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R.P Chapter 370: Make way, Let me try

Su Xiao took out the scarlet cards and prepared to open them, but scarlet cards took too much time, and he won’t waste the Destiny Redeemer (T/N: I forgot that it’s named Destiny redeemer in the previous chapter.)

He will open 10 scarlet card that means 30 items can be obtained from them.

Su Xiao didn’t hold much hope. After all, they belonged to not so strong contractors.

[Use Scarlet Card. {Yes} {No}]

A bloody red vortex opened in front of Su Xiao as he decided to start opening the scarlet cards.

Su Xiao had long understood how bad could the items he got from there be. He felt as if he was buying a lottery ticket when he used the scarlet cards.

Seeing the vortex, Bob’s ears stood up as he leaned close to Su Xiao as if he wanted to say: ‘Lord, you’re too unlucky, let me try instead.’

Su Xiao understood the meaning behind Bob’s gaze, so he said.

“I have obtained a purple weapon from one of those, have some confidence in me, will you?”

Bob rolled his eyes and sighed. He got a purple ring.

Su Xiao stretched his hand into the vortex and felt a smooth and supple object in his hand.

His face changed. He was familiar with this thing. It was most likely underwear.

Throwing it aside, Su Xiao grabbed another object.

This time the Item in his hand felt normal, so he took it out.

[You obtained TMT Potion]

[TMT Potion]

Origin: A Certain Magical Index

Quality: Green

Type: Potion

Effect: Heal 30% of Hp while adding +1 strength, Vitality, and charm for 15 minutes.

Rate: 26

Description: TMT potion is a product of the fusion between Magic and Science, with no side effects.

His luck was good. The first Item was already a Potion.

“Let’s continue.”

Su Xiao once again plunged his hand into the vortex.

He could only judge the items by hand without seeing them.

Su Xiao caught something and felt a bit strange. He could tell what it was.

Su Xiao just pulled it out.

Looking at the Item in his hand, Su Xiao’s expression didn’t change.

Bob curiously looked at the oval-shaped plastic balls in Su Xiao’s hand and out of curiosity but a switch on the wire between the balls.


The balls started vibrating, making Su Xiao stiffen as he hurriedly turned it off.

Su Xiao directly threw them into the trash as he was sure now that this scarlet card belonged to a female contractor.

Now, he still had one chance. Su Xiao once again put his hand in and pulled another item. It was Lipstick…

Su Xiao wasn’t disheartened as he pulled the other scarlet cards.

[You got beef (1.33 kg)]

[You got razor (common Item)]

[You got socks (common Item)]

[You got Durex (strawberry flavored)]

Su Xiao clenched his teeth and almost cursed, especially when he got the Strawberry flavored Durex.

The number of scarlet cards started decreasing, but he got nothing, and after 10 minutes, only three cards remained.

He got items out of the scarlet cards, such as white quality items which their total price didn’t exceed 3,000 Paradise coins.

Su Xiao finally understood that those contractors were too weak.

Although equipment quality wasn’t what defined if someone was weak, they still were indispensable auxiliary items that add a great deal of power.


Bob barked and mentioned for Su Xiao to let him try.

Su Xiao nodded. Bob directly put his head into the next vortex while wagging his tail.

Soon, Bob emerged with an Item which stunned Su Xiao.

[Scepter of the King]

Origin: Kabaneri of the iron fortress

Quality: Green

Attack power: 13~29

Type: Weapon

Durability: 27/31

Requirement: 12 points or more in Intelligence

Effect: Crown (passive), reduce casting speed by 30%, and reduce consumption of mana by 3.

Rate: 29

Description: The King is no longer here. The only thing left is this Scepter.

Price: 3,600 Paradise Coins

Bob actually managed to grab a Green scepter. The Scepter’s value was at least 8,000 Paradise coins since it’s for Mages.

But Bob’s good fortune ended there. The other two scarlet cards only yielded three white equipment.

After that, Su Xiao directly sorted out the items and stored them.

White Items x 8, Green Potion x 1, Green Items x 1.

Ten Scarlet cards produced almost 10,000 Paradise Coins.

Su Xiao didn’t want to open any more scarlet cards anymore. Now, he brought out the Treasure chests.

With a cigarette in mouth and Destiny redeemer in hand, Su Xiao started to smoke.

Su Xiao instantly grabbed a treasure Chest Blue that Jabra dropped.

[Open Treasure Chest (Blue), {Yes} {No}]

Without hesitation, Su Xiao opened it.

[You got 3,000 Paradise Coins]

[You Got Rum.]

[You got Special Rope.]


Quality: Blue

Type: Consumable

Effect: After drinking the whole bottle of Rum, movement speed increases by 15%, pain resistance increases by 60%. +3 Strength, Agility, and Vitality.

Rate: 60

Description: Never Provoke a drunk person.

This Rum has a good effect and was very suitable for combat, especially pain resistance.

And the Special Rope was a green weapon, which didn’t have anything special.

Su Xiao had a hunch that this thing may prove difficult to sell. After all, he didn’t see any contractor fight with a rope before.

The first treasure chest was good. Su Xiao still had 1 minute and a half before his luck drops back.

The second treasure chest was the one dropped by Fukurou, and Su Xiao didn’t expect much from it.

[You got 1,000 Paradise Coins]

[You got 2,100 Paradise Coins]

Su Xiao expected this and got excited at the last treasure chest. The Purple Treasure Chest.

[Open Treasure Chest (Purple), {Yes} {No}]

“Open it.”

Su Xiao said, and suddenly purple rays shone from the treasure chest.

The Purple Treasure Chest flashed!!