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R.P Chapter 371: Possessed by the King of Luck

The Purple Treasure chest flashed, making Su Xiao lean forward in anticipation.

Bb nearby did the same as he looked at the shiny light.

The Purple light continued shining for a long time before retreating, revealing two items.

Seeing the Items, Su Xiao’s heartbeats accelerated.

At this time, a fruit that looked like a Banana with strange patterns was on Su Xiao’s hands.

This is a Zoan Devil Fruit.

[You got Zoan type Devil fruit.]

[You got Devil’s whisper]

[Ox-Ox Fruit, Model: Giraffe]

Origin: One Piece

Quality: Dark Purple

Type: Devil Fruit (consumable)

Effect: After eating the devil fruit, the user will be able to transform into half a giraffe or a full giraffe and go back to his human shape as he wished.

Hint: After eating the Devil Fruit, the user gains strength +7, Agility +8, Vitality +10, Intelligence +3, Charm +5.

Hint: Devil fruits are weak to sea-stone and seawater. If the user responded quickly and got out of the water, he won’t be affected, but if 60% of his body was submerged in the water, he would lose his strength.

Rate: 259 (Note: Dark Purple items are rated between 151 and 260.)

Description: The power of a Devil? No, this is normal power.

Su Xiao looked at the Devil fruit and was hesitating. He didn’t know if he should eat it or not.

After all, the devil fruit added 33 attributes points and is considered a huge sum for Su Xiao.

But Su Xiao didn’t find anything else useful in this devil fruit except for the attributes.

Changing into a Giraffe? That wasn’t Su Xiao’s style at all.

After careful consideration, Su Xiao didn’t eat the devil fruit. He didn’t if this devil fruit conflicted with the Shadow of the Law or not.

If Su Xiao learned a skill that conflicts with Shadow of the Law, the latter would deconstruct the former directly, but devil fruits are different. Their power isn’t Law, and the quality was as high, he didn’t know if he would survive the Shadow of the Law chose to deconstruct it.

Su Xiao directly decided to sell the devil fruit. The enhancement of the attributes was very attractive.

The development of power can’t be exploited easily. Eating something like a Devil fruit of the Zoan type wasn’t the most advantageous.

Su Xiao stored the devil fruit and looked at the other Item.

[Devil’s Whisper]

Origin: Unknown

Quality: Purple

Type: Consumable (1/1)

Effect: After using this item, you will obtain Passive Skill: Power of the Devil

Power of the Devil: Each attack causes 3 True Damage.

Rate: 150

Description: The power of the Devil is formidable.

[Devil’s Whisper] was a black woodcarving, about 10 centimeters in length and the carvings on it seemed lifelike.

Su Xiao frowned. Even though the Power of the Devil’s damage was very low, it was still true damage.

Using Devil’s whisper, a new passive skill was added to Su Xiao’s skill list.

Power of the Devil: Lv.1 (Passive Skill)

Skill Effect 1: Each attack causes 3 True Damage.

Skill Effect 2: You can offer to increase the level of Power of the Devil. The higher the quality of the Item, the stronger Power of the Devil will get.

[The hunter has learned a new ability: Power of the Devil]

[After checking, the Power of the Devil and Shadow of the Law is 89% compatible. Power of the Devil has been added to the list of the Shadow of the Law’s Skill]

Seeing the new message, Su Xiao, was lost in thoughts. It seems that as long as Skill’s compatibility was high with the Shadow of the Law, it will be integrated with it, or else, it will be directly deconstructed.

Su Xiao took up a White Quality Item and attempted to sacrifice it.

Black energy suddenly appeared out from Su Xiao’s hand, giving him an ominous feeling.

Su Xiao Frowned.

In the meantime, the Azure Steel Shadow’s energy suddenly rushed toward the black energy.


A pitiful ghost’s shout rang out as the Azure Steel Shadow started devouring the Power of the Devil’s energy.

“Shadow of the Law, You’re an inheritor!!”

A loud voice entered Su Xiao’s ears, but the latter saw nobody nearby.

“Good, the Shadow of the Law, has an inheritor. They weren’t exterminated. Our Demon Clan is good friends with the Shadow of the Law inheritors. An inheritor actually gained our devil powers unexpectedly. This is a miracle.”

The sound seemed full of excitement and warmth as if the one behind it saw a family member.

“This second-rate Power of the Devil is too degrading to a Shadow of the Law Inheritor. The third generation of the Shadow of the Law was our demon clan’s benefactor. I will give you the purest power of the Devil. It doesn’t have any disadvantages.”

The voice beside Su Xiao’s ears vanished, and the black energy suddenly became Blood red.

The Azure Steel Shadow’s energy rushed toward the blood-red energy, which didn’t resist and was gradually pushed out of Su Xiao’s body.

The Blood red energy didn’t dissipate; instead, it formed a blood-red cross on Su Xiao’s hand like a red tattoo.

As if feeling that no other energy contended with it, the Azure Steel Energy returned to Su Xiao’s body calmly and allowed the Devil’s power to be stored on Su Xiao’s body surface.

[Your passive Skill, the power of the Devil has changed and evolved into Devil’s Mark.]

Devil’s Mark: Lv.1 (passive Skill)

Skill effect 1: Causes 10 True Damage with each attack.

Skill Effect 2: You can increase the level of the Devil’s Mark by sacrificing items. You have reached an equality contract with the higher demons.

Su Xiao didn’t know what happened, but he knows one thing. The Shadow of the Law Inheritors didn’t only have enemies, but Allies too. And those allies are extremely generous.

Su Xiao attempted to sacrifice a white quality item once again, and it quickly vanished.

After the sacrifice, The Devil’s Mark increased to level 2 and the True Damage increased by 3.

Obtaining such a skill made Su Xiao happy and in a good mood. From now on, the equipment that he didn’t need and didn’t have much value can be fed to the Devil’s Mark. And if each level can increase 3 True damage, then the Ture damage will be insane at a high level.