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R.P Chapter 374: Auction

The news about the devil fruit traveled across the market, and as Su Xiao predicted, it became the center of attention of everyone in the market.

But he didn’t expect the situation to be this exaggerated.

Most of the contractors or workers in the market moved their booths beside him, the place became crowded, and shouts of anger echoed from time to time.

“It’s that bastard who touched my chest. You get up now.”

A female contractor turned red as she was molested.

“Don’t step, hey stop, that’s my face.”

A contractor fell to the ground and was stepped on by the others.

At this time, Su Xiao’s stall was full of contractors, asking for the devil fruit’s price and auctioning their own.

From 58,000 Paradise coins, to 60,000, then 65,000, 70,000…

It didn’t take long for the price to reach 123,000 Paradise coins, and nobody could increase the price anymore.

The Devil Fruit was worth more than that, obviously, but nobody there had over 123,000 liquid money.

Suddenly, a few messages reached Su Xiao.

‘We have found your location in the real world, hand over the Devil fruit, or you will die—Anonymous contractor.’

‘Our Seven Star guild bid 160,000 Paradise Coins, close the auction and let’s trade privately.’

‘How about an exchange? I don’t have Paradise Coins in hand right now.’

There were many threats and others who sincerely wanted to buy the devil fruit, but their price wasn’t high enough.

Before long, the Devil Fruit’s price reached 150,000 Paradise coins, and no one raised the price for two minutes.

After no one bid for about 5 minutes, a female contractor wearing a wizard robe squeezed into the booth.

The female breathed a sigh of relief with a helpless face. It was dangerous for her to squeeze into the crowd like that.

Su Xiao instantly felt the water element around the mage and concluded that she was a water mage.

She didn’t wear heavy make-up, but she was still beautiful.

“I finally got here. Those people are crazy.”

The female mage picked up the devil fruit and nodded in satisfaction.

Su Xiao’s brows rose as he saw this. Being able to pick the devil fruit means that she was the one who bid 150,000 Paradise coins.

“This thing is very suitable for Old Scar; I don’t know what will happen to him when he eats it.”

The Water Mage smiled sweetly while several contractors were looking at her dumbfoundedly.

“Get out of the way, don’t squeeze, where are you touching, you stupid big.”

A man stepped forward. He was wearing a leather jacket with only two buttons fastened, showing his muscled chest. A few contractors followed behind him obediently.

The Water Mage’s face changed when she saw this man. Her rival has come.

The Water mage looked at Su Xiao and wanted to talk to him, but suddenly her eyes widened, and her body froze.

In her perception, Su Xiao looked like a demon, her natural enemy even.

She had to suppress her instinct, or else she would’ve fled already.

“Cuì mò, you’re here too.”

The man said in a frivolous tone as he couldn’t hide the desire in his eyes when he looked at the Water Mage.

The Water Mage Cuì Mò chuckled. She can’t control people’s gaze, but she was still unsatisfied.

“Crow, do you want to fight with me?”

Cuì mò’s voice was gentle, but you could feel her firm attitude.

“Of course, let me think about it. You bid 150,000 Paradise Coins already.”

Crow knelt and nodded at Su Xiao with a smile before sending a message.

‘Brother, let’s cooperate in pitting this woman. She killed a good brother of mine before. It’s a win-win situation.’

After sending this message, Craw remembered a movie he saw before and wanted to imitate that movie’s main character.

Crow made his bid, which made everyone speechless.

Crow bid 150,001 Paradise Coins.

“Crow, what is the meaning of this?”

Cuì mò’s smile disappeared. She instantly raised the price to 160,000 Paradise Coins.

Crow smiled in contempt and once again raised the price by 1 paradise Coin.

Cuì mò made a helpless expression.

“You win, you can take the Devil fruit.”

Crow didn’t care about Cuì mò’s compromise. He would be dreaming if he thought that 160,000 Paradise Coins could get him this Devil Fruit.

Su Xiao didn’t say a thing from beginning to end. He is only watching those two perform.

After a few minutes, Cuì mò seemed unable to stay down and bid once again. She raised the Price to 170,000 Paradise coins.

Crow followed suit and added 1 Paradise Coin again.

Cuì mò hesitated for a few minutes this time, the auction will end in ten minutes, and if she didn’t raise the price, Craw would get the Devil fruit.

After nine minutes, Cuì mò raised the price to 175,000 Paradise Coins.

Craw smiled triumphantly and once again added 1 Paradise Coins and left a message to Su Xiao.

“Brother, after the transaction is successful, you have to share with me. This woman can pay at least 300,000 Paradise Coins. I will use 1 Paradise Coin to drag her down today.’

“Crow, are you looking for a fight?”

Cuì mò’s patience gradually wore down.

“You killed my brother, so don’t even dream about getting the Devil Fruit.”

Hearing this, Cuì mò’s face became cold. She waited till 9 minutes and 40 seconds before bidding 180,000 Paradise Coins.

Crow once again added one paradise Coin, which made everyone, including Cuì mò speechless.

Everyone knew that the one who will get it, in the end, is Cuì mò if this continues.

Just when Cuì mò was about to raise the price again, someone said: “Your acting is pretty good, you two.”

A man wearing a full-body armor stepped forward.

Crow’s mouth twitched as he was about to curse that man, but he was stopped by Cuì mò.

“Crow, it seemed we have been seen through, so our temporary alliance end here.”

Cuì mò turned around and left, ignoring Craw, who was opening and closing his mouth.

“We almost succeeded…”

Craw was upset as he looked at the Armored guy.

The man raised his chin and said: “You can take a look at the stall owner’s expression.”

Crow turned around and saw Su Xiao looking at him with: ‘Please continue your performance.’

Su Xiao was oblivious at first, but when Crow sent the message, he felt something wrong.

Moreover, the price they put seemed high, but it didn’t meet his expectation. The two were taking advantage of people’s greed.

Crow was responsible for acting as if he wanted Cuì mò to spend more money, and the latter was responsible for raising the price.

“Hey you, I will pay 180,000 Paradise Coins for the devil fruit, whether you want to or not.”

The ‘Whether you want to or not’ was spoken loudly by Crow. He was threatening Su Xiao. He was a ruffian in real life, and as he gained more power in The Reincarnation Paradise, his personality became even worse.