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R.P Chapter 366: Return And Evaluation

Su Xiao angrily laughed. Nami actually ate a sticky cake after swallowing the bomb, and now the two were stuck together.

Nami didn’t know that she was forced to swallow a bomb, so she wasn’t to blame.

“You can’t take the bomb out?”

Nami was a little desperate.

“No, I will take it out. Since we made a deal, I will finish my end of the deal.”

Su Xiao pondered a little and then took out U-shaped iron bars.

Ding! Ding!…

Su Xiao stuck the Iron bars on the ground tying Nami down and prevented her from struggling. Nami was completely restrained now.

“Hey, what are you doing?”

Nami tried struggling, but it was ineffective.

“This is a measure to avoid getting you hurt in the process. You won’t like what will happen later.”

Su Xiao put out several tools from his Inventory.

“What this?”

Nami looked at the rubber tube in Su Xiao’s hands in amazement. There were some unidentified objects in the rubber tube that were made of metal.

“Open your mouth.”

“I don’t want to.”

Su Xiao nodded, put down the rubber tube, and pulled out Dragon Flash.

“What are you doing, don’t scare me like that.”

“Since you don’t want to take the bomb out the gentle way, then I have to change to a more direct method.”

Nami immediately opened her mouth. After a while, muffled noises could be heard occasionally from the roof and even pained whining.

More than an hour later, Nami was squatting on the rooftop with a pale face. She didn’t feel too well.

Not far away from her, the alchemy bomb was on the ground.

Nami wasn’t as afraid of Su Xiao as before. He didn’t make any outrageous action.

The bomb was taken out, and Su Xiao was nowhere to be found. Only Nami and the dog were left on the roof, which made Nami want to escape.

Suddenly a wire wrapped around Nami’s arm and instantly stopped her from moving.

Su Xiao returned to the roof and looked into the distance. A large Warship appeared on the coastline.

The Warships stopped far from Water 7, and a small boat started moving toward the island.

Seeing this, Su Xiao took out his Den Den Mushi.

“The thing is under the trash bin on the fourth street. Go grab it.”

Su Xiao directly hung up and took his Spider Queen. The X8 skill cooldown ended, and he can use it directly now.

Through the lens, Su Xiao saw Zoro walking to the fourth block and quickly pick Pluton’s blueprint.

Su Xiao glanced at the remaining time. Half an hour remained. He completed the main Quest, and fortunately, Pluton’s Blueprint didn’t disappear, which made the transaction easier.

“Puru puru puru puru…”

The Den Den Mushi rang, and it was from Zoro.

“I got the thing. What do I do now?”

“Go to the south coast for the transaction, and I will contact you later.”

Su Xiao ended the call, and another one started ringing. Su Xiao directly took it out.

“We have arrived. Where are you.”

It wasn’t Sengoku, as he is the feel admiral, he is always needed in the Marine Headquarters. Su Xiao recognized the person talking. He was an Admiral with a Logia fruit, and he wasn’t someone Su Xiao could fight.

Pointing Spider Queen toward the warship, Su Xiao could see Aokiji on the deck holding the Den Den Mushi.

“It doesn’t matter where I’m now. Give everything to Roronoa Zoro.”

“No, you must come in person.”

“Are you dreaming?”

Aokiji stopped talking.

“Make the transaction with Roronoa Zoro.”

Su Xiao pointed Spider Queen at the coast and saw Zoro along with a female Marine standing in front of each other. They seemed to know each other already.

Su Xiao called Zoro immediately.

“Lift the things up.”

Zoro looked around, as if looking for Su Xiao’s position, and at the same time, he held the things in his hand, which seemed like a scroll and a few branches of wood.

“Yes, Now immediately leave.”

Five minutes later, the phone rang once again, and it was Aokiji.

“Where is the page concerning the power core of Pluto.”

It seems that the Marines found someone reliable. Looking closely, Su Xiao saw the familiar figure of Vegapunk.

“I will tell you about the location in five minutes. I need to inspect the goods.”

