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R.P Chapter 367: Attributes and Skills

Su Xiao didn’t want to leave the Exclusive Room at all. All he wanted was to sleep.

Falling down on the bed, he fell asleep in mere seconds, and he didn’t even have time to take off his clothes. He was exhausted after five intense consecutive fights.

After sleeping for a long time, Su Xiao woke up when he heard biting sounds. The Sofa was once again Sacrificed.

“Bob, come here.”

Bob was gnawing on the Sofa vigorously, but when he heard the voice behind him, his body trembled, and stiffly turned to look at Su Xiao.

Su Xiao’s meaning was apparent in his eyes: ‘Come here, I promise not to kill you.’


Bob barked with his head down and his tail clamped. It was a typical attitude for dog admitting their mistakes.

“Don’t nibble on the Sofa in the future. Use dumbbells. The Sofa is expensive.”

Su Xiao got up and showered. He felt refreshing, and all the fatigue was gone.

He got out of the room and brought Bob along toward a restaurant to eat. Then he directly went to the Attribute Enhancement Hall.

He is used to enhancing his Attribute first and then adapts later.

Su Xiao directly paid 100 paradise Coins to use the Hall.

[Welcome to the Attribute enhancement hall. Your row attributes are listed below:

Strength: 32

Agility: 32

Vitality: 23

Intelligence: 32

Charm: 3]

[Available points: 20 points]

[The main Attribute of the hunter are strength, agility, and intelligence. Please give priority to upgrading them.]

Su Xiao discovered that Vitality was as important as Strength and Agility in a fight.

It can stop many abilities and ascertain his survivability and resistance to abnormal status.

When Su Xiao fought the offender, his Vitality was temporarily increased to 35, the poison was no longer lethal, and the damage he received was greatly reduced.

This time, Su Xiao had 20 attribute points. He decided to increase his Vitality since he was a loner and a melee specialist.

Furthermore, if his Vitality was low, his strength, agility won’t greatly improve even if he assigned points to them.

After some consideration, Su Xiao decided to assign 4 points in strength, 4 points in agility, 4 points in strength, and 8 points in Vitality.

Su Xiao’s Vitality instantly reached 31 points, and with his item’s bonus, it is now at 33 points.

[Attribute points distribution completed. Enhancement starting, the enhancement process will be accompanied by great pain. Do you want to use Anesthesia? {Yes} {No}]

Su Xiao never used Anesthesia before, and he didn’t plan to do so in the future because I can affect the enhancement.

As the enhancement started and compared to previous times, it was less painful. His body already carried three balanced attributes, so the enhancement of these three felt almost natural to him.

After that, Su Xiao moved his shoulders and chose to enhance his Vitality.

He clenched his fists as energy surged through his body. Su Xiao took a deep breath, and his lung capacity increased, and various organs become energetic.

Not only that, but the muscle in his whole body changed in quality. His body shape didn’t change, but his ability to take damage was greatly improved.

Su Xiao estimated that he can hold his breath for 5 to 10 minutes now, maybe longer.

Now Su Xiao’s raw attributes (without items) became:

Strength: 36

Agility: 36

Vitality: 31

Intelligence: 36

Charm: 3

The three Charms attribute was the most eye-catching for Su Xiao, he didn’t know what it could do, but Marvin Waltz has warned Su Xiao that he should develop as an all-rounder.

Marvin’s most likely meant combat-related development: strength, agility, intelligence, and Vitality. Su Xiao’s previous properties were low, and most likely, Marvin was talking about his Vitality.

As for the Charm, in Su Xiao’s view, it’s an attribute used for summoners and diplomats.

For example, the beautiful young woman from before had a charm above 25 points. When Su Xiao looked at her, he wanted to jump her down.

But Su Xiao didn’t want to pay dozens of precious attribute points on such a thing as getting the favor of others.

Instead, he hoped to get stronger.

Enhancing the Charm may help people enjoy themselves as others fawned on them, but Su Xiao preferred to use power.

Su Xiao used his power to negotiate with Plot Characters.

He decided to abandon Charm for the time being. If he needed to, he would improve it in the future.

Leaving the enhancement hall, Su Xiao directly went to the skill upgrade hall.

People were coming and going out of the skill upgrade hall. You could even see contractors discussing things about skills and whatnot.

Su Xiao didn’t care about which skill he needed to upgrade. After all, he only had a few skills that he needed to upgrade to the top.

The skills were only useful in the hands of skillful people. If someone relied only on the skills, he wouldn’t last long.

The timing, Terrain, and advantages one had to consider are what make a skill dangerous or not.

If you make a mistake, you die, and relying on skills would just make you easy prey if someone had a way to block them.

When Su Xiao fought with other contractors, he found out that they would pause for a tenth of a second before deciding which Skill to use.

In that tenth second, He can easily kill them with a single blow.

Su Xiao entered the Skill upgrade Hall, suddenly a bunny girl run over with small steps. The bunny girl was wearing a low-cut outfit and stocking on her legs. Although she was wearing a revealing dress, she looked cute, not like a prostitute.

“Hello, lord contractor, I’m service stuff 1312 in the skill upgrade hall.”

The bunny turned sideways and gestured for Su Xiao to follow.

“May I ask what is the service that lord contractor needs?”

Su Xiao thought: ‘The staff here are too formal here.’

“Upgrading active skills.”

“Lord Contractor, please this way.”

The bunny girl led the way. Although she seemed enthusiastic, she still had her professional side.

Soon, Su Xiao arrived in front of a hall looking the same as the attribute Enhancement hall. Suddenly a prompt popped up in front of him.

[Please select the Skill you want to upgrade.]

There was only one Skill on the list, and that is Rokushiki-Soru.

[Improving Rokushiki-Soru (Active) requires 2,000 paradise Coins.]

Su Xiao’s expression darkened, but he still needed to improve Soru.