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R.P Chapter 378: Destination

“The flight will depart in half an hour, but it’s three o’clock in the morning, and the airport is a bit far. Do you need someone to pick you up?”

“There is no need. I will rush over myself.”

“Then, I wish you a pleasant journey, the passport is already being made, and someone will give it to you later.”

Su Xiao nodded.

“I can do one thing for you after I come back, and we will negotiate the specific at that time.”

“Okay. Mr. Su, you’re refreshing.”

Su Xiao ended the call. Su Xiao calling the Scavenger was entirely due to the time. If he went by himself, he would need ten days at least. But since there are people like the Scavenger to help him, he will reach it soon.

Su Xiao left the villa riding on Bob’s back. He gave direction to Bob and asked him to rush at full speed.

Bob ran on the highway at high speed, leaving behind a shadow.

As Bob rushed forward, they passed a group of young men and women racing.

As they felt the wind, a girl sitting in a sports car was stunned as the cigarette in her mouth fell on her tight.

The girl screamed as she felt the heat.

She shook her head after and thought she was hallucinating after staying up late.

The young people continued racing, while Su Xiao arrived at a small airport.

The people from the Scavenger Organization were waiting for him.

“Mr. Su, I’ve been waiting to meet you for a long time.”

After greeting them, Su Xiao boarded the Special Plane.

Su Xiao underestimated the country because even with Contractors, it was still stable, showing how strong it was.

Moreover, the country became more and more prosperous in the past few years.

When they boarded the plane, Bob became listless as he hated transportation.

A day later, the special plane arrived at its destination.

When he got off the plane, Su Xiao felt the heat of this place. Unlike a seashore city, the country where Su Xiao was in now was hotter.

“Mr. Su, because of some problems, we can only drop you here, as for the currency issue…”

The scavenger member was a little embarrassed and pointed at the few big sacks on the plane.

“This is?”

Su Xiao was puzzled. Did the Scavenger put Money on those bags?

“Mr. Su, those are 400,000 ZWD each (T/N: Zimbabwe’s currency.), which is equivalent to 10,000 Yuan.”


Su Xiao was stunned. He was now near Zimbabwe. The target for his revenge is in Africa, near Zimbabwe.

“Zimbabwe’s currency has half-collapsed, and the currency of other countries doesn’t flow too smoothly here. You can guess the reason yourself, but don’t say it.”

Su Xiao had looked at the bags and started country: “One… Two… Ten… One hundred million… ?!”

Su Xiao had about 200 Million ZWD.

It means that if he gambles, he can spend 100 Million easily without worry.

“Okay, I will go, and if nothing unexpected happens, I will return in a few days.”

Su Xiao directly descended from the plane and moved toward a city close by.

Here in Africa, the average income of the individuals was too low.

To the people from his homeland, eating a meal was expected, but it was a luxury here.

(T/N: Don’t believe everything about this. Sure, there are people like that in some nations, but not all of Africa.)

As Su Xiao made his way to the city, he saw children begging for Money, or so he concluded as he couldn’t understand them.

(T/N: This part may contain some racism. I’m not responsible for it.)

Those children were black-skinned, and each time they see someone with yellow skin, they would run forward to beg.

Su Xiao didn’t give them anything because sometimes, doing good will have bad results. He can’t let anyone know that he was rich.

Although Su Xiao was strong, he didn’t want a problem for no reason.

His destination is Zimbabwe’s border region. It was a location controlled by several military forces.

Su Xiao took some effort to find a Taxi, and due to the language barrier, Su Xiao spends a good while to describe where he wanted to go.

And in the end, he didn’t need to pay with Money, instead, he gave the driver a bag of biscuits.

The little black brother smiled as he spoke as if he was rapping. It might be a racial talent.

After reaching the border, the driver didn’t want to move forward no matter how much Su Xiao increased the price.

The black brother made a gun with his hand a pointed it at his head. He was trying to say that there were many guns there and he wouldn’t go there no matter what.

He concluded that he was out of Zimbabwe.

There is no name for this place, but because diamond is produced here, some people call it diamond washing river.

Su Xiao got down the taxi and rode with Bob. After three hours, a small down appeared in front of him.

“Finally, we’re here. I still don’t know how Africans participated in what happened back then.”

This was something that Su Xiao still couldn’t understand, but he found his goal.

Su Xiao entered the town into a market.

The items here weren’t just fruits, clothes, and so on, but also firearms.

There are too many automatic rifles, but the Ak was the most common.

Bullets were all over the place, and even heavy machine guns were sold here.

Su Xiao passed through the market and stopped in front of a yellow clay cake.

He studied the clay cake for a while, and when the Owner noticed his doubt, he picked it up, took a bite, and started chewing.

It turns out the eating dirt exists; it wasn’t a joke at all.

Su Xiao urgently needed a guide and a translator, but it wasn’t easy to find one.

Su Xiao knew the approximate location of his target, but not the exact one.