Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 380: Going In

Boom! Boom! Boom!

All ten snipers aimed their muzzles at Su Xiao. Bullets hit the sand, making it fly in the air from time to time.

Su Xiao activated a bomb in his bag with the sand cover and threw it toward the tower.


Several tens of meters were caught in the explosion’s radius, and a large part of the tower crumbled down.

Su Xiao drew a pistol from his waist and aimed at the nearest tower. After a few bullets, one of the snipers was hit, reducing their number from ten to nine.

Just as Su Xiao was about to move forward, a tingling pain appeared on his shoulder. This tingling occurred when someone aimed a gun or a rifle at his body, and the tingling location is where the bullet would hit him.

Su Xiao immediately turned to the side, and a bullet whizzed to the side.

He quickly rushed toward a low concrete wall and hid.

The castle was ten meters away, but those ten meters weren’t easy to pass.

Heavy machine gun roared as the wall where Su Xiao hit crumbled down.

“Misa moto! (Stop the Fire!)” (T/N: Shona language!)

A small leader of the army ordered them to stop the fire, and at this time, a black-skinned man poured water on the machine gun’s muzzle.

“Dangsin-eun nugu-ibnikka” (Korean)

The leader actually spoke in Korean as well.

“dare desu ka!” (Japanese)

This time, the language changed to Japanese again, and after finding that Su Xiao still didn’t answer, the leader frowned.

“Who are you, and why did you attack us.”

Su Xiao understood.

“Who am I? I’m a lost traveler.”

The fluent Chinese made the leader stunned. How could people from that place attack them? They cooperated for a long time.

The leader stopped talking. He pointed the sniper rifle in his hand toward the concrete wall and fired.


Debris flew as a hole appeared very close to Su Xiao.

Su Xiao clearly knew that he wouldn’t be able to block a sniper rifle’s bullet. If he is shot in the head or heart, he will die. He wasn’t strong enough to ignore fire weapons.

Su Xiao took out a small mirror to check the situation beyond the wall, and to his surprise, four tanks moved out of the castle.

The Cannons on the tank changed direction toward Su Xiao slowly.

Su Xiao directly threw two smoke bombs not far away.

As soon as the tanks fired, the place was filled with smoke.

Su Xiao was grateful for this smoke, or else he would’ve died.

The thick smoke enveloped the tank and the soldiers who directly started shooting in the smoke.

Su Xiao pulled his sword from his waist as he blocked the bullets one by one.

A sniper bullet grazed Su Xiao’s back, but he was lucky that it didn’t cause severe damage.

Su Xiao didn’t care about the pain at all. He could endure this pain without a problem.

Su Xiao rushed forward toward the tank with the smoke blocking their vision as it moved back, trying to get out of the smokescreen.

Su Xiao reached the tank with his sword in both hands in a few steps before he slashed at the barrel.

The steel barrel fell as Su Xiao slashed once again.

Su Xiao’s sword mastery was level 18, so cutting steel was easy.

The driver of the tank was dumbfounded as the power disappeared from the tank. He wasn’t familiar with this thing and could only find someone to repair it when it stops working.

The driver suddenly felt severed from his neck.

Su Xiao stabbed the tank a few times until he saw blood on his sword.

The smoke was getting thinner, so Su Xiao rushed toward the castle.

As soon as he entered the castle, Su Xiao was greeted by a Heavy Machine gun.

Bullets rained on down on Su Xiao as he rushed to the side.

As he entered the room on the side, Su Xiao leaned against a wall as several bloody holes appeared on his chest.

Su Xiao pulled out an orange bullet stained with blood putting his finger into one of the holes.

He threw the bullet down as the fire stopped outside.

In a room on the castle’s top floor, a shirtless black old-man looked at a large screen not far away, which was divided into four. It was the monitoring system of the castle.

The black old-man was Samuel, Su Xiao’s target.

Two people were in the same room as Samuel, a white man, and a yellow man.

“Mr. Samuel, it seems that there is an accident in the transaction, so let’s terminate it.”

The yellow man got up as he didn’t want to participate in this mess. He was here only for the diamonds Samuel is selling, after all.

“Okay, Mr. Wang, sorry.”

Samuel spoke fluent Chinese as he came in contact with them often here.

“There will be a chance to cooperate in the future.”

Although there were explosions outside, the Chinese man’s expression was calm. After all, he was here for a transaction, nothing else.

Unlike the others, the white man looked at the screen blankly.

“God, is this really a human? Did he use a cold weapon to smash bullets? I must be dreaming.”

Samuel glanced at the white man and shook his head. If anyone can save him today, it’s the one who left. But their relationship wasn’t deep, and he won’t participate in this mess.

“Mr. Statham, you can leave too.”

Samuel said lightly without any change of expression.

“No, how can I leave without discussing our transaction…”

Samuel waved his hand.

“I don’t need the batch of weapons. You can go.”

Statham’s expression changed.

“Samuel, what are you saying? The weapons are already on their way.”

Statham was angry.

“You said the same thing twice before and demanded advance payment.”

Samuel looked up at the screen, which was now white as the camera was destroyed.

Statham no longer maintained his gentlemanly demeanor.


Suddenly the door was shattered as Statham shook.

The smoke and dust enveloped the place, and when they dissipated, a bloody man with a long sword walked into the room.

Many corpses were scattered on the corridor behind him, and the walls were covered in blood.