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R.P Chapter 369: Huge Boost of Strength

Su Xiao picked up three Soul Crystals (medium) and tried to upgrade his Swordsmanship, which was Lv.10 currently.

[Upgrading swordsmanship Lv.10 requires Soul Crystal (medium) × 1, 6,000 Paradise Coins]

Although the price wasn’t low, it was within Su Xiao’s budget, and it’s undoubtedly the best choice currently.

The Soul Crystal is Su Xiao’s hand shattered as the Paradise Coins decreased.

[Swordsmanship has been Upgraded to Lv.11]

[Swordsmanship has been Upgraded to Lv.12]

[Swordsmanship has been Upgraded to Lv.13]

Su Xiao used three soul crystals (medium) and 18,000 Paradise coins to upgrade his Swordsmanship. These were all Su Xiao had, but it was worth it.

Half an hour later, Su Xiao opened his eyes as he felt different when he held Dragon Flash.

But it didn’t stop there. Su Xiao picked up the Swordsmanship journal, which can add 5 levels to Swordsmanship.

[Use the Swordsmanship journal of a Great Swordsman, {Yes} {No}]

As Su Xiao replied with a yes, the space around him suddenly flickered. Su Xiao was taken aback as he found himself inside a Dojo.

Looking around, Su Xiao felt familiar with this place.

“This is… The trial ground?”

Su Xiao was puzzled. He didn’t know he came here with a scroll.

“My disciple, let’s start.”

Su Xiao looked closer to the sound source and found an old man with long fluffy blond hair and a wheel stuck to his head.

The man is The Golden Lion, Shiki from One piece, a famous pirate who lost his legs when he escaped Impel Down, which was the first escape in Impel’s history.

Su Xiao was puzzled. He thought that he would just increase his Swordsmanship by 5 levels directly after he uses the journal.

But it didn’t seem to be the case. The Golden Lion himself was here to guide him in his sword’s skills until it increased by 5 levels.

Although it was different from what he imagined, Su Xiao was overjoyed. This is more reliable than just increasing the level without any experience.

If someone from one piece used this journal, they would have to read it slowly and understand it to improve. Still, since it passed the Reincarnation Paradise inspection and was of dark purple Quality, the Reincarnation Paradise omitted the reading process and changed it to summoning Shiki directly.

[Assisted Training Mode is turned on]

Following this prompt, Su Xiao’s mind became clear, and his ability to understand new Knowledge improved greatly.

[The time Lock is completed. This scene will disappear after the Hunter’s swordsmanship increase by 5 levels. If the Hunter is found to slack off in this training, the training with end directly.]

Su Xiao nodded.

“Don’t just stand there. Let’s get started.”

Shiki urged Su Xiao, who pulled his sword instantly. Su Xiao got the feeling that Shiki is only here to teach him Swordsmanship. He didn’t intend to teach anything else.

“First of all, you have to understand what a sword is and what it means to swing a sword…”

Shiki started imparting his Knowledge to Su Xiao without reservation. Su Xiao listened carefully and absorbed Knowledge like a sponge to water.

After Shiki explained everything, he took out his two swords, Oto and Kogarashi.

After a few minutes of sparring, Su Xiao lost, and Shiki wasn’t even using his full power.

“Your foundation is solid, but something is missing in your swing.”

Shiki sat down cross-legged. Shiki wrote this journal before he lost his legs. That’s why his legs were still intact.

“In the early stages of Swordsmanship, the fights are all about power and skills. But at high levels, it is different. The so-called Swordsmanship isn’t only about techniques. Still, a process to become stronger, it needs the understanding of one’s self, the understanding of one’s heart, and the understanding of one’s sword, even the understanding of Nature.”

Shiki pulled his Oto, and suddenly, the sword engulfed in flames.

“Remember, practicing Swordsmanship is a process of breaking through yourself and becoming stronger from inside out. At your current level, you don’t have to care about the basic movement. Slashing, swinging, and thrusting are already integrated into your blood. You can use standard movements subconsciously.”

Su Xiao didn’t say a word as he didn’t want to interrupt Shiki’s teaching. This was a precious experience that he can’t let go of.

“Don’t get confused, don’t doubt yourself. Whether your Swordsmanship is used to kill or save people, it’s your ability. Recognize it, understand it, and keep getting stronger. Swordsmanship is never perfect.”

Su Xiao pulled Dragon Flash, and his body relaxed before he slashed out.

Under the guidance of Shiki, Su Xiao’s Swordsmanship soared as his understanding of swords got deeper and deeper.

Su Xiao didn’t know how long it took, but the Reincarnation Paradise’s prompt appeared in front of him.

[Swordsmanship has been upgraded to Lv.18]

After this, the scene in front of Su Xiao suddenly changed. Shiki disappeared and the Dojo along with him. Su Xiao returned to his exclusive room.

Although he was reluctant to give up such an opportunity, he was helpless. His Swordsmanship has already reached Lv.18.

“Don’t get confused, don’t’ doubt yourself… Understanding of Nature? The process of getting stronger inside out. This makes sense.”

Su Xiao slashed out Dragon Flash through the air making. Su Xiao almost heard a sound of excitement from his sword.

Light blue sword energy broke out of Dragon flash, and as it reached the refrigerator not far away, and left a slash mark on it.

Su Xiao was stunned. He lowered his head and glanced at Dragon flash before looked at the refrigerator, not far away.

He just sent a compression air slash.

A smile appeared on Su Xiao’s face. Although the power behind the slash was very weak, this was a signal that his Swordsmanship already reached a very high level.

This is the start of a legend. If you can’t use compression air slashes, then you are limited to ordinary attacks, and you will be ordinary your entire life.

Su Xiao had a hunch that once his Swordsmanship reaches Lv.20, his power will be greatly enhanced.

A blade of compressed air once again flew out of his sword.

After a few tries, Su Xiao put Dragon Flash away and walked out of the exclusive room, going straight to the Arena.

He was matched against the ranked 17th in the Arena.

Five minutes later, Su Xiao walked out as he gained a new understanding of his own power. The 17th contractor was a bit unlucky. She was a mage, a delicate blood mage.

After being slashed twice by Su Xiao, the mage directly decided to surrender.

If Su Xiao’s previous combat power is 100, then he was at least 200 points currently.

Since his main attack style is his Swordsmanship, the increase of 8 levels doubled his combat power.

[Swordsmanship: Lv.18 (Passive)]

Skill effect: Increase the attack power of swords by 77% and greatly improve Swordsmanship.

Lv.10 additional ability: Rhythm of all Things (Advanced): This ability can’t be enhanced in The Reincarnation Paradise. It can only be trained manually.

No matter how he looked at this, his current Swordsmanship was scary.

Su Xiao was in a good mood as he returned to the exclusive room, and along the way, he bought snacks for Bob with 800 Paradise Coins, which made Bob really happy.

Sitting cross-legged, Su Xiao took out a bunch of scarlet cards and three treasure chests.

Scarlet Cards x 10, Blue treasure Chest x 2, and Purple treasure Chest x 1.

Su Xiao took out Destiny redemption as it was time for the ‘Luck King’ to shine.