Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 379: Advance

In the border of Zimbabwe, Diamond Washing River town.

Inside a small restaurant, Su Xiao held a knife in his hand as he sat at a table with a greasy lamb leg in front of him.

Using the knife, Su Xiao cut a piece of the Mutton Leg and handed it to Bob.

He had been waiting for half an hour in this place, and after spending 50,000 RMB, he finally hired a guide.

Unlike Zimbabwe, Diamond Washing River has two currencies used here: RMB and USD.

The cause of that is the purchase of Diamond here.

A man in a suit suddenly entered the restaurant.

The man had a kind smile on his face, but he had a bulge in his waist, which was definitively a pistol.

The man looked at Su Xiao and said: “Hello, Mr. Su, I’m Xiao Lei.”

This person spoke in Chinese with Su Xiao.

“Hello, there is something I wanted to ask of you.”

Su Xiao put down the dagger in his hand and looked at Xiao Lei.

Suddenly, Xiao Lei felt his body shudder as soon as he saw Su Xiao.

Xiao Lei felt that this person was more terrifying than any warlord he knew.

Xiao Lei started wandering about Su Xiao’s background. He was asking himself if this person was really someone from Huaxia? And Since when does Huaxia have such cruel people?

“Mr. Su, please say what is it you need.” Although he said this, Xiao Lei was already considering how to get out of this.

“I’m looking for a person, his name Samuel. He is my ‘friend,’ and we haven’t seen each other for a long time. I lost my phone in Zimbabwe and couldn’t find his number, so I can’t contact him.”

Su Xiao picked a bottle of white wine and filled the glass in front of Xiao Lei.

“Thank you for your Kindness, Mr. Su. I don’t drink.”

Xiao Lei stepped to the side and started thinking of a plan to get out of here. Of course, he knew who Samuel is. It was a warlord with thousands of soldiers under him and all kinds of weapons. He even had three tanks.

“Although I really want to help Mr. Su, I have never heard about any Samuel.”

Xiao Lei got up and wanted to leave without mentioning the previous deposit he received.

“Sit down.”

Su Xiao’s voice was high, but Xiao Lei couldn’t even take a step forward as he sat back down.

“Drink this.” Su Xiao pointed at the glass of Liquor. Xiao Lei lowered his head in thought.

“Two million, two million, and I will drink a glass of wine.”

Su Xiao smiled upon hearing this.

“We didn’t meet today, and you have never heard of me. I will give you three Million, enough for you to be rich when you return.”

Xiao Lei’s breath became heavy, and after hesitated for a while, he picked the glass of wine and drunk.

“There are three million inside this card. The password is 888888.”

Su Xiao handed out a credit card as Xiao Lei directly took his phone to check the money.

“Mr. Su, come with me.”

Xiao Lei walked out of the Restaurant with Su Xiao and arrived in an alley.

“Samuel, 67 years old, a black-skinned, a local warlord. He is the biggest warlord in this area, his address…”

Xiao Lei drew a map for Su Xiao, and after he handed it to him, he left directly. He was eager to return to Huaxia. He came here to make money, and since he just made a fortune, he was going back.

Su Xiao used the map to head toward his target while riding on Bob.

An hour later, Su Xiao laid on a sandy slope with a camouflage suit. Even if someone walked beside him, he wouldn’t find out that Su Xiao was hiding there.

Su Xiao observed a castle half a Kilometer away using a Binocular.

That’s right, a castle. Samuel’s house is built like a castle. He was an African tyrant.

Su Xiao looked at the patrolling army around the Castle before moving toward the courtyard. Thousands of heavily armed troops were patrolling that courtyard. On the tower not far away, Su Xiao saw a few gun barrels sticking out.

There were at least ten snipers and 1,200 soldiers. This isn’t even the whole number.

Su Xiao observed them for an entire day, waiting for an opportunity to sneak in.

He concluded finally that without becoming invisible, he wouldn’t be entering that Castle. It’s also impossible to pretend that he was a soldier, as the language barrier is a problem.

Su Xiao picked up an army bag and said: “Bob, go to the other side and attract their attention.”

Su Xiao took out a bomb from his bag. Buying bombs here was easier than buying food.

“The red button will detonate it. Immediately run away after biting it.”

Bob lifted the bomb quickly and ran. Five minutes later, the bomb exploded.

The army beside the Castle hurriedly started receiving orders to check out the situation, but most of the soldiers were still on guard.

Although Su Xiao knew this would happen, he had a headache.

“It seems like I can only breakthrough.”

A long sword with a sheath appeared in Su Xiao’s hand. This was Su Xiao’s family sword.

Su Xiao put on the backpack and leaned forward.

His regular equipment was unusable in the real world. They were all put inside the Inventory as soon as he gets here. As for skills, he couldn’t only use passive ones.

His current attributes were:

Strength: 38

Agility: 37

Stamina: 33

Intelligence: 36

Passive skills:

Sword Mastery: Lv.18

Absolute Magic Constitution: Lv. Max

Mind Eye: Lv.10

Spirit Shadow Physic: Lv. Max

Devil’s Mark: Lv.2

Su Xiao was very strong in the real world, but not strong enough to face an army.

Su Xiao rushed forward with great speed toward the courtyard.


A dull gunshot sound echoed, and Su Xiao’s pupil shrunk.

Su Xiao was familiar with this sound. It was Xm-109 Sniper Rifle.

The bullet flew by Su Xiao’s air as he dodged, and his black hair fluttered around.


The bullet touched the sand and created a face sized pit behind him.