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R.P Chapter 365: What Did You Eat?!

“You won’t come to us for no reason. And if you’re talking about a deal, you should know that we aren’t desperate about money…”

Robin stopped mid-sentence as she turned to look at Nami.

“I… I don’t like money either.”

Nami felt slightly guilty and felt like she betrayed her lover when she said this.

Su Xiao waved his hand and pointed at Luffy.

“Wake him up. It’s up to your captain to decide if you want to help or not.”

“Impossible, Luffy is too tired, so I will speak with you.”

Sanji obviously disagreed, but Zoro directly pushed Luffy to wake him up.

“Marimo, what are you doing?”

“Dartboard Brow, there is something wrong.”

Sanji thought for a bit before he nodded.

In dangerous times, Zoro and Sanji make similar decisions.

“The wake Luffy up.”

Zoro shook Luffy a few times, but the latter didn’t respond.

Sanji stopped Zoro and mentioned for him to come. Sanji picked up pepper and handed it to Luffy.

Luffy, with closed eyes, stuffed the pepper into his mouth. Three seconds later, Luffy’s eyes widened.


Luffy almost spits fire, but Sanji already handed him a glass of milk to ease the spiciness of the pepper.

After drinking the milk, Luffy was much better.

Luffy felt something strange as he looked around, but Zoro and Sanji explained the situation to him, making him become serious.

“I know you. You’re the guy from the roof of the Tower of Justice.”

“Yes, I want to talk to you about something.”

Su Xiao took out his pocket watch to check the time before he started speaking.

“I want you to make a trade with the Marine. I will give you one item. You will be giving that item to the Marine, while the Marine will give you two items. When the transaction is complete, contact me with a Den Den Mushi.”

Su Xiao took out a Den Den Mushi and placed it on the table.

Luffy frowned and understood what Su Xiao meant.

“Although I don’t know the reason, I refuse.”

Luffy flatly refused.

“Remember, you will make the transaction with a female Marine under 25 years old. If you find something wrong, immediately destroy what you have.”

Su Xiao continued describing what they had to do as if he didn’t hear Luffy.”

“I said, I refuse.”

Luffy lowered the straw hat.

“You won’t refuse. Trust me.”

“No, I will refuse.”

Su Xiao chuckled: “It’s not dangerous during the transaction, but after it, you should pay attention since Marines could be following you.”

Luffy stood up and looked directly at Su Xiao.

“This doesn’t sound like a good thing, so we won’t do it.”

Su Xiao nodded. It was really dangerous.

“Let me ask you, does your companion’s life matter to you?”

While talking, Su Xiao took out a super alchemy bomb that turned into a snake and threw it out of the house.


A deafening explosion resounded as the windows of the house shattered.

With a thud, Nami fell to her knees with a hand on her abdomen and whispered: “How could…”

Luffy didn’t understand what’s going on, but Sanji noticed Nami’s abnormality.

“Don’t come near me!”

Nami yelled and quickly moved to the corner of the room as far away from the crew as possible.

“This is…”

Sanji looked at Nami with confusion.

“That Bomb… I swallowed, and it’s now in my stomach.”

Nami’s voice trembled, but she was approaching Su Xiao. It was a clever move since Su Xiao won’t be dumb enough to detonate the Bomb when she was beside him.

“As you can see, help me complete the transaction, and I will help her take the bomb out.”

Su Xiao walked out of the room without even asking if Luffy agreed or not because he would definitively agree.


Zoro suddenly spoke.

“I will do it.”

“Ok, you’re already the one I would choose for this.”

Zoro nodded, and Luffy clenched his fist. He didn’t speak anymore. He wanted to go, but he was too tired currently, and he wouldn’t be able to fight in his state.

“Come with me.”

Su Xiao ordered Nami. Nami hesitated before she walked toward Su Xiao slowly. There was a bomb in her body, and she couldn’t be with her friends for the time being.


Don’t go.”

Nami paused before turning her head and smiling at them. Although she had a bomb in her body, she had a feeling that nothing will happen to her.

“Don’t worry. I will be back soon.”

Nami walked out of the room and followed Su Xiao.

After leaving the house, Su Xiao looked around. He was looking for a tall building that can help him have a view of the entire place.

Nami followed Su Xiao step by step, and finally, they reached the rood of a tall building.

Su Xiao took out a Binocular and looked around. The view was good here. Even if there is an emergency, he could just jump down the building and escape.

Nami stood silently beside Su Xiao. She secretly took out her Clima-Tact and looked at Su Xiao’s head intently.

Su Xiao stiffened before he looked back at Nami. He hated the feeling of someone staring at the back of his head. It reminded him of being teleported by the Reincarnation Paradise.

“Bob, watch her.”

Bob rushed to Nami and stared at her.

Nami glanced at Bob and then fell down on the rood.

“What do you want to do?”

Just as Nami spoke, Bob stood up and growled at her.

“I… I didn’t move.”

Bob looked at her long legs. He felt that this person was dishonest, which made him upset.

Su Xiao walked to Nami and said: “Our time is running, lie down.”


Nami looked surprised as she put her hand on her chest.

“I… You don’t come over.”

“Stop talking nonsense, and take off your clothes.”

“Huh?” Nami was even more afraid now.

Su Xiao frowned. The last sentence can be easily misunderstood indeed.

“Don’t get me wrong; I just want to get a feel of your body structure.”

Nami froze. She never thought that someone could force a woman and still spoke so soberly.

“I’m not wrong, don’t come closer, or I will jump down the building.”

“I will just take the bomb off, lie down.”

Nami almost forgot about the Bomb entirely. After hesitating, she laid down.

Su Xiao stepped forward and tore her clothes open. Nami’s eyes widened as she started struggling.

Su Xiao pressed his knees against her white and flat abdomen and pointed his fingers toward her chest.


After struggling for a while, Nami realized that nothing else happened. Su Xiao didn’t move any further, but still, her upper body was Naked, which made her extremely embarrassed.

“Stop breathing. It will affect my perception.”

Nami bit her lips, closed her eyes, and held her breath.

A minute later, she could no longer hold her breath.

“Ha~, Ha~” Nami breathed as her flushed face returned to normal.

Nami took the initiative to ask: “Did you take it out?”

Su Xiao looked at Nami in surprise as if he found something wrong.

“What did you eat recently? did you eat something that resembles jelly.”

“I ate some sticky cakes.”

Hearing Nami’s words, Bob rolled his eyes. (T/N: it should’ve been Su Xiao who rolled his eyes)