Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 376: Energy

Bob gnawed on a fleshy bone in the Exclusive room and enjoyed it greatly as he gained his new body.

Su Xiao sat on the bed with a piece of equipment in his hand. It was the Special Rope.

The Scepter of the King has been successfully sold at a Price of 8,000 Paradise Coins. Right now, Su Xiao had 37,890 Paradise Coins.

The Special Rope wasn’t sold, and now, he had two options left. The first is selling it to The Reincarnation Paradise, and the second gives it to the Devil’s Mark as a sacrifice.

In the end, Su Xiao decided to sacrifice it. The Devil’s Mark level didn’t change, but it wasn’t far from Level 3 right now.

As the Alchemy Bomb manufacturing reaching Max Level, Su Xiao wanted to try making Sun God Wrath in The Reincarnation Paradise.

To his surprise, the materials needed for the bomb cost 80,000 Paradise Coins + Soul Crystal (small) + 500 MP.

Su Xiao instantly gave up making Sun God Wrath and tried making a Top-grade Alchemy bomb.

[The Hunter doesn’t have sufficient materials and needs 300 Paradise Coins to get them.]

Su Xiao sighed in relief as the Top-Grade Alchemy Bomb didn’t cost much compared to Sun God Wrath.

Without making a bomb, Su Xiao instantly changed to the Alchemy Potion Manufacturing.

[Alchemy Potion Manufacturing is locked]

[To Unlock Alchemy Potion Manufacturing, you need to upgrade Alchemy Bomb Manufacturing to level 10 and pay Soul Crystal (Small) x 1 + 10,000 Paradise Coins]

Su Xiao didn’t hesitate and unlocked it.

[You have successfully Unlocked Alchemy Potion Manufacturing.]

Alchemy Level 2: Alchemy Potion Manufacturing.

1: Low-Level Alchemy Secret Potion: Requires 120 MP, Green Glow Glass, Life Essence, Pure Spring Water, Blooming Tree Fruit, Crystal Bottle.

The cost for the materials of the Low-Level Alchemy secret potion was 800 Paradise Coins + 120 MP.

The Paradise Coins were sufficient to create many potions, but he didn’t have enough mana. When he got the Devil’s Mark, all of his Mana turned into Asure Steel Shadow’s Energy.

After dealing with everything, Su Xiao’s mind was relieved.

With 27,890 Paradise Coins in his pocket (Inventory), Su Xiao left the Exclusive Room.

Before leaving the Exclusive room, Su Xiao looked at Bob and felt uneasy.

He was going to the Trial hall, and Bob didn’t have to come with him, so he would leave him here alone.

“It should be… Okay, right?”

Su Xiao left the exclusive room directly after.

As his owner left, Su Xiao felt like a Boss in the Exclusive room.

He looked at ‘his’ territory, thinking about what to nibble first.

Su Xiao fought against metal dummies in the Trial Hall.

With his increased stats, he dealt with 300 Dummy before he got used to the change.

His vitality increased greatly, as well. He could even punch a dummy and feel nothing in his hand while the dummy would break.

After combat training, Su Xiao still has 20,000 Paradise Coins. Su Xiao thought for a while before leaving 7,000 Paradise Coins and used the others.

He used the Auxiliary Mode, and a prompt directly appeared in front of him.

[You picked Auxiliary mode, please choose the Mirror image level]

[Low-Level Mirror image] 100 Paradise Coins per Hour.

[Intermediate Mirror Image] 1,000 Paradise Coins per Hour.

[Advanced Mirror Image] 10,000 Paradise Coins per Hour.

Su Xiao hesitated whether to summon an intermediate or an advanced Mirror Image.

After some time, he decided to summon an intermediate Mirror image.

[You’ve picked intermediate Mirror Image, summoned Character: Uchiha Sasuke]

[Please choose how many Hour would you like to use the Mirror Image]

“18 hours.”

Su Xiao summoned Sasuke because the latter can help him with his Energy.

It seems the Sasuke that was summoned was already abducted by Orochimaru.

“We meet again. I want to continue where we left last time, attaching Energy to weapons.”

Sasuke nodded as he heard Su Xiao’s words. It didn’t matter to Su Xiao if this was just an intermediate Mirror image or not because all he cared about is the Knowledge he would get.

“The energy in your body is very strong, but what’s more important is that you control it freely, even though you need some more development.”

Sasuke drew his Kusanagi Sword and added his lightning attributed Chakra into it.

As he looked, Su Xiao knew that Sasuke was very adaptable in controlling his chakra and adding it to the Kusanagi sword.

“This is one of your current issues, you wrap your Energy around the weapon unevenly, but you can overcome this quickly. Another problem you have is developing The Energy in your body.”

Sasuke started talking about how he developed his Lightning Chakra while Su Xiao listened carefully.

After a long time, Su Xiao nodded.

“You have borrowed the sharpness of lightning.”

Su Xiao sat on the ground and looked a little hesitant.

“Right, many had developed Lightning Attributed Chakra in a different direction, I took the path of Sharpness.

Su Xiao closed his eyes and started thinking, while Sasuke stood on the side without saying anything else.

“If I’m not mistaken, the density of Azure Steel Shadow’s Energy is dozens of times denser than Sasuke’s Lightning attributed Chakra and could decompose other types of energies. This is a bit difficult.”

The Azure steel shadow doesn’t have any characteristics toward Sharpness, so Su Xiao could only rely on himself.

Suddenly, an idea flashed brightly in Su Xiao’s head.