Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 377: Departure

“How about Vibrations?”

“Huh? Vibration?”

Sasuke was puzzled.

“The Density of the Azure Steel Shadow’s energy is very high, and I can now control it very well. I’m going to try and vibrate the energy to add a penetrative sharpness to it.”

Although it was a good idea, it was hard to execute.

“That’s feasible. I happen to know that there is a similar method in using Wind Chakra.”

Su Xiao started practicing according to Sasuke’s understanding of wind Chakra.

Su Xiao started attaching a small amount of energy to the surface of Dragon Flash and manipulating it.


The energy started twisting and, at some point, began drifting away from Dragon Flash.

In the end, the energy scattered, and the experiment failed.

While Su Xiao was experimenting, Sasuke was using his Sharingan to help Su Xiao.

“The Frequency seems wrong; the energy must be kept at the same frequency all the time.

To make Azure Steel Shadow vibrate in a constant frequency was harder than Su Xiao imagined.

But even though Su Xiao failed in his first attempt, he knew that his idea was correct. Although it’s challenging to execute, once he succeeds, it will significantly improve his power.

Su Xiao didn’t give up. He started trying again and again. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and power won’t just appear without hard work.

Eighteen hours passed quickly, and the Mirror image was about to disappear.

“Unfortunate, I’m just a mirror image.”

Su Xiao was taken aback by Sasuke’s words.

“You know that you’re a Mirror Image?”

“Of course, I do know that I’m Uchiha Sasuke simulated by the Reincarnation Paradise. It’s a bit difficult to explain, but if you happen to come to my world, remember to find me, we can cooperate.”

This made Su Xiao puzzled: “Why?”

“Because we both have the same purpose, Revenge!”

Su Xiao shook his head: “We aren’t the same. I don’t have a brother as kind as yours.”

Sasuke frowned. He still didn’t understand his brother or what he did for him. His brother was the main reason he is one of the strongest people in Naruto.

Although Sasuke was weakened in the following story, there is no doubt that he is one of the three strongest in that world.

In Su Xiao’s view, the strongest in Naruto’s world were Madara Uchiha, Naruto, and Sasuke in the late stage.

As for the cute beautiful woman Kaguya Otsutsuki, she wasn’t the strongest. She was just like a contractor gaining an amazing skill but didn’t have any fighting experience.

After leaving the Trial Hall, Su Xiao went back to the exclusive room and was stunned.


Su Xiao glanced around, looking for Bob. It was because he was hiding using his skill: You can’t see me.

Su Xiao looked at the mess in the room and decided to find Bob no matter what.

At this time, Bob was hiding in the Chandelier. His eyes were flustered. It was exciting to play, but the room was already messed up when he came to his senses.

After searching for a whole hour, Su Xiao still couldn’t find Bob.

“Come out.”

Bob jumped out of the Chandelier. He knew that he did something wrong and acted cutely at Su Xiao.

But his 43 points of Charm were ineffective on Su Xiao.

Suddenly, a slipper appeared in Su Xiao’s hand.

Bob was frightened as he teared up but didn’t say anything.

After spending Paradise Coins to buy new furniture, Su Xiao purchased some snacks for Bob.

Bob was happy about the snacks, but he looked at the dumbbells from time to time. They can’t satisfy him anymore.

Su Xiao spent the rest of his time in the arena and making Alchemy bombs. He made 6 Top Grade Alchemy Bombs empty his Mana.

[The Hunter has reached the time limit of his stay in The Reincarnation Paradise.]

[The Hunter is about to be teleported back to his world, please keep the Reincarnation Paradise rules in mind.]

[You’re not allowed to reveal anything about The Reincarnation Paradise in the real world in any form or way. Otherwise, you will be warned, and ignoring the warning will cause immediate execution.]

[Start Teleportation: Destination: Real World.]

Su Xiao rubbed his head as he returned to his villa.

Since he may enter the Reincarnation Paradise at any moment, Su Xiao always kept his distance from other people.

When Su Xiao reached the real world, his eyes became cold. He was ready for his revenge as he was strong enough.

At this moment, Su Xiao felt something was wrong, but couldn’t what was wrong.


A dog barked, but Su Xiao was puzzled. He didn’t have a dog. But this dog’s bark was familiar.

“It’s impossible…”

Su Xiao turned around, and Bob appeared in front of him.

Bob was no longer a Teigu. He was a living being now, and when Su Xiao returns to the real world, as Su Xiao’s servant, Bob will follow him to the real world.


Su Xiao looked at bob with a glow in his eyes.

He checked Bob’s status and found out that his attributes were the same, and his Goddess Halo is still working here. His HP is recovering by one each second.

This was, without a doubt, good news. There are no potions in the real world, and if he gets injured, his only choice would be the Hospital.

But with Bob here, even if Su Xiao is severely Injured, he can recover gradually without needing the Hospital.

“Good, the plan will be smoother.”

Su Xiao picked his phone and dialed a number.

“Hello, Wei Dong speaking.”

“I’m Su Xiao.”

Su Xiao contacted the Scavenger, who were contractors working for the government in the real world. He wanted to go abroad and for someone like him, doing that wasn’t easy.

He didn’t want to be smuggled abroad. Since the Scavenger organization helped him have legal status, it wouldn’t do him any good if he leaves without informing them.

“I want to go abroad.”

Wei Dong was taken aback, and his attitude changed. He was excited.

“Where are you going? I will help you arrange the fastest flight.”

Wei Dong was overjoyed, and he secretly thought: ‘It seems like our previous investigation is correct.’

“I’m going…”