Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 373: 1 Paradise Coin

After taking a cold bath, Su Xiao brought Bob out of the exclusive room toward the market.

He will now sell the items he had, which are: [Scepter of the King (Green)], [Scepter of the King (Green)], and [Devil Fruit (Dark Purple)].

There weren’t many items, but the devil fruit alone is enough to stir a storm in the market place.

Moreover, Devil Fruits were a well-known power system in the Reincarnation paradise, along with Haki from One Piece’s world, Chakra from Naruto’s world, and Nen from Hunter X Hunter’s World.

Those four systems were sought after everywhere in the Reincarnation Paradise due to the high potential they had.

Nen had medium difficulty, but the full potential of that energy is unknown.

Devil Fruit and Haki were very different than ordinary power systems because Devil Fruit is only hard to obtain, while Haki is Hard to learn, but their potential was outstanding.

Spiritual pressure (Reiatsu) belongs to the Shinigami from bleach could be grouped with the other four power systems, but this one is the hardest to develop.

There was a contractor that once learned how to use Spiritual pressure. Unfortunately, he died in his third derivative world due to a lack of recourses to develop his Spiritual pressure.

Most people can’t decide whether Haki was better or Devil fruits were better.

Devil Fruit was expensive, very expensive, while Haki was hard to learn.

The market was filled with contractors, and most of them were strolling around, waiting for an opportunity to make it big.

Su Xiao directly rented a stall and priced each item, [Scepter of the King (Green)] was 8,000 Paradise Coins and [Special Rope (Green)] was 3,000 Paradise Coins.

The Special Rope can be sold to the Reincarnation Paradise for 2,300 Paradise Coins, making it 3,000 For people is reasonable.

Even so, Su Xiao wasn’t confident that anyone would purchase that Rope.

Su Xiao was having a hard time right now. He doesn’t know the asking price for the Devil Fruit.

100,000 Paradise Coins? Too low, 200,000? Still too low, Su Xiao shook his head. Suddenly he had an idea.

After hesitating a little, he put the Devil fruit’s price as 1 Paradise Coin.

Right, just 1 Paradise coin, but it can’t be bought directly as the buyers had to bid. As soon as someone bids, a counter will start for the next ten minutes. If no one else bids, that item belongs to him.

If Su Xiao didn’t like the price, he could withdraw the Item he put for bidding by paying 500 Paradise Coins.

That was the auction feature, and most people don’t use this option because it generally had no use if the item isn’t valuable.

Su Xiao changed the stall’s name to [High-Quality Booth], and finally, the stall was open.

Bob curled up between Su Xiao’s feet. For some reason, he didn’t like crowded places.

Su Xiao did nothing and sat still in the booth. Because this time, he needs to pay attention to the buyers.

A weak contractor wearing glasses walked past the booth, he didn’t see the Devil Fruit clearly, but soon he stopped and went back.

As if he saw something unbelievable, the Contactor took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes before looking again, and it was still there. The Devil Fruit was still there, and the price was 1 Paradise Coin.

The Contractor was enveloped in Ecstasy. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

He immediately pressed buy but was surprised that it was a bid as the Reincarnation Paradise’s Prompt appeared in front of him.

[You have successfully made a bid. If no one made another bid in the next 10 minutes, you would receive the item. 9 Minutes 59 Seconds remaining…]

The Contractor was stunned for a while. It was as if he won the lottery prize, but the money will go to charity.

“Friend, I bid 80,000 Paradise Coins for the devil fruit. Those are all my assets. Although the Devil Fruit is highly rated, it’s a Zoan, it is the weakest Devil Fruit…” The Contractor tried to bargain with Su Xiao.

“I’m more inclined to have it auctioned.”

This made the Contractor Speechless. He silently raised his bid to 50,000 Paradise Coins. Even then, it was still cheap.

Bob raised his eyes at the Contractor and sighed. Human beings are too greedy and naïve.

The temptation of a Devil Fruit was unstoppable. Ten seconds later, another contractor was attracted.

The Contractor stopped in front of the booth and saw a Devil fruit being sold at 50,000 Paradise Coins, but he noticed it’s a bid as he was about to buy it.

The Contractor didn’t choose to bid. Instead, he prepared to watch from the sideline.

“Fuck, Devil fruit bid…”

The Contractor yelled, catching every other Contractor’s attention.

Quickly, many contractors swarmed Su Xiao’s booth.

“Dark Purple Quality? What is that? Isn’t the highest Quality purple?”

A newcomer looked at the Devil Fruit’s stat with surprise as he drooled.

Dozens of contractors swarmed the booth as the surrounding became noisy.

“This is the first time I saw a Devil Fruit. This thing is powerful. It can add 33 Attribute points.”

“It’s not something we can buy.”

“Ha, weak ducks, this fruit belongs to me.”

A contractor pushed the crowd away as he walked toward the booth. He didn’t look at the Devil Fruit. Instead, he looked at Su Xiao, sizing him up.

After observing for some time, the Contractor shook his head and raised the bid to 58,000 Paradise Coins.

It noisy at first, but Su Xiao noticed that some contractors hurriedly left the area. They should be on their way to inform others.

More and more contractors arrived, and the price of the Devil fruit steadily rose.