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R.P Chapter 372: Strange Sheep

Su Xiao sorted out the items in his inventory. He already opened The Scarlet Cards and Treasure Chests; now, he didn’t have many things left.

Soul Crystal (small) x 1

Silver Medal of Honor x 1

Devil Fruit (Dark Purple) x 1

Scepter of the King (Green)

Paradise Coins: 29,900

Su Xiao’s power upgrade is finished and now what’s left is easy. He needs to sell items and activate the Alchemy pharmacy.

But before doing these, Su Xiao was going to use the Silver Medal of Honor.

The Honor store is a special store for hunters in The Reincarnation Paradise. To Su Xiao, this was the only benefit he had from being a hunter.

The Honor store is in the corner of the Exclusive room, and Bob didn’t dare go there.

It looked like a vending machine. There two things that Bob didn’t dare eat in this room, the first is Su Xiao, and the second is that vending machine.

Bob had thought about gnawing that thing, but the consequences would be dire.

[Hunter is welcome to the Honor store; please read the following conditions]

1: Items in this store can only be exchanged using the Medal of honor.

2: The Items from this store are locked and can’t be traded with other contractors.

3: The Hunter is forbidden from mentioning the existence of the Honor store to anyone, or else he would be executed.

4: There are few commodities in the Honor store, and they are limited supply.

5: No exchange will be refunded.

There are more rules, but Su Xiao had read them already. The Honor store is indeed a store, but the items inside are from The Reincarnation Paradise.

Su Xiao used his hand to open the Honor store, and it directly changed.

[Hunter holds a silver medal of honor, which can be exchanged for the following items]

Soul Crystal (Medium) x 1

Price: Silver medal of honor.

Honor Recovery Medicine x 1

Effect: After use, restore full Hp and Mp in two seconds.

Price: Silver medal of honor.

Immunity to main Quest failure penalty.

Effect: May exempt the user from attribute or paradise coins deduction due to the main quest’s failure, can’t exempt the user from The Reincarnation Paradise’s execution.

Body examination and Restoration (1 time only)

Effect: May conduct an all-round examination of The Hunter’s body and fix any internal injure or disease and return the Hunter’s body to the optimum condition.

Hint: This item can’t be exchanged in any of the following attributes surpasses 50 points: Strength, Agility, Vitality.

Price: Silver medal of honor.

Four choices and Su Xia already removed the first. He had other methods to obtain the Soul Crystals; he didn’t need to waste the Medal of Honor.

The other three were really tempting, as one can be used to recover from any injury on the battlefield in just two seconds, the other can remove the penalty from the Quest Failure, and the last one can restore the body to the maximum of its ability.

The Reincarnation Paradise already washed Su Xiao’s body from all diseases when he first joined, but this wasn’t removing the disease; it’s restoring his body to the best shape it had.

Su Xiao’s choice was hard; the three were good items. He closed his eyes and sensed his body, and to his surprise, he felt pain in his chest.

The Shigan (Finger Gun) Chaotic Tempest Kaku used n the end of the battle destroyed Su Xiao’s internal organs, and if his body wasn’t strong enough, he wouldn’t have survived.

Although returning to The Reincarnation Paradise healed him completely, but he still felt the pain in his chest.

Not only that wound, even the wound he received in the Akame Ga Kill world, Attack on Titan world, and every world he visited and was injured inside left behind some alignments.

With a quick thought, Su Xiao made his choice.

“I want… the Body examination and Restoration.”

Su Xiao knew that without a good body, he wouldn’t have an easy road in front of him. Both swordsmanship and Shadow of the Law inheritance requires a strong body.

[Examining The Hunter’s body… Examination Complete.]

[Restoring damaged spots, lung, liver, heart, vertebra…]

Su Xiao was stunned by the amount of damage his body had.

[A rib is seriously out of place…]

[Leg bone has three fractures not thoroughly healed…]

Various issues appeared in front of Su Xiao. His body really endured too much of a burden when he fought.

[Restoration about to start, asking the Hunter to take a break]

After The Reincarnation Paradise’s last prompt, Su Xiao felt drowsy as his body relaxed.

[The recovery function is activated. 100 L water from the Fountain of Life has been collected.]

Su Xiao heard this and directly went into a deep sleep.

Large green water droplets emerged in the air and enveloped Su Xiao’s body.

At this time, Su Xiao was dreaming; he was in a large Grassland shining due to the rays of the sun shining in the blue sky.

In the exclusive room, water from the fountain of life enveloped Su Xiao’s body as all hidden diseases and wounds started healing quickly.

Su Xiao was immersed in his dream. He suddenly ran into a sheep on the grassland.

The sheep didn’t know what’s going on, so it’s stuck its tongue and licked Su Xiao’s face.

Su Xiao wanted to drive the sheep away, but for some reason, he couldn’t move.

The Sheep sat on Su Xiao’s face and continued licking his face.

Su Xiao opened his eyes, only to see a dog in front of his face. At this time, Bob was sitting on Su Xiao’s chest and licking his face.

“I knew it was you.”

Veins popped out of Su Xiao’s forehead. Bob realized that he did something bad and directly hid under the bed.

Su Xiao stood up and immediately noticed the change in his body.

His body seemed like new; it’s as if he washed it from inside out. He didn’t feel any pain or anything else from his body. Instead, he felt relaxed.

Taking a long breath, Su Xiao did some basic exercises.

After an hour, he was sweating all over. He sighed in relief as his body was really healthy.

Once he checked his Status, he was surprised to see his attributes increased.

Strength: 38 (increased by 2)

Agility: 37 (Increased by 1)

Vitality: 33 (Increased by 2)

Intelligence: 36

Charm: 2