, I will look for another buyer. Actually, the Revolutionary Army is a good choice and has a good reputation as well. Far beyond what the Marine and the World government current reputation, Fleet Admiral Sengoku.”

Su Xiao directly put down the Den Den Mushi about to hang up. Even though time was running against him, he has a way to contact the Revolutionary Army.

The Revolutionary army’s troops are spread all over the world. Of course, an island like water 7 would have someone who belongs to them.

“Hold on!!!”

Sengoku shouted loudly.

“If you’re not satisfied with the price, we can still negotiate.”

Su Xiao’s hand stopped mid-air while holding the Den Den Mushi.

“Fleet Admiral Sengoku, I don’t trust anyone in the Marines, so let’s forget it.”

“Stop talking nonsense. If you go to the Revolutionary army, they would only be able to get you one thing. Even if they get Pluton’s Blueprint, they won’t be able to build it. Give me ten minutes. I will think about it and contact you.”

“Well, I’m waiting for the good news.”

Both sides hung up at the same time. Su Xiao took out a fleshy bone and gave it to Bob to devour like always and gnaw on the bone.

‘The world of humans is too complicated, making Bob tired,’ Bob thought.

Su Xiao took out Pluton’s Blueprint and copied it. He had to complete the Quest afterward and didn’t know if the blueprint will disappear or not, but he couldn’t risk it.

As soon as the ten minutes were up, Su Xiao’s Den Den Mushi rang once again.

“The swordsmanship of a great swordsman will be provided by the Marine, the Branches of the Treasure Tree Adam is given by the world government, but They had only a few. Those things are in the hands of the nobles and Celestial Dragons as a symbol of their statue, and it’s hard to obtain very much in a short time. If you are still dissatisfied, then you can contact other forces.”

Sengoku didn’t bargain. He just gave Su Xiao his final offer.

“I accept.”

Su Xiao agreed without Hesitation. After all, what he will gain were extra rewards outside of the Quest’s benefits.

Sengoku asked in a deep voice: “Where will the transaction occur?”

“I’m currently in Water 7.”

Hearing Su Xiao uttering his position without care, Sengoku was taken aback, and his expression changed.

Stopping Aokiji, who stood up to rush to that location with a look, Sengoku felt that something was wrong.

“Should I say that you are self-confident or extremely arrogant?”

Sengoku sat in his office with Aokiji, Akainu, Garp, Tsuru, and an official of the world government.

“Whatever you say, but Fleet Admiral Sengoku, you have seen the power of Sun Wrath, and I’m an easily frightened person, so if I feel danger…”

Sengoku shook his head.

“Impossible, you only got three sets of material to make the bomb, no it can’t…”

“Let me ask you a question, Fleet admiral Sengoku. Who wrote the materials for the Sun Wrath? Who made said bombs? I said that the world government would provide for the material, but I didn’t say I can’t make it myself…”

A blue vein appeared on Sengoku’s forehead as the other party was holding a bomb with the potential to destroy a city in the middle of Water 7. If the bomb was to explode, Water 7 would sink without a doubt.

“You lunatic!!”

Sengoku slammed his fist on the desk, destroying it completely.

“I will provide the location, and the time limit for the transaction is four hours from now. As for who to send… Arrange for a captain or below, who is a female, and under 25 years old.”

Sengoku was speechless as he didn’t know why the hell he would ask for someone like that.



The call came to an end.


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