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R.P Chapter 368: Mana Combustion


[You chose to upgrade Rokushi-Soru Lv.3 by spending 2,000 Paradise Coins]

After paying, Su Xiao’s surrounding darkened, and a light figure appeared in front of him.

The Figure leaned forward, and with a standard Soru, he became translucent in a burst of speed, which made Su Xiao see exactly how the force was applied in the legs to use Soru.

After the demonstration, knowledge started pouring inside Su Xiao’s brain, making his understanding of Soru improve.

After ten minutes, the darkness disappeared.

[Rokushiki-Soru has been upgraded to Lv.4]

The increase of one level wouldn’t cause any apparent change. Su Xiao obtained 76,864 Paradise Coins in One Piece’s world. He decided to upgrade Soru as hight as he can.

The quality should change if he managed to upgrade it to Max level.

Su Xiao started paying paradise coins and upgrading Soru.

[[Rokushiki-Soru has been upgraded to Lv.5]

[Rokushiki-Soru has been upgraded to Lv.6]

[Rokushiki-Soru has been upgraded to Lv.7]

Su Xiao’s Paradise Coins were rapidly decreasing, which made Su Xiao’s pockets feel the pain, but he needed to increase Soru’s level to Max to gain the most advantage he can. With such a movement technique, he would be able to reach his targets instantly.

Two hours later, Su Xiao’s face turned green. The number of paradise coins needed for each upgrade increased along with the level. But he needed Soru to reach Max level to receive a new ability.

Two hours later, Su Xiao’s face darkened, as the paradise coins needed exceeded his imagination.

[Rokushiki-Soru has been upgraded to Lv.11]

[Rokushiki-Soru has been upgraded to Lv.12]

[Rokushiki-Soru has been upgraded to Lv.13]

As the level increased, Su Xiao’s understanding of Soru soared. He felt like he practiced Soru for ten years already.

[Rokushiki-Soru has been upgraded to Lv.20!]

[Rokushiki-Soru has been upgraded to Max level. As such, an additional ability can be added. The Hunter can choose from the following options]

[1: Overload: reduce the interval between each Soru and reduce speed by 40%.

2: Unhindered: Use Soru in any terrain without any impact.

3: Speedster: Reducing casting time by 50%, increase speed by 300%, and increase the interval between each use by 3,000%.]

There were three options and three paths he can develop in. The first option is likely used to escape.

The second option lets him use Soru in any terrain such as Mountains and forests.

The third option had great advantages, but its weakness is also apparent.

The increase in speed and reduction of casting time made Soru terrifying, but the increase of the cooldown time made Su Xiao hesitate. After all, 3,000% is like one use in ten minutes.

Su Xiao was hesitating between the first and third options.

After a long time, Su Xiao chose the third option.

[You picked Speedster. Rokushiki-Soru has changed accordingly.]

Although the cooldown was increased, in the end, Su Xiao didn’t learn Soru to fight using it. His main purpose is to get close to his enemies as quickly as possible to make close combat easier.

Su Xiao checked the new Soru, which dramatically changed.

[Rokushiki-Soru: Lv.20 (Active)]

Skill effect: super high-speed straight-line movement technique. The range is between 2-50 meters, at which the speed will reach the maximum speed the body can withstand.

Hint: Every time you use Soru, 50 Stamina points are consumed, and the cooldown time is ten minutes.

Hint: You can correct your position or stop during the movement.

When Su Xiao left the Skill Upgrade Hall, he wanted to test his new Soru and look at the door.


With a swoosh, the contractors could only see a shadow flashing by.

Su Xiao was satisfied as he stood outside of the Skill upgrade Hall.

The casting time is short, and it was extremely fast. His dynamic vision could barely keep up with that kind of speed. If he uses this technique to get close to a mage, the mage would be dead before realizing what happened.

So far, Su Xiao can be called the mage killer. If he encounters a mage in the future, the fight will be his fastest so far.

Getting back to the exclusive room, Su Xiao took out the few soul crystals he had and the [Great swordsman’s swordsmanship journal]

First, he wanted to upgrade Azure Steel Shadow, which was at lv.9 currently. He previously had a feeling that once Azure Steel Shadow reach level 10, a big change will happen.

With soul crystals in his hand, Su Xiao spent 1,000 Paradise Coins.

[Azure Steel Shadow has been upgraded to Lv.10]

[Azure Steel Shadow reached level 10, unlocking new ability: ‘Manipulator’]

Su Xiao didn’t check the prompt yet, as he felt the energy of Azure Steel Shadow in his body rapidly changing.

After increasing his attributes, his Mana reached 893 points. In less than three seconds, his entire mana was consumed and converted into Azure Steel Shadow’s energy.

Azure Steel Shadow’s energy circulated in Su Xiao’s body before it gathered together and compressed.

Su Xiao felt severe pain in his chest and instantly put a hand over it with a frown.

The pain lasted for half an hour before it disappeared. Su Xiao was covered in cold sweat. When the pain receded, the Azure Steel Shadow’s energy was already reduced by half.

To be precise, the Azure Steel Shadow’s energy wasn’t reduced. Instead, it was compressed.

Su Xiao immediately checked Azure Steel Shadow’s new ability.

Azure Steel Shadow: Lv.10 (Active)

Condition: after activating Azure Steel Shadow, 1-30 mana points are consumed per minute. Mana consumption can be freely controlled. The Azure Steel Shadow will be automatically turned off when Mana is lower than 1%.

Skill effect: after using Azure Steel Shadow, each attack will burn 5-50 Mana points of the target and cause some true damage. The target will feel intense pain from the Mana burn effect. (The Mana burn and true damage depend on the amount of Mana used by the Hunter.)

Hint: If the Hunter manipulates Azure Steel Shadow to consume 30 Mana points per minute, the Azure Steel Shadow’s energy will reach its peak, and after ten minutes, a new effect will be added. Mana Combustion, the next attack will cause 60% of the target’s Mana consumption as true Damage (If the Target consumed 100 Mana Points, Mana Combustion would cause 60 true damage to the target.)

Hint: Mana Combustion’s cooldown is 48 hours.

Azure Steel Shadow got even stronger. Now Su Xiao can freely control his Mana consumption when activating it, and if he used it to the max, after ten minutes, his attack would be terrifying. Basic attack+ Sword Damage+ Azure Steel Shadow+ Mana Combustion.

If a mage was fighting others and Su Xiao appears when he already can use the Mana Combustion, it would definitely be a one-shot kill.

Feeling his new power, Su Xiao was happy, but Azure Steel Shadow wasn’t the climax yet. He still had three soul crystals (Medium) and the Great swordsman’s journal.