Without waiting for Aokiji to speak, Su Xiao ended the call. The reason why the Marine actually accepted such a transaction is mainly due to Aokiji being there. With him here, there was no way anyone could flee since he could freeze the water, instantly blocking any escaping ship.

Nami looked at Su Xiao blankly. She could only see him as a big villain boss who controlled the whole situation from the Shadow.

Su Xiao took out a Den Den Mushi and called Zoro.

“Come to the roof of the third building in the center.”

Zoro didn’t reply and immediately moved toward him.

Three minutes later, Zoro came to the top of the building where Su Xiao stood.

“Hand them over.”

Zoro hesitated for a second before throwing them at Su Xiao.

[You obtained Swordsmanship experience of a Great Swordsman.]

[You obtained branches of the world tree.]

[Swordsmanship experience of a Great Swordsman.]

Quality: Dark Purple

Type: Knowledge Scroll

Effect: after usage, it will increase the swordsmanship by 5 levels (limited to level 20 or less).

Rate: 170 (Note: Dark Purple Items are rated from 151 to 260. The higher the rating, the more precious it will be.)

Description: This is coming from the hands of the great Pirate, Golden Lion.

[Branches of the world tree.]

Quality: White (World Class)

Type: Unknown

Rate: ???

Description: The Source of the world is concentrated inside.

Price: 20% of the Source of the world (This item is unrefined and can’t be brought out of the current world.)

Both of these items were extremely precious, and Su Xiao just learned a new thing. The next quality after Purple is Dark Purple. He never saw a dark purple item before, or something equivalent to it. This was a rare item.

Retracting the metal wires, Su Xiao set Nami free.

“After the transaction is finished, you should hide for a while since Admiral Aokiji is here.”

Zoro and Nami walked away quickly while Su Xiao sat on the roof and lit a cigarette.

Su Xiao wanted to ‘blackmail’ the Reincarnation paradise using the Branches of the world tree the same way he did with the ring before, but it seemed that the ring was of a much higher value since it was processed. So, now he could only sell the branches.

After his plan was completed, Su Xiao chose to return to the Reincarnation Paradise.


The ground started freezing as Aokiji reached the Roof where Su Xiao was, and golden light flashed in the distance, which should be Kizaru that wanted to prevent Su Xiao from escaping.

“The Admirals are really terrifying.

Su Xiao’s body started turning transparent, which made Aokiji’s expression change as he moved fast to grab Su Xiao’s neck with his hand.

Unfortunately for him, his hand passed through without him grabbing anything as Su Xiao disappeared.

[The Transmission is complete. The Hunter is now in his exclusive room.]

[The Exclusive Room is absolutely safe. No one can enter it except with the Hunter’s permission.]

[The Hunter is back to the Reincarnation Paradise. Starting Evaluation of Quest Completion.]

Derivative world: One Piece

Difficulty: Lv.3~?? (Open worlds are different depending on the region.)

Source of the world obtained: 41.3%

Number of Quest completed: 7 (Main Quest × 5. Side Quest × 1, Hunting Quest × 1)

Overall Evaluation: S (Note: The Evaluation start from E- to S+. The Evaluation is calculated by the sum of the Source of the world and the number of completed Quests.)

Collecting the Source of the world…

Collecting the Source of the world is completed, giving the reward to the Hunter.

Rewards: 20 attribute points (Including the ones gained in the Derivative world), 26,000 Paradise Coins.

The overall evaluation is S. The hinter is currently Lv.9. Hunter Level +4. Hunter’s current level is 10 (Hint: The Hunter didn’t pass the first Order trial yet. Hunter can’t raise to a level higher than 10 before completing the trial.)

Hunter’s level is 10, Inventory’s space increase to ten cubic meters.

The Hunter is level 10; the trial will be conducted in the next derivative world.

Note: Hunter obtained three S evaluations respectively, S- × 2 and S ×, special reward; Inventory increase to 15 cubic meters.

The rewards have been stored in the Hunter Imprint automatically.

Su Xiao’s eyes flashed as he looked at the various items in his Inventory.

If he uses everything efficiently, his power would increase by half or even more.