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R.P Chapter 375: Master, I Seem To Be Getting Handsome

“Do you accept a fight to the death in the Arena?”

Su Xiao instantly looked at Crow and asked.


Crow didn’t expect Su Xiao to be so ruthless and said.

“You watch out.”

Crow said this and left directly.

“I have 50,000 Paradise Coins, which is somewhat embarrassing, but we can talk about an exchange.”

The armored man took out two weapons and an item. Su Xiao inspected them, and his pupil shrank. They were three dark purple items.

[Victorious Spear of War]

Origin: Fullmetal Alchemist

Quality: Dark Purple

Type: Weapon

Durability: 83 ~ 83

Attack Power: 100 ~ 130

requirements: Strength 30, intelligence 40

Effect: Eternal Victory (passive): increases the effect of Mana attacks by 200%.

Rate: 251

Description: Victory belongs to the goddess.

Price: 68,000 Paradise Coins

[Vorpal Windbreaker]

Origin: Bleach

Quality: Dark Purple

Type: windproof coat

Durability: 67~67

Requirement: Strength 30, Agility 30.

Effect 1: Night Mist (Passive): Reduce the probability of being discovered at night, strength +4, agility +5.

Effect 2: Anti-penetration (Passive): can avoid being penetrated to a certain degree.

Effect 3: Self-repair (Passive): After taking damage, consume some mana to repair the Windbreaker.

Rate: 236

Description: The King of the night.

Price: 61,000 Paradise Coins.

[New Life Transmutation Array]

Origin: Reincarnation Paradise.

Quality: Dark Purple

Type: Consumable

Effect: This item can give an artificial creature, or energy creature, a living body. This item will improve the original ability of the creature using it.

Rate: 193

Description: Nothing is impossible. If there is something you can’t do, then you lack material— Legendary Alchemist Kahn.

The three items quality was the best Su Xiao saw till now. The first item’s attribute seemed simple, but Su Xiao knew that anyone who uses a spear wouldn’t mind going bankrupt to obtain it.

The armored man took three dark purple items simultaneously, which means he wasn’t ordinary.

“If I’m not mistaken, your Dog is a Teigu. It stuck to you even with your cold temperament, which explains everything.”

The Armored man said with confidence in his judgment.

Bob laid on the ground without saying anything. Although he didn’t show anything, Su Xiao, who spent all his time with Bob, could tell that he desired that New Life item.

Bob’s wisdom was getting higher and higher, and he understood that he was a Teigu, just a tool. Even when Su Xiao put him away, he turns into a glass ball, which saddened him.

But Bob didn’t show it, and now that the opportunity for him to gain flesh and blood arose, it longed to gain them.

Although Bob can eat normally, he doesn’t have a sharp sense of taste. It was only one-tenth of normal creatures. He didn’t even need to sleep, and the reason it did sleep was to pretend it was an ordinary creature.

(T/N: About to Cry for Bob!!)

“The New Life Transmutation Array for the devil fruit, how about this.”

The Armored man suggested.

“The New Life Transmutation array, along with the windbreaker, and the devil fruit is yours.” Su Xiao touched Bob’s head as he said this.

“Two pieces for one, not good.”

“The Devil Fruit has the potential to grow stronger.” Su Xiao Explained.

The Armored man nodded.

“Okay, deal.”

Su Xiao was taken aback that the other party agreed. This is something he never expected. Although the New Life Transmutation Array price and the Windbreaker are similar to the Devil Fruit, he expected more bargaining.

“But I have a condition.”

The armored man said, as Su Xiao instantly knew that it wasn’t that simple after all.

“In the future, if you meet one of my men, even if you two are hostile, after defeating him or them, please let them live, just one. After this transaction, you owe me one.”

Su Xiao frowned as he didn’t know who he was talking about.

“My name is God Sovereign. You fought my subordinate before.”

Su Xiao was shocked. This was Mad Milk’s boss, the boss of the God Sovereign’s guild.

After hesitating for a while, Su Xiao nodded.

“I will do it once. If I can defeat them, I will let them go once, but only once.”


There is a reason why God’s Sovereign guild could fight with the Brigades, and that is because of this person who kept them united. But if the Brigades were to unite as well, God’s Sovereign guild would be done for.

But an organization like the brigade aren’t fated to unite, they have few rules, and some members never met before.

After the transaction was completed, Su Xiao got the [New Life Transmutation Array] and the [Vorpal Windbreaker].

He instantly equipped the Windbreaker, which is the first dark purple item Su Xiao wore.

Su Xiao directly went back to the Exclusive room along with Bob. He sat on the bed and carefully checked the New Life Transmutation Array.

This thing will allow Bob to become a high-level creature, far beyond his current rank. Bob will also be able to grow stronger in the future after using this item.

“Are you sure you want to use it?”

Su Xiao placed at New Life Transmutation Array in front of Bob and asked. Bob has accompanied him for a long time, and he was loyal to the end and will be there when he needed him.


Bob barked. He already decided that he didn’t want to turn into a glass ball anymore. Only by becoming a living being can he feel the temperature of his owner’s body.

“Well, even if it fails, I will find a way to return to Akame Ga Kill world and repair you.” Bob directly bit on the New Transmutation Array.

A circular formation appeared around Bob while Su Xiao sat on the bed and waited.

The formation Lasted for six hours before it disappeared.

A gray cocoon appeared in Bob’s place. It was 3 meters high and 2 meters wide.

Kakaka… (Cocoon breaking SFX)

Cracks gradually appeared on the Cocoon as Bob rushed out of it. Su Xiao looked at Bob up and down, but he didn’t find anything different except his presence.

He felt alive.

But looking at Bob’s eyes, Su Xiao knew that Bob was still… Dumb.

Meanwhile, Bob was excited. He finally becomes a living being instead of an item.


Suddenly a loud noise echoed through the room. Bob just hit the refrigerator and destroyed it.

Su Xiao’s mouth twitched; this was the fridge he bought 3 hours ago.

Su Xiao ignored Bob and instead inspected his property for any change.

Bobtney (Servant)

HP: 100%

Mana: 270

Strength: 23

Agility: 27

Vitality: 25

Intelligence: 27

Charm: 43

Skill 1: Full speed charge (Active): Using this skill, Bobtney’s speed increase by 150%. Consume 12 MP per minute. Bob can carry heavy items.

Skill 2: Snow Goddess’s Blessing (halo): Restore 1 Hp every second. Doesn’t consume mana. The effect of this skill increase based on intelligence.

Skill 3: Loyal Protector (Active): Consuming 50% Mana, Bobtney can heal 60% of his master Hp in three-second. Cooldown: 24 hours.

Skill 4: High-level lifeform (Active): Bobtney can evolve by eating strong creatures.

Skill 5: Loyal (Passive): Bobtney’s loyalty is maxed out and locked as such. There is no room for betrayal.

Skill 6: You Can’t See Me (Passive, used by choice): Bobtney can hide in any terrain. There is always a hiding place for Bobtney.

Su Xiao was stunned as he looked at Bob’s property. Especially that Charm Stat. It’s 13 times higher than his own.

However, Britney’s core skills didn’t change, but he was stronger.

Bob ran toward Su Xiao. His gaze seemed to say: “Master, I seem to be getting handsome…”

If Su Xiao was a Mage nemesis, then Bob was the girl’s nemesis.

Su Xiao can’t be affected by Bob’s charm since he was the owner, but others didn’t have that privilege. Bob is currently the most handsome Dog, probably in the world